31 Small Perler Bead Patterns | DIY Crafts with Perler Beads

Try crafting different shapes and sizes of various practical DIYs with these cute and amazing small perler bead patterns!

1. Easy DIY Perler Bead Ideas: Food Keychains And Magnets

Follow this tutorial for creative and easy small Perler bead pattern inspirations. These are simple and beginner-friendly Perler bead patterns of delicious food such as sushi, bubble tea, popcorn, rice, taco, hamburger, and fries which you can use as keychains and attach with magnets to use as fridge magnets.

2. 5 No-Heat Perler Bead DIYs

Are you looking for crafty Perler bead pattern ideas that do not require an iron? We have the perfect 5 inspirations for you! Follow the tutorial for detailed information on how to make these amazing no-heat Perler bead patterns!

3. Easy Perler Bead Animal Keychains And Magnets

If you are a beginner and want to experiment with Perler beads, this tutorial is perfect for you! You can make these fun and cute animal keychains or magnets with minimal expertise. These Perler bead patterns are easy to make and totally worth your time.

4. Creative Small Perler Bead Patterns

Small Perler Bead Patterns1

If you want to substitute your kids’ screen time with something creative and fun, follow this tutorial to learn how! Even if your kids are not into crafts, they will love making cool bead art. Follow the tutorial to learn all the amazing tips, tricks, and supplies required to get started.

5. Perler Bead Necklaces

 Perler Bead Necklaces

Looking for ways to spend your time doing something creative and productive? Follow this easy tutorial for DIY Perler bead necklace ideas that you can use for yourself or keep your kids busy. These necklaces are cute, adorable, and totally worth your time!

6. DIY BB-8 Star Wars Droid Cord Keeper

DIY BB-8 Star Wars Droid Cord Keeper

Are you or someone in your family a Star Wars fan? If yes, then follow this tutorial for amazing Star Wars-themed Perler bead pattern ideas! This is a perfect way to spend a creative afternoon with family or friends, or gift a Star Wars enthusiast.

7. Perler Cactus Keychain With Ironing Beads

Small Perler Bead Patterns2

If you like to DIY beautiful and unique stuff, follow this step-by-step tutorial to make an adorable cactus keychain using Perler beads. They are fun, easy to make, require minimal supplies, and will be ready in no time!

8. DIY Perler Bead Coasters

DIY Perler Bead Coasters

Get creative with your skills and create a colorful and vibrant coaster for your dad or yourself, save your tables from liquid spills! Have a look at this image for inspiration.

9. DIY Perler Bead Pokemon Earbud Holder

 DIY Perler Bead Pokemon Earbud Holder

Are you a pokemon fan? Follow the tutorial to make a cool perler bead Pokemon earbud holder that is shaped like a Pokeball. With only red, white, and black perler beads, round perler bead pegboard, hot glue, and a hot glue gun, you can create this amazing DIY that looks just like a store brought Pokemon merchandise!

10. Perler Bead Backpack Tags

Small Perler Bead Patterns3

Looking for a kid-friendly activity to occupy their time on a rainy afternoon? Kids can make these quick and simple Perler bead backpack tags to guarantee that their bags are decked out when school resumes. Moreover, you can make them as gifts with just a few simple ingredients and an hour or so of your time.

11. DIY Earbud Holder

DIY Earbud Holder

Earbud holders are fun to make, plus they are practical and useful since you do not have to waste time trying to untangle your headphones every time you need them. However, you can add to the fun and make them personalized by following this comprehensive tutorial, complete with a list of supplies and the necessary directions for you to DIY one for yourself.

12. Easy DIY Headphone Case

Easy DIY Headphone Case

Are you looking for ways to manage your headphones? Follow this tutorial for fun, colorful, easy and practical DIY headphone case ideas using perler beads. They are budget-friendly, ready to use in no time and even kids can make them!

13. DIY 90s Phone Cases

Small Perler Bead Patterns4

Are you feeling creative and nostalgic? Let’s revisit the 90s era and follow this tutorial to make 90s-inspired phone cases! They are awesome, crafty, and come in cheerful and happy colors that will instantly brighten your mood!

14. DIY Gift Idea: Fun Fruit Keyrings

 DIY Gift Idea: Fun Fruit Keyrings

Follow this tutorial to make a Watermelon, Pineapple, Strawberry, or Kiwi Fruit key charm! If want to spend some quality crafty time with your kids or gift someone something fun and unique, follow this simple tutorial to make fantastic fruit keyrings that you can use as cute handbag charms too!

15. Autumn DIY

Autumn DIY

Do you want to enjoy your afternoon tea without having to worry about insects? These cute DIY beastly cute coasters made of perler beads are the answer! They are fun to make and the perfect solution to keep insects at bay from falling in your tea.

16. DIY Geometric Fused bed Coasters

Small Perler Bead Patterns5

Some people think that perler beads are for kids, they could not be more wrong. This perler bead pattern is sophisticated, practical as well as beautiful. It is a masterpiece that you can add to your home, party, or wedding decor!

17. Biggie Perler Beads to Heart Earrings

Biggie Perler Beads to Heart Earrings

This tutorial shows how you can melt biggie perler beads, which are double the size of a regular perler bead, to make heart-shaped earrings! To create a pair of earrings, you need two beads but they are budget-friendly, so cost won’t be an issue. Additionally, they make adorable gifts too!

18. Retro Camper Keychain

Retro Camper Keychain

Did you love perler beads as a kid? Follow this easy tutorial to make your own keychain using this free pattern to store your camper keys or just for fun if you wish you had a classic camper. Happy Crafting!

19. Christmas Perler Bead Gift Tags

Small Perler Bead Patterns6

If you think that perler beads add to Christmas’s joy and delight, follow this detailed tutorial to make perfect perler bead customized Christmas gift tags that will make you everyone’s favorite person! They are easy on the expenses, creative, unique, and awesome!

20. Christmas Perler Bead Patterns

Christmas Perler Bead Patterns

Make these gorgeous Christmas perler bead patterns with your children and have fun. With the helpful printable pattern templates, they’re a lot of fun and quite simple. Moreover, you can change the colors according to your needs and preferences.

21. Small Perler Bead Patterns

Small Perler Bead Patterns

Are you looking for ways to improve your kids’ attention spans? Introduce your kids to the creative and incredible world of small perler beads pattern craft, so they can have fun and grow. This tutorial is easy to follow, has a list of supplies that you will need, and colorful images that help you visualize the project.

22. DIY Perler Bead Jewelry

Small Perler Bead Patterns7

Are you a lover of handmade colorful jewelry that stands out and looks pretty? We have the perfect tutorial for you! Stick to the tutorial and list of supplies required to make bright jewelry worth dying for! They look personalized, look better than store-bought items, and are easy on the budget.

23. DIY Bracelets With Perler Beads

DIY Bracelets With Perler Beads

Have you ever used perler beads, also known as Hama beads? This tutorial shows you how to build a bracelet out of perler beads. It is fun and simple for both kids and adults. Further, no skills are necessary, even if you’ve never made anything before, you should be able to complete this task without too much difficulty. However, you will be expected to do a lot of ironing.

24. DIY Cactus Earrings with Perler Beads

DIY Cactus Earrings with Perler Beads

In less than 10 minutes, you can create these lovely DIY cactus earrings with Perler Beads, also known as melty beads or fuse beads. They’re perfect for tween and teen projects. Watch the video to learn how to make your own, and get the printable pattern for quick reference.

25. Perler Bead Sushi Magnets

Small Perler Bead Patterns8

Use these patterns from this easy tutorial to add some amusing perler bead sushi magnets to your fridge or command center. It costs no more than $10 and takes an hour or less to make this fun and amazing small perler bead pattern.

26. DIY Perler Beads Bowl with Designs

DIY Perler Beads Bowl with Designs

Follow this easy step-by-step tutorial to make beautiful DIY perler beads bowl with designs. It looks sophisticated but is pretty easy to make if you stick to the directions and supply list. The bowl will look amazing on any table and are sure to earn praises for your craft.

27. Plastic Perler Bead Bowls

Plastic Perler Bead Bowls

Do you love to add a creative touch to your ordinary household stuff? We have this incredibly amazing, easy, and unique plastic perler bead bowl inspiration for you that you can make in no time and impress your visitors with your skills!

28. Easy DIY Halloween Perler Bead Earrings

Small Perler Bead Patterns8

These lovely Halloween perler bead earrings are the perfect way to accentuate one of our favorite holidays. With some simple earring fittings and miniature Perler beads, they are quite simple to create. Follow the tutorial to learn how!

29. Citrus Perler Bead Coasters

Citrus Perler Bead Coasters

The best thing about perler beads is that the patterns are endless and you can arrange them to express whatever you want. One such amazing summer perler bead pattern is of the citrus coaster, namely, lime, lemon, orange, grapefruit, and watermelon. You can add patterns as per your likes. Follow the tutorial to discover how to get started on the fun!

30. DIY Perler Beads Fruit Bowl

DIY Perler Beads Fruit Bowl

If you enjoy playing around with Perler beads and thinking of new projects, we have the perfect tutorial for you! It shows how to construct 3D fruit bowls out of Perler beads since fruit prints are now popular. Further, these bowls can be used to arrange your desk drawer’s resources for school and work. You use them on your desk to add color and place trinkets.

31. Perler Bead Christmas Tags

Small Perler Bead Patterns9

Follow this tutorial to learn how to make classy, elegant, and beautiful perler bead Christmas tags. You can use heart-shaped pegboards for the heart, hexagonal pegboards for the snowflakes, and square pegboards for the poinsettia and Christmas ornaments. To ensure that the beads melted together properly, iron them thoroughly. Follow the tutorial for complete and detailed information!


Perler bead pattern craft might take time but this process is more of a stress buster, creative and uplifts your mood almost instantly, When you make something unique, fun, and beautiful by putting in effort and investing your time, it automatically brightens your day and makes you feel better.

Further, you can use these small perler bead patterns to make gifts for family, friends, and especially kids, everyone will love it!


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