30 Skateboard Painting Ideas | How To Paint Skateboard

Follow any of these 30 skateboard painting ideas to completely transform your skateboard to make it look like a new one in a matter of minutes!

Skateboard Painting Ideas

1. Themed Skateboards

You can get extremely creative with your skateboards and turn them into themed displays. Display particular characters, sea kingdoms, game characters, or whatever you like. This tutorial shows how you can make extravagant skateboards, with some great tips on how to paint them.

2. Stencil Skateboard

Skateboard Painting Ideas1

Stencils are a great way to paint some messages or motivating words on the skateboard. You can follow this tutorial to learn how to make these stencils and print them over the skateboards. Add customized messages on the boards to give it a more personal feel.

3. Easy Spray Painting

Easy Spray Painting

If you are not sure about your painting skills, then you can take inspiration from this tutorial to easily paint a skateboard using spray paint. It shows an easy way to revamp your skateboard without much effort. Just place a stencil over the board and spray paint it all over.

4. Custom Painted Skateboard

Show off your artistic skills in this custom-made skateboard with an intrinsic design and lots of details. Draw a sketch over the board or use your iPad for scaling the sketch, and then paint the skateboard. Make sure to varnish the board to avoid it from scraping out in the light.

5. Refurbishing A Skateboard

Refurbishing A Skateboard

You can repaint an old skateboard and change it completely according to your own personal design of choice. This tutorial shows how to fix an old skateboard before you start painting it and turning it into as good as a new skateboard.

6. Sketched Skateboard

Take over this project to paint a basic skateboard with a nice character sketch, and then paint it in different colors. This tutorial shows different steps in detail that you can follow to sketch a whole painting over a skateboard.

7. Painting Skateboard With Acrylic Paints

Use acrylic paints as they give a bold and vibrant look to the surface and are fast-drying with easy to clean properties. You can paint a nice sketch in different hues and shades and seal this paint before using the skateboard.

8. Painting Skateboards

Skateboard Painting Ideas2

From prepping up the skateboard to painting and using it after, this tutorial lists down all the steps that you need to follow. Get creative and choose a theme or keep it abstract, it all depends on what you want to paint!

9. Customized Skateboard Grip Tape

Customized Skateboard Grip Tape

Self-express yourself and your love for skating with these customized grip tapes. Choose from a variety of available options and paint your way through to create a personalized and expressive skateboard.

10. Painting Skateboard with Markers

Some people find painting with markers easier than painting with brushes. This tutorial is for the former ones and is best suited for those who are looking to display their courage, glory, and strength through the medium of art!

11. Custom Skateboard Decks

There is no one way to customize skateboards, this video proves exactly that! Besides painting the board, you can carve the outer edges in different patterns, without affecting the drift of the skateboard.

12. Spray Painting Skateboards

Spray painting can be easy to do, but it is easier to mess up too. To avoid this, follow the tutorial to learn how to paint skateboards using stencils, and spray paints. You can even add personalized messages using the stencils and gift it to a friend!

13. Spongebob Skateboards

Spongebob Skateboards

Cartoon characters can look extremely funny and cute on skateboards and what’s better than the funny Spongebob? Customize your skateboard with a SpongeBob scene by following this tutorial.

14. Fox Skateboard

Bring alive the rich tones of a fox’s fur in a custom-painted skateboard. If you are good at painting, then you can create this vibrant painting of the fox, displaying peace in solidarity and completely revamping the skateboard.

15. Painting Skateboard using Black Marker

To paint a skateboard, you can use markers to create different details like patterns or designs. First, paint a base color over the skateboard, and then use markers to draw the character. Finally, varnish it to create a nice shiny look over the skateboard.

16. Spray Painting Skateboard

Spray painting may look easy but can get messy and you would not want to leave gaps in the paint marks when you are painting your skateboard. This tutorial shows clear steps on how to perfectly spray paint your skateboard. This works great to make a plain yet bold look for the board without doing over-the-top paintings.

17. Pattern Painting

Go for a basic yet diverse and eye-catching look for your skateboard by printing patterns over it. Learn how to easily spray paint a board and then create patterns over it using a paintbrush in this tutorial. But are you re-painting a skateboard and want to get rid of the old painting? The video covers it all!

18. Design Masking

Another creative way of painting patterns on your skateboard is through using masking tape. Paint a base coat on the board and create patterns with masking tape. This is useful in creating clean patterns and visuals on the skateboard in a neat and quick manner.

19. Marker Painting

Spray paint a mix of vibrant colors over the skateboard and make a nice pattern with markers. These markers do not fade fast, and it is easier to make paintings using markers if you are not good with using paintbrushes.

20. Bold Colors

Instead of making patterns or painting designs, you can simply spray paint the skateboard in single bold colors. After painting the board, you can add patterns and designs if you like.

21. Inkjet Image Transfer

If you like a design or pattern but are not so confident about your painting skills, you can transfer them as images or patterns on your skateboard. Follow the steps described in the above video to achieve a board customized to your liking!

22. Random Pattern Using Liquid Soap

Instead of going for patterns or designs, you can go for this unique abstract spray painting. Randomly spread liquid soap on the skateboard, and then spray paint over it. This will create a messy and unique vibrant pattern over the skateboard.

23. Best Paint for Skateboard

There is a lot of confusion among people as to what paint they should use to paint their skateboards. Know it all with the video above that tells the best colors you may use to get a long-lasting effect on your board.

24. Space Painting

This beautiful skateboard painting is sure to grab eyeballs. It is a uniquely beautiful design that is eye-catching and immensely pretty. Follow the video to learn how to spray paint the cosmos on your skateboard.

25. Skateboard Painting Ideas

Skateboard Painting Ideas3

Looking for inspiration to make the perfect skateboard, then you must see this tutorial. It has various ideas on different ways you can paint the skateboard. Use stencils or your sketching skills to make the perfect skateboard. These are simple ideas but look great!

26. Skateboard Makeover

Skateboard Makeover

Transform your skateboard with more classy designs and patterns by following this DIY idea. Keep following the idea to completely revamp your skateboard into a new one!

27. Process for Painting a Skateboard

Process for Painting a Skateboard

If you already have paint ideas for your skateboard but need to make sure you do not spoil it in the process, this tutorial has got you covered. It has a detailed step-by-step process to paint the skateboard along with answers to certain most asked questions.

28. Graphic Skateboard

Skateboard Painting Ideas4

A graphic skateboard is definitely a statement, and will definitely draw the attention of the other passionate riders. Learn how to make graphic stencils and create that aesthetically appealing statement piece out of your skateboard with this tutorial.

29. Repainting a Skateboard

Repainting a Skateboard

Paints in old skateboards can wear out with time. This can make them look less appealing, and you might want to repaint them. This idea will enlighten you on how to repaint a skateboard by removing the old paint in such a way that it doesn’t affect the new patterns.

30. Skateboard Painting Tips

Skateboard Painting Ideas5

If you are looking for ways to paint your skateboard in the best way possible with proper finishing and long-lasting effect, then follow this DIY. With some great tips on how to paint a skateboard, you can use them before letting your creative juices flow and have a durable skateboard.



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