30 Cute Slime Ideas To Try With Your Kids

These cute slime ideas are sure to keep your little ones entertained while offering them opportunities to learn about some vivid topics!

1. DIY Kawaii Glossy Slime

Watch and try this DIY to experience the joy of making two of the most cute slime ideas ever with some easily available supplies.

2. Safe Fairy Floam Slime

Safe Fairy Floam Slime

Pour little glue in a bowl, mix shaving foam, sta flo and knead the mixture into a slimy texture. Check out the recipe in detail at Tatertots And Jello.

3. Beauty And The Beast Slime

Beauty And The Beast Slime

Turn a regular slime into a much more attractive one by ornamenting it with some rose beads or any other decorative item. The recipe of the slime is available here.

4. Fish In a Bag Slime

Cute Slime Ideas1

Store slime in a plastic bag; add some plastic fishes and tie the plastic with a ribbon to give the illusion of a living fish in a bag! My Frugal Adventures has the directions.

5. DIY Minions Slime

Cute Slime Ideas2

If your love for minions is uncontrollable, you must not miss trying this minions slime recipe here. You require yellow food coloring, clear glue, borax, and water.

6. Magnetic Slime Recipe

Magnetic Slime Recipe

Slime is fun but imagine how amazing it would be if you increase the fun level by adding some magnetic powers to it, your kids are gonna love it! Try it here.

7. Rainbow Slime Idea

Rainbow Slime Ideas

To make a multicolored slime, you’ll need liquid starch, gallon glue, and icy food coloring. For instance, learn from this recipe.

8. Birthday Cake Confetti Slime

Cute Slime Ideas3

Process this tasty looking cake confetti slime with school glue, borax, and colorful styrofoam balls. Learn the recipe at Mom Luck.

9. Watermelon Slime Recipe For Kids

Watermelon Slime

In a bowl, add clear glue, liquid starch, pink watercolor, and watermelon jello mix to recreate this slime. To give it the visuals of a watermelon, add black or green pom poms.

10. Star Wars Space Slime

Star Wars Slime

If your kids are a big fan of star wars movie series, this DIY slime idea would be a perfect fit to surprise them with something interesting to play with.

11. DIY Dino Slime

DIY Dino Slime

Mix and knead corn starch and some clean shampoo until you get an unsticky and slime like texture. You can choose to add some color or skip it, it’s totally optional.

12. DIY Halloween Slime

Halloween Slime

Store colorful slimes in a jar with some goofy facial details to give them a Halloween makeover in a few simple steps. Find all the details here.

13. Valentines Day Slime

Cute Slime Ideas

Add cornstarch, shaving cream, and lens solution to a mix of elmer’s glue and food coloring to replicate this cute DIY. Natural Beach Living has the tutorial.

14. Halloween Glitter Slime Monster

Glitter Slime Monsters

Again, a little bit of sprucing up with goofy containers can convert a simple slime into a monstrous one. Visit The 36th Avenue.

15. Candy Cane Slime Recipe

Cute Slime Ideas5

Combine a white and red slime and give it the shape of a candy cane to excite your Christmas spirit to the next level. Look here for the idea.

16. DIY Jelly Clear Slime Tutorial

You can achieve this jelly clear slime in a total of three steps and three ingredients as well by wathcing the tutorial in the video.

17. Hot Chocolate Slime

Cute Slime Ideas6

Show your love for chocolate and slime by trying this fluffy slime recipe, it’s not just fun to play but also a great ornamental piece with a cute cup! Have access to the idea here.

18. Glow Dark Slime

DIY Glitter Slime

To make your slime glow in the dark just add in 1-2 tablespoons of the glow in the dark paint to the slime, that’s all! Click here.

19. Star Confetti Slime Recipe For Kids

Star Confetti Slime

Give a shiny impact to an otherwise dull white or clear slime by adding in ample amount of star confetti to it. We found the idea here.

20. Heat Sensitive Color Changing Slime

Color Changing Slime

This slime would change color everytime you hold it with hot or cold hands or put it on hot cups or icy-cold cans. Because it has thermochromic pigment, which changes it’s color due to change in temperature!

21. DIY Ocean Slime

DIY Ocean Slime

Give your kids an experience full of under the sea scenes without having to take them to the beach or the seashore. The recipe is listed here.

22. DIY Sunset Slime

DIY Sunset Slime

By adding the colors of a sunset, you can make your slime replicate the beauty of the sun when it sets in the evening! You can know more about the color combination here.

23. Easter Slime Recipe

Easter Slime Recipe

Fill plastic easter eggs with glittery slime instead of painting them with paint, this way your eggs would stand out the ordinary. Check out the recipe for the glittery slime here.

24. Dumbo Inspired Slime Jars

Cute Slime Ideas7

Attach wings of silver sheets to mini jars and fill the jar with a shiny silver slime to redo this jumbo inspired slime DIY. You can ask your kids to help you out in executing this project and keep them involved for hours!

25. Easy Zebra Slime

Easy Zebra Slime

A black and white slime and some zebra figurines can get you your homemade zebra slime done in no time! You can do this DIY while teaching your kids about zebras and other animals too.

26. Geology Gemstone Slime

Geology Gemstone Slime

This gemstone geology slime is not just great to play with but also a great source to start giving your kids knowledge aboout gemstones and stuff. Click here for the recipe.

27. Calming Lavender Slime Recipe

Lavender Slime Recipe

Relieve stress and tensions of your daily life with this lavender slime, which has the soothing smell of lavender essential oil. To know more, visit here.

28. Butter Slime

Cute Slime Ideas

In a bowl, add glue, shaving foam, baking soda, borax, and model magic clay and keep kneading it until you’re satisfied with the structure. Have a look at more details here.

29. Unicorn Poop Slime Recipe

Unicorn Poop Slime

Get your kids involved in making this unicorn poop style slime while you narrate some magical unicorn stories. If you would like to try it, the recipe is here.

30. Witch’s Brew Glitter Slime

Witch's Brew Slime

It might be a liitle too eerie to look at, but it’s definitely great to ornament a taletop for a halloween decor! Visit Kid Friendly Things To Do for the recipe.

We hope that these DIY cute slime ideas were helpful to keep your kids engaged. If you’ve more cute slime ideas, feel free to share them in the comments below.


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