30 Cool and Easy DIY Lamp Ideas to Light up your Home

Beautify your home with these easy DIY lamp ideas. Good looking lighting can be expensive but these lighting ideas are here to save you bucks!

1.  Coffee Filter Snowball Wall Light

Easy DIY Lamp Ideas 1

Cut off a wire mesh in a circular shape and layer it with string lights and coffee filters to imitate this wall decor lamp. Crafty Nest has the tutorial.

2. DIY Tree Branch Chandelier Lamp

Easy DIY Lamp Ideas 2

How about recycling some branches from your yard to revamp them into an impressive chandelier? Seek an easy tutorial at Apartment Therapy.

3. Make a Ruffled Ribbon Lampshade

Easy DIY Lamp Ideas 3

Secure ruffled ribbon over your night lamp using hot glue to recreate this lamp shade. The idea courtesy is on Curbly.

4. Bamboo Orb Pendant Lights

Easy DIY Lamp Ideas 4

Assemble some bamboo slat in a circular shape using a strong glue, and once they dry, insert a pendant light. Visit Crafty Nest.

5. Make a Diamond Ribbon Lampshade

Easy DIY Lamp Ideas 5

Obtain diamond shapes over your table lamp by using some glue and any color ribbon. For detailed instruction, click here.

6. Easy DIY Lamp Ideas – Garden Lanterns

Easy DIY Lamp Ideas 6

Carve out any shape or design on a tin can through a nail and hammer, paint the can and lastly, add a candle. The directions are at Fine Gardening.

7. Hemp String pendant lamps

Easy DIY Lamp Ideas 7

Apply a cat of glue over an inflating ball and wrap it with hemp string; allow it to dry. Once dry, inflate the ball and attach the lamp to electrical connections. Visit Homedit.

8. DIY Lampshades on a string

Easy DIY Lamp Ideas 8

Cover plastic cups with fabric pieces and attach them to a string light to replicate this lampshade DIY. Check the tutorial here.

9. City Lights Lampshade

Easy DIY Lamp Ideas 9

Draw a city night template on your lamp and use pins to make holes as per your design, that’s all. Create this statement lamp here.

10. Easy DIY Lamp Ideas – Photo Lamp

Easy DIY Lamp Ideas 10

Light up your memories with this easy photo lamp, which you can create using photos, scotch tape, and scissors. The tutorial is available at Mommy Moment.

11. DIY Wine Bottle Lamp

Easy DIY Lamp Ideas 11

This liquor bottle lamp is a great gift idea for your male friends and family members. Try to complete the DIY with this tutorial.

12. DIY Shabby Chic Rosette Lampshade

Easy DIY Lamp Ideas 12

Roll strips of fabric into a rose and secure it with hot glue on the shade to imitate this minimal lampshade DIY. This idea might be time-consuming, but it surely adds a pretty appeal to your room.

13. DIY Romantic Table Lamp

Easy DIY Lamp Ideas 13

Create dining table lamps out of wine glass bottles to set up the place for a romantic evening! Look at the tutorial here.

14. Free Printable Ikea Hack Lamp

Easy DIY Lamp Ideas 14

This rustic and impressive lampshade can be done with a few supplies and in simple steps. Here are the steps for you to follow.

16. DIY Colorful Spray Painted Lamp

Easy DIY Lamp Ideas 16

Combine an old floor lamp with colourful spray paints and yarns to transform it into this vibrant lampshade. Follow the step by step instructions here.

17. Denim Road Map Lampshade

Easy DIY Lamp Ideas 17

To recreate this lamp project, replace the old lampshade with a road or world map template. If you have a soft corner for traveling, you’ll love to execute this DIY.

18. Easy DIY Lamp Ideas – Shirt Lamp

Easy DIY Lamp Ideas 18

Give a complete modern transformation to your room wall with this one of a kind shirt lamp. Hang a wooden board (with a hole to hold the bulb) to a wall with the help of a hanger. More details here.

19. DIY Spooky Halloween Lamp

Easy DIY Lamp Ideas 19

Take your Halloween spirit to a more spooky level with this spider lamp. Have a look at the step by step tutorial here.

20. DIY Mason Jar Desk Lamp

Easy DIY Lamp Ideas 20

Drill a hole at the bottom of a mason jar and pass the hardware wire through it to adjust your lamp kit. It’s up to you whether you wish to paint the jar or keep it as is; for painting, you can use any spray paint.

21. West Elm Inspired Perforated Globe Pendant Lamp

Easy DIY Lamp Ideas 21

Glue two same size bowls together and create a specific pattern with duct tape and later drilling wonky holes through the design. Once done, remove the duct tapes and follow this tutorial by Mad In Crafts.

22. DIY Tulle Pendant Lamp

Easy DIY Lamp Ideas 22

Cut a wide strip of tulle and start sewing it from one end in order to create a tulle skirt. At last, adjust the lamp kit and hang it from the ceiling. Have a look here.

23. Stacked-Books Table Lamp

Easy DIY Lamp Ideas 23

If your love for books and novels is inseparable, try stacking up your old books to form the base of your table lamp. HGTV has directions.

24. Rustic Linen Lampshades

Easy DIY Lamp Ideas 24

Shape wire into a circle and attach the linen fabric to it with glue. Sew the bottom hem and attach the pendant cord, click here.

25. DIY Recycled Lamp Shade

Easy DIY Lamp Ideas 25

Cut a big hook in a similar fashion as here and mount the bulb holder in between. Make two holes at two ends of the book and pass a string through them to complete the project.

26. Easy Driftwood Floor Lamp Tutorial

Easy DIY Lamp Ideas 26

Driftwood crafts are something that no one can reject, especially if it gives a rustic appeal to the surrounding. Create this floor lamp with !D Lights.

27. Straw Cluster Chandelier

Easy DIY Lamp Ideas 27

Slice a few drinking straws with a small pair of scissors and leave at least 1 cm band in the center of each straw. Choose and form the desired shape with a gauge wire. Further directions are here.

28. Electrified Fox Lamp

Easy DIY Lamp Ideas 29

Make use of your sewing skills to form a stuffed fox with fabric and cotton for stuffing. The rest of the steps are here.

29. DIY Instagram Lampshade

Easy DIY Lamp Ideas 30

Glue your favorite photos around your lampshade and laminate it afterward to bring back your memories to light. Take help from this DIY by Million Moments.

30. DIY Plastic Spoon Ideas


Cut the top part of plastic spoons and glue them accordingly as mentioned here to form a lamp like structure. Refer to Handi Mania for a more detailed version.

Found some inspiring easy DIY lamp ideas? Leave your comments below!


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