21 Essential Oil Candle Recipes | Essential Oil Candles

Follow these essential oil candle recipes to DIY your own toxin-free candles at home without wasting much money on commercial candles. Keep following the article for more!

Essential Oil Candle Recipes

1. Lavender Travel Candle

Lavender Travel Candle

Lavender essential oil is one of the most versatile oils popular for aromatherapy. The fragrance from this oil is believed to help promote calmness and wellness. It’s also said to help reduce stress and anxiety. Try this recipe to make lavender candles that can you can store in mini metal tins that make them travel friendly as well.

2. Candles for Different Seasons

Essential Oil Candle Recipes7

Make your own seasonal fragrance in different candles using a blend of essential oils. Read through this tutorial to find which combination can make you the perfect candle for each season. For example, try a blend of lemon, grapefruit, and mandarin essential oils to make your own summer in a candle.

3. Perfect Aromatherapy Candles

Perfect Aromatherapy Candles

Find a recipe perfected through various trials in this blog. Find the right quantity of wax and essential oils to make a candle that is best for aromatherapy.

4. Guide for Essential Oil Candle DIY

Guide for Essential Oil Candle DIY

This article tells you about each ingredient that is used for making essential oil candles and what needs to be taken care of before you start making one. Find tips on the right type of wick, wax, and essential oils.

5. Scent Blending Candles

Essential Oil Candle Recipes6

This tutorial shows how you can make candles using rosemary, sandalwood, and bergamot essentials oils individually for making three different candles. Rosemary oil works as an expectorant when inhaled, relieving throat congestion from allergies, colds, or flu. Sandalwood essential oil can help in relieving stress and anxiety, while bergamot essential oil is useful for elevating mood.

6. Tea Infused Candle

Tea Infused Candle

We all love the calming aromas of tea and how it instantly uplifts our mood. So why not use those same tea bags for making scented candles with the blissful tea scent. Add essential oils for a longer-lasting scent. Click here.

7. Unique Essential Oil Blends

Unique Essential Oil Blends

There are a variety of essential oils available now. You may have found a scent you love but candles last long and it can get a little boring with time. Instead, try these unique blends of essential oils for reminding us of summer nights, island nights, or even the scent of being joyous at home.

8. Cardamom and Orange Beeswax Candle

Essential Oil Candle Recipes5

Sweet orange and cardamom essentials oils work really well together and can be used for making scented candles. Cardamom essential oil improves the airflow in the lungs and can improve breathing. Neutralize its scent with sweet orange essential oil for alleviating stress and anxiety. Follow this tutorial to find how you can make one at home.

9. Holiday Candle in Slow Cooker

Holiday Candle in Slow Cooker

If you are not very comfortable in using double boilers or do not want the extra work of cleaning the bowl with a layer of wax stuck on its side, try following this recipe with a slow cooker. It directly melts the wax in the glass containers you want to store it in.

10. Natural Insect Repellant Candles

 Natural Insect Repellant Candles

If you are tired of the harmful bug sprays with a strong odor, try these natural candles using citronella essential oils which act as natural flying insect repellants. Furthermore, Citronella Essential Oil slows or prevents the growth or spread of harmful airborne bacteria, uplifts negative moods, and relaxes the body and mind.

11. Wax Tarts

Essential Oil Candle Recipes4

Wax tarts are generally used for aroma diffusers but can be quite toxic to the environment because of the use of paraffin wax and synthetic dyes. Follow this tutorial to learn how to make wax tarts at home using natural ingredients. They have their own citrusy aroma too because of lemon and sweet orange essential oils.

12. Bug Repellant Candle

Bug Repellant Candle

Another recipe for keeping bugs and insects at bay. This recipe uses citronella essential oil with eucalyptus as a natural way of getting rid of insects. Eucalyptus essential oil might have a calming scent for humans, but for mosquitoes, it is a pungent odor and can naturally repel them.

13. Natural Soy Candles

Natural Soy Candles

The fragrance oils and dyes used in candles available in the market contain toxic substances and can be harmful in the house. Find more detailed information on this blog and also how you can make one with all-natural ingredients at home which are safe to burn.

14. Candles with Essential Oils

It is not often you find candles that are safe to use around babies as commercial candles use toxic substances that might affect the health of the baby. Follow this all natural DIY essential oil candle recipe to make a non-toxic version of candle to use around babies.

15. Aromatherapy Candle

Essential Oil Candle Recipes3

Get different combinations of essential oils that can be used to either be stress relieving or bring energy. It uses mainly plant-based essential oils which can be both soothing and mood uplifting. Get the DIY here.

16. Essential Oil Candles

Essential Oil Candles

Follow this easy to do recipe to DIY essential oil candles at the comfort of your home without having to follow complex procedures.

17. DIY Scented Candle Making Tips

Besides getting a recipe for an essential oil candle, you can learn some tips and tricks that you should keep in mind while DIYing a candle at home through this informative video.

18. Eucalyptus and Thyme soy candle

Essential Oil Candle Recipes2

Try this DIY recipe to make two candles with Eucalyptus and Thyme essential oil. Eucalyptus oil is known to keep allergies at bay and is also believed to bring prosperity according to some superstitions. On the other hand thyme essential oil has a strong scent which can help in relieving anxiety and improve sleep.

19. Christmas Candle

Christmas Candle

Make yourself a Christmas candle by using the special Christmas Spirit Essential Oil with beeswax. It is a combination of Northern Lights Black Spruce, Orange, and Cinnamon Bark scents perfect during Christmas times, and a reminder of the joyful winter memories all year round. Find it here.

20. Wax Melts for Candle Warmers

Wax Melts for Candle Warmers

Instead of making a whole candle, try these wax molds which can be used in candle warmers for freshening the room air. You can make these in a variety of essential oil blends and use them as per your mood.

21. Scented Soy Candles

Essential Oil Candle Recipes1

This tutorial shows how you can use soy wax instead of paraffin wax to get a much more refined look. Also, working with soy wax is much easier than paraffin wax. It shares a list of essential oils that can be used to create a blend at all three levels of the candle -from top to the base.

We hope you liked these essential oil candle recipes and that you will swap commercial candles with these all-natural candles to avoid risking your health. You can convey your query and suggestions in the comment section!


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