27+ DIY Ribbon Wreath | How to Make A Wreath With Ribbon

If you can’t contain your love for ribbons and wreaths, better combine them in making a DIY ribbon wreath that shall serve many decorative purposes at once!

1. Fall Ribbon Wreath

DIY Ribbon Wreath1

The warm colors of fall perfectly transition from the summer months to the upcoming winters. This ribbon wreath makes use of these neutral colors for decorating and creates a calming ad cozy mood in the room. You may attach a banner around the wreath which you can customize as per the decorative purpose in hand.

2. Ribbon Wreath Techniques

DIY Ribbon Wreath2

The versatile range of ribbons available provides a lot of opportunities and chances for creativity in making beautiful wreaths for decorations. Use different kinds of ribbons in varied techniques for a DIY wreath according to the designs and interior of your house. This tutorial shows three different techniques that you can try on your own.

3. Christmas Wreath

Add more character and dimension to the wreath by adding the classic red ribbon and some Christmas picks to help with this DIY ribbon wreath. The ribbon wreath is aesthetically pleasing without being too distracting like the ones made with bright red ribbons.

4. Classic Ribbon Wreath

Black and white decorations look timeless and sophisticated and you can use this combination to make a ribbon wreath as well. It works like a regular decoration, and you can use it for accessorizing the room or customize it according to a specific theme with a different central banner. Follow the tutorial to make this elegant wreath with minimum supplies.

5. Colorful Ribbon Wreath

Use a combination of 4-5 different ribbons and wrap them around the wreath wire to create a fluffy and joyous wreath signifying any happiness in your life! The mood of the wreath will be dependent on the type of color combination you chose.

6. Burlap Ribbon Wreath

Burlap Wreath for Home Decor

The natural and rustic texture of burlap makes them the perfect material for fall and countryside decorations. There are different burlap ribbons available that you can use to create a wreath. Go for an organized and planned wreath or try a messy look like in this tutorial with different elements that just work well together.

7. Christmas Wreath

Handmade Wreath for Christmas

This three-step Christmas small wreath will be the perfect and cutest Christmas decoration without demanding too much effort and time. Choose a ribbon that matches the Christmas theme and go for a simple and attractive wreath design to hang over the door or the fireplace.

8. Patriotic Ribbon Wreath

DIY Ribbon Wreath5

You can customize Ribbon wreaths for every season, holiday, or occasion, and are a delightful way of decorating the house. One such occasion could be to display your patriotism by representing different sections of the flag wrapped together in the wreath as ribbons!

9. Bubble Foliage Wreath

DIY Ribbon Wreath6

The bubble technique for making ribbon wreaths are one of the easiest ones. You can use different ribbons in shades that go well together or serve a theme. This how-to idea shows how you can make a foliage ribbon wreath using green and silver ribbons that are good for Christmas celebrations.

10. Checkered Ribbon Wreath

Try using a classic check pattern instead of using different ribbons and then combining them in the wreath wire. It makes use of burlap ribbon which is more steady and stays in place, unlike its satin counterparts. You can use a red and white check ribbon wreath that is perfect for decorating during brunches or for decorating the kitchen.

11. Simple Ribbon Wreath

Simple and minimalistic wreath

A simple ribbon wreath with the right accessories can make the perfect decoration for the door, the dining table, or the walls. This tutorial shows how to make one, and add other accessories such as beads to it for a cohesive look. It has a lot of tips and tricks on what kind of ribbons to buy, and much more!

12. Burlap Bubble Wreath

Burlap Bubble Wreath

Burlap bubble wreaths are simple to make as you can easily wrap and give the bubble shapes, one of the most popular ones in the DIY wreaths. It suits most occasions and for general decoration purposes as well without grabbing too much attention.

13. Halloween Ribbon Wreath

Ribbon wreaths are one of the most versatile decoration styles that fit every occasion, and this video guides how one can DIY a Halloween wreath. You can use a combination of orange and black ribbons or special Halloween printed ribbons and add a special text in the center to DIY a complete Halloween decoration piece.

14. Quick Christmas Wreath

Collect and employ different Christmas theme ribbons into making this simple and easy-themed DIY decoration piece and bring joy to your home! Make bigger loops with all ribbons together and open it up for a fluffy and complete wreath for the door.

15. Glittery Ribbon Wreath

DIY Ribbon Wreath9

Welcome your guests with sparkle and some love, using these glittery silver and gold ribbons. Combine small pieces of gold and silver ribbons in a disorderly manner for a wreath with shimmer and glitter creating a celebratory mood. Make sure you use a sheet to cover up the furniture when you are DIYing it to avoid glitter all over it.

16. Summer Ribbon Wreath

DIY Ribbon Wreath10

Start the summer with this beautiful ribbon wreath in the house that fits well with sunny day vibes as it consists of artificial sunflowers and burlap ribbon. Mix up with yellow or black and white ribbons for a more cohesive appearance. Learn how to choose the right materials for ease in this DIY craft activity.

17. DIY Ribbon Wreath for Any Season

Any Season Wreath in Easy Steps

This tutorial shows a step-by-step process for making a simple Halloween ribbon wreath for the door. It even has ideas on different combinations of ribbons and accessories to use for replicating a similar ribbon wreath for other seasons from which you can take inspiration.

18. Christmas Ribbon Wreath

Combine four different ribbons for a fluffy wreath that you can make using the bubble technique. Make a combination of green, red, and white ribbons or other shades to fit the Christmas theme that you wish to aim for.

19. Red and White Christmas Wreath

Using different prints and combining the winter land effects, this ribbon wreath sticks to the theme of red and white Christmas. Such techniques help in quick DIY for the wreath and help use different aspects of the holiday together in a single decorative piece.

20. Thanksgiving Ribbon Wreath

Decorate your house with a beautiful fall harvest ribbon wreath as you welcome family and friends into the house on this year’s thanksgiving. The glittery orange and rusty ribbons and the printed harvest ribbon make for a classic thanksgiving decoration.

21. Ribbon Wreath Techniques

Cute and Small Wreath DIY

Here are three different ways to make a ribbon wreath that you can use for customizing the wreath in any style and pattern you want. It shows how you can use a tube Styrofoam for a simple way of making the wreath, or a metal wired wreath. Follow it to see the detailed steps!

22. USA Patriotic Wreath

Try the combination of blue and red for making a patriotic ribbon wreath for any national holiday. Mix it up by using different areas for blue and red, or separate in equal parts for this welcoming and patriotic wreath. Simply tie small ribbons all around the metal wreath leaving no gaps in between.

23. Valentine’s Day Wreath

DIY Ribbon Wreath8

As mentioned, ribbon wreaths are versatile because of the variety of ribbons available in specific patterns, colors, or prints. Make this cute and romantic decoration piece using the pink and white combination or using ribbons with hearts to bring love and happiness to the house.

24. Liberty Ribbon Wreath

Use a styrofoam tube as the initial frame of the wreath to craft a patriotic-themed ribbon wreath. It is easier to make as you do not need to use pipe cleaners or cable ties to keep the ribbons in place. You can always customize this according to any country’s flag colors.

25. Basic Ribbon Wreath

Basic Wreath

Try this minimalistic ribbon wreath for the door entrance instead of going over the top with many ribbons. Cover the wreath frame with a single ribbon by just wrapping it well, and attach a flower on one side. Take inspiration from this idea to use different accessories or color combinations of ribbons for specifically themed decorations.

26. Braided Ribbon Wreath

DIY Ribbon Wreath9

If you do not want to make those large wired ribbon wreaths, then this tutorial might fit your needs. Use a braided rope to create this unique and statement Christmas decorative ornament. Add simple ribbon hangings to this braided rope and use it for decorating the house. You can make multiple wreaths with this technique for different corners of the house.

27. Burlap Wreath with Accent Ribbon

Burlap Wreath with Accent Ribbon

A simple burlap wreath might look a little boring. Revamp it up a little by using an accent ribbon in between, combining the rustic and sturdy look of burlap with the vibrant and lively appearance of the accent ribbon.

28. DIY Ribbon Wreath

Another tutorial to follow for making a ribbon wreath with four different styles of ribbon. This is a Christmas-themed wreath that you can follow in quick and easy steps to accomplish making the wreath with the least difficulty.

29. Fall Wreath

This video uses a pull and tie technique combined with a bubble technique to DIY a complete fall theme wrapped-up wreath. Use a decorative craft piece such as a pumpkin for the center to bring together the fall theme.


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