28 Crafts to do with Yarn | Yarn Craft Ideas for Adults

Got some yarn? These crafts to do with yarn are full of creativity and surprises! All of these ideas are easy to make and fun for both kids and adults.

We’ve collected the best ideas for crafts to do with yarn in this post. Be sure to use your creativity when trying any idea to make it even more unique and personalized.

1. Wrap Gifts In Yarn

this is such a creative crafts to do with yarn

Wrap your gifts with colorful threads of yarns to make it more joyful and vibrant without adding much detail. Choose on a color scheme and go by wrapping one yarn at a time and securing it with a knot on top.

2. Yarn Ball Chandelier

make yarn chandelier crafts to do with yarn

Create an appealing and pretty spot at your home by trying to recreate this yarn ball chandelier. Just make round balls of yarn with your hand and thread them from a height, that’s all. You can experiment with the color scheme as much as you can to personalize it as your liking.

3. DIY Nursery String Art

Outline an image on a wooden board with marker and then with nails and string yarns through the nails. Find the tutorial in detail here.

4. Yarn Wrapped Letter Bookmarks

crafts to do with yarn bookmarks

Start by wrapping yarn around a wooden letter and glue it on top of a popsicle stick to finish it off. Involve your kids in this DIY to raise their creativity level by letting them choose the color scheme.

5. String Heart Yarn Cards

Customize these string heart yarn cards to give a heartwarming present to your friends and family. Look how it’s done at Hello Wonderful.

6. Stone Weaving Craft

stone and crafts to do with yarn

How cute would it be to cover a stone into a felt fabric weaved by some colorful yarns? It’s a great DIY to do with your kids while updating them with some facts about nature.

7. Dip Dye Yarn Tassel Wall Hanging

yarn craft idea for adult

Create a set of tassels from yarn and half die them from down to recreate this pretty wall hanging. Have a look here.

8. Princess Leia Yarn Wig

An artificial yarn wig would be a great addition to your kid’s Halloween costume or just as a plaything probably! The detailed step-by-step is available here.

9. Crafts to do with Yarn – Pendant Light

craft with yarn for pendant light

Hang this modern yarn pendant light to add some extra brightness to your living room at a budget. You’ll need yarn, fabric softener, brush, pendant light kit, scissors, and this tutorial.

10. DIY Yarn Tassel

adult yarn craft

Create a yarn tassel by using a piece of cardboard, yarn, wood beads, scissors, and the best of your skills. You can choose to give the tassel an ombre effect by dying it or keep it minimal, visit here.

11. DIY Yarn Tassel Bedskirt

Attach a set of tassels around your daughter’s bed skirt to give it a cute and catchy look altogether. Just create some tassels out of yarn and secure each of them around the bed skirt, all done!

12. Unicorn Bookmarks With Yarn Tassels

Print a unicorn outlet on a thick paper and clip its tail off with a scissor; replace it with a glittery tassel tail! We found the idea here.

13. DIY Yarn Wrapped Bottles

Lay down a fine coating of adhesive over any glass vase and wrap it with yarn, starting from the bottom. Make sure that you don’t leave any space between any two strings as it would give it an unfinished look.

14. DIY Tassel Basket

Tassels are capable of adding statement and extra bounce to anything you add them to, like in this DIY. Give a vibrant boost to your otherwise boring basket by adding some yarn tassels to it!

15. Yarn Embroidered Baskets

Go a step further with your indoor decoration by adding some of these colorful and decorative embroidered baskets. Here’s a quick tutorial to guide you.

16. DIY Yarn Wall Art

This branch and yarn wall hanging might be challenging to beginners but the end results are sure to add extra texture to a boring wall. Follow the tutorial here.

17. DIY Vintage Tennis Racket

If you have some spare tennis rackets in your home, there might not be any other better use to put it to. Get inspired with this vintage racket DIY.

18. Crafts to do with Yarn – Yarn Monsters

Let your kids express their creativity through this fun and easy yarn monster creating project. All you need is yarn, googly eyes, glue, paper cups, cardboard, and scissors.

19. DIY Modern Yarn Hanging

Express your craze for wall hanging through trying this DIY modern yarn hanging with yarns, dowel rods, and golden rings. Have a look at Homey Oh My.

20. DIY Pom Pom Pillows

Create some pom poms of different sizes and sew them together to make a comfortable cushion of whichever size you wish. Visit DIY Joy.

21. DIY Pom Pom Garland

String contrasting pom poms in individual threads and attach them to a lace, which will act as a base for your garland. Once you’re satisfied with the width, cut the lace and thread it on the wall or door from both sides.

22. Yarn Ball Wreath

On a wreath base, simply secure yarn balls, pom poms, and knitted squares with hot glue; that’s all! We found the idea here.

23. Yarn Wrapped Bottles

yarn bottle crafts to do with yarn

Recycle thrift bottles by wrapping multiple strings of colorful yarn around them and securing each with a strong adhesive. Visit here.

24. Yarn Teepee Tea Light Holder

Tie three or more twigs together with yarns and spread them from the base so as to make them stand erect. Further details are available here.

25. Illuminated Yarn Lanterns

landtern crafts to do with yarn

Cover a long enough length of yarn in a solution of glue, water, and starch and wrap it around a balloon to redo this yarn lantern idea. Click here.

26. Ice Cream Cone Garland

Use pom poms as the cream and square papers as the cone of your ice cream garland and hang them from a rope with yarn strings.

27. Yarn Wrapped Picture Hangers

picture crafts to do with yarn

If you are looking for functional crafts to do with yarn, this idea is for you. Wrap yarn around some hangers or create a triangle with wire and cover it with yarn to make this display board. Get inspired here.

28. Update Your Clock With Yarn

crafts to do with yarn

Cover the frame of a clock with yarn to give it a funky and cheerful design, experiment with the choice of color to personalize the clock. The idea is here.


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