Christmas Doily Angels | 20+ Christmas Angel DIY Ideas

Try making these Christmas doily angels for decorating your Christmas trees for an escalated festive appeal. If you don’t like doily angels, we’ve covered other DIY ideas too!

1. Doily Angel Christmas Card

Christmas Doily Angels1

Give a unique and delicate appearance to your Christmas card using Doily angels. Use artificial flower petals as wings, to add color to the card, and make them look even prettier. The cotton balls and pipe cleaners can add texture while giving a delightful look to the card.

2. Angel Craft

Angel Craft

Make these cute little angels in silver, gold, or all-white for decorations using doilies and small wooden balls. You can mix up the colors as well and add little detailing such as bow ribbons, glitter, etc. for an added look.

3. Angel Paper Doilies

Use different sized doilies for making the angels and wings. Tie them together with a small glittery pipe cleaner and make angel heads. You can use glitter foam paper for different colors of hair and use it for Christmas ornaments. Let your kids make them while you assist them with cutting and other steps for a fun activity.

4. Large Paper Angels

This tutorial shows how you can make hand size paper angles using doilies. Follow the steps carefully for a simple yet elegant Christmas doily angels with clay heads.

5. Christmas Doily Angels

Make these cute angels using a doily and hang them on your front door or Christmas tree as a sign of peace and good gesture. Learn how to make them in the video above.

6. Little Doily Angels

Use some yarn for the hair and little doily sheets for making the angels with a simple wooden bead as a head. Make a few of them and use them together for decorations or as ornaments for the Christmas trees.

7. Crochet Christmas Angels

If you know how to do crochet, then you can take help from this tutorial to create your own crochet patterns and then assemble them together to make Christmas angels. There are a number of patterns that you can find in this tutorial.

8. Vintage Standing Doilies

Christmas Doily Angels2

Doilies can give a nice vintage look to your Christmas decorations as they look elegant and classic while placed on the table. This tutorial shows a clear step-by-step procedure to create these vintage angels, with little details that make it more authentic.

9. Ornaments Using Paper Doilies

Make these little Christmas angels and hang on your Christmas tree for traditional decoration. This tutorial requires paper doilies, a little bit of yarn, beads for the head, and pipe cleaners to assemble the doilies.

10. Doily Angel Card

For a traditional Christmas card, you can try making a doily angel on it. Add sweet little messages for the family and friends, and celebrate Christmas the traditional way. You can make two cards using just one doily.

11. Popsicle Doily Angels

These popsicle angels are perfect for a fun craft activity with the kids. These can be used as ornaments, or you can place them in pots, or just for playing.

12. Stick Angel Ornament

This tutorial shows another quick and simple way of making stick angels. It makes use of little doilies for covering the sticks, and you can accessorize it using bow ties or ribbons to make different types of angels.

Other Christmas Angel Crafts

13. Yarn and Ice Cream Stick Angels

Yarn and Ice Cream Stick Angels

Use some ice cream sticks and old yarn to make these Christmas angels. Make the skeleton using the sticks and then wrap the yarn around them. You can use different types of yarns and also make hair out of them if you want to.

14. String Angels

String Angels

Jute strings can be used for a lot of craft activities, and you can use them to make string angels. Wrap the strings in an oval shape and tie them from the top with gold ribbons to separate the head and the body. They are very easy to make and you can hang them anywhere without much effort.

15. Wooden Spoon Angels

Christmas Doily Angels3

Crafts are fun especially when you make use of the different items easily available in your home. This tutorial shows how you can use wooden spoons, some pipe cleaners, and wool for making cute little angels. This activity is great for involving the kids in Christmas decorations.

16. Beach Theme Angels

Beach Theme Angels

Try something different this Christmas, moving away from the winter-themed angels to the beach theme ones. Use old seashells to make them and sea glasses as wings. They look quite eccentric and you can use them as bookmarks for cozy book reading nights.

17. Pinecone Angel Ornaments

Pinecone Angel Ornaments

Showcase your creativity to combine different kinds of materials into beautiful natural angels. This tutorial makes use of modeling clay, tissue cloth, and small pinecones for making this unique craft idea.

18. Clothes Pin Angel Ornament

Christmas Doily Angels4

Take inspiration from this tutorial to make these unique-looking angels with a clothespin some gold pipe cleaners and snowflake craft. They really blend the winter theme and the angles together and look lovely as Christmas tree ornaments.

19. Glitter Wooden Angels

Glitter Wooden Angels

If you come across unfinished wooden angels, then you can follow this tutorial for completing them in the way you like. Add some glitter, wings, and accessorize them with some natural materials to complete the look.

20. Ribbon Angels

Ribbon Angels

Instead of making just white angels, use different kinds of ribbons in various vibrant shades to add added texture to the angels. The process is easy to follow, simply crimple the ribbons in the center and tie them with a string.

21. Paper Plate Angels

Christmas Doily Angels5

In this tutorial, you can see how to make use of the disposable paper plates for making the angels. Color these plates in different shades for a vibrant decoration and use them to make the wings and the base of the angels.

22. Christmas Angels Using Natural Materials

Christmas Angels Using Natural Materials

Go eco-friendly this Christmas by using natural materials to make festive ornaments and decor DIYs. You can use all kinds of different things such as twigs, leaves, pinecones, and feathers for making the wings of the angels and hang them on your Christmas tree as ornaments.

23. DIY Snowman

DIY Snowman

This tutorial shows a simple way to make a paper snowman and keep your little kids engaged. It has a printable version of snowman which you can download or make on your own. These activities can help in the early development of pre-schoolers.

24. Cotton Angels

Christmas Doily Angels6

Quick and easy angels made using cotton pads and strings are perfect for a fun craft activity. Make little legs using the strings, connected with the head, and hang these around the house as part of Christmas decoration.

25. Wired Ribbon Angels

Wired Ribbon Angels

Make these pretty angels using just wide ribbons folded and glued together in the shape of wings and a dress. Attach colorful gems in the center and hang using strings on the walls, or on the Christmas tree.

26. Canning Lid Angel Ornament

Canning Lid Angel Ornament

Recycle those old can lids with this little angel ornaments DIY by repurposing them as angel heads. Use lace to make their wings and add felt and ribbons to decorate the lid. Hang these on the Christmas tree with ribbons or strings.

27. Coffee Filter Angel

Christmas Doily Angels7

This tutorial shows a unique way of making angels using just coffee filters, and a disposable cup. It is easy to make and can be easily used for Christmas tree decorations.

28. Wooden Peg Angels

Wooden Peg Angels

If you do not want to use doilies for making angels, and need more sturdy ones, then you can try turning old peg dolls into Christmas angles. Cover them in white felt and add other accessories. Read the tutorial for a detailed process description.

29. Mini Paper Angels

Christmas Doily Angels8

Craft activities can definitely simulate the development of kids, and while there are many such activities available you can try this DIY as well. Make mini hanging paper angels for room décor with your kids. These are easy to make, and you can repurpose them to use as mobiles too!


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