28 Inspiring DIY Roman Shades Projects and Tutorials

Give your windows a trendy look with these DIY roman shades! Buying custom made roman shades can be expensive, but these step by step tutorials are here to help!

1. Easy DIY Tension Roman Shade

DIY Roman Shades 1

This pretty Roman shade made using tension rods, fabric, and some basic sewing skills have the potential to alter the look of your bedroom like nothing else. Get more details here.

2. Painted Bamboo DIY Roman Shades

DIY Roman Shades 2

Fabric Roman shades are too mainstream. Add definition to bamboo blinds with black paint and painter’s tape for a more stylized look. The simple steps are here.

3. Printed Fabrics Roman Shade

DIY Roman Shades 3

Made with linen and mini blinds. This inexpensive Roman shade idea is bursting with texture and color. Here‘s the tutorial!

4. DIY Text Roman Shade

DIY Roman Shades 4

Painting words into shades is a great idea for creating a giant piece of art that catches the eye. All Things Thrifty has the instructions.

5. No-Sew Roman Shade

DIY Roman Shades 5

When you have no sewing skills to swear by, consider using fabric glue, pins, and embellishments to hold up your Roman shade. See this post for details.

6. DIY Fixed Roman Shade

DIY Roman Shades 6

The fixed Roman shade idea may not come with the perks of adjustments, but its space-friendly design makes it a hit in apartments. We found it here.

7. Monogram Roman Shade

DIY Roman Shades 7

This monogram look may be difficult to attain, but the good thing is you don’t need a sewing machine or special skills for that matter. Click here to know more.

8. Checkered Pattern Roman Shade

DIY Roman Shades 8

Nothing beats the good ol’ Checkered pattern shade for a timeless window makeover! We got inspiration from The DIY Mommy.

9. Inexpensive Roman Shades

DIY Roman Shades 9

Turn a common drape into a tailor-made Roman shade that works best for adorning the open window of your bedroom. Get the tutorial from here.

10. DIY Own Roman Shades

DIY Roman Shades 10

Combining the softness of drapes with the practicality of blinds, these budget-friendly Roman shades work in every part of the home. The DIY is at Martha Stewart.

11. Roman Shade From a Bed Sheet

DIY Roman Shades 11

Easy to make and customize, this no-sew Roman shade idea using blackout curtains is perfect for lazy DIYers. Visit DIY Network to learn more.

12. Pleated Balloon Roman Shades

DIY Roman Shades 12

The balloon shade idea creates a relaxed and dreamy effect, making you feel comfortable even when you’re miles away from home. Check out this article for instructions.

13. DIY Roman Blackout Shades

DIY Roman Shades 13

Some fabric, glue, and mini-blinds are all you need to create this beautiful black-out Roman shade from scratch. Get the DIY from here.

14. Faux Roman Shades

DIY Roman Shades 14

Going the faux route for your DIY Roman shade is excellent for infusing an understated charm in the bedroom. See the detailed post here.

15. DIY Budget Friendly Roman Shades

DIY Roman Shades 30

With this detailed tutorial by DIY Decor Mom, it’s remarkably easy to upcycle your favorite piece of fabric into a budget-friendly privacy screen.

16. Lining Fabric Roman Shades

DIY Roman Shades 16

If you want to embody the Zen appeal of bamboo blinds on your Roman shade DIY, this tutorial is your answer.

17. DIY Roman Shades Using Mini-Blinds

DIY Roman Shades 17

Inspired by black-out curtains, this classic Roman shade idea is perfect for adding bold accents to the room. Follow these instructions to make it.

18. Second Roman Shade Finished

DIY Roman Shades 18

Why spend on fancy linen window coverings when you can just as quickly make them from scratch and at a fraction of the cost with this easy tutorial.

19. Quick No-Sew Roman Shades

DIY Roman Shades 29

Perfect for beginner DIYers, this no-sew Roman shade idea gets done quicker than setting the dinner table. Know more here.

20. Hardware-Free Roman Shades

DIY Roman Shades 20

This no-sew Roman shade design is easy to whip up on a lazy afternoon, sans any tools or skills. Forrent provides more details on this idea.

21. Drop Cloth Roman Shade

DIY Roman Shades 21

This budget-friendly, drop Roman cloth shade will surely enhance your mood, giving you a cozy space to unwind. All you need to know is here.

22. DIY Cordless Roman Shades

DIY Roman Shades 22

When you want to babyproof your home, dangly cords are out of the question. Enter cordless Roman shades with this DIY.

23. DIY Burlap Roman Shades

DIY Roman Shades 23

Before you dismiss Roman shades as too feminine for your tastes, do consider this window update idea using mini blinds. The DIY in detail is here.

24. DIY No-Sew Roman Shades

DIY Roman Shades 24

When you’re looking to create a no-sew Roman shade, mini blinds are the way to go! You’ll need to follow the steps from here.

25. Roman Shades 2.0

DIY Roman Shades 25

The warm color palette of this fabric shade softens the mood while preventing the neighbors from getting a good look. Replicate this idea with the help of this article.

26. DIY Roman Shades

DIY Roman Shades 26

With ample opportunities at customization concerning design and dimensions, this fabric window covering idea is a hit. The DIY is available at Homedit.

27. DIY Mini Blinds Roman Shades

DIY Roman Shades 27

Upcycle ordinary looking mini blinds into gorgeous Roman shades with this simple DIY!

28. DIY Faux Roman Shade

DIY Roman Shades 28Ditch floral-printed fabrics for a bolder Roman shade that creates a beautiful focal point in the room. Here is the post with DIY.


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