30 DIY Essential Oil Storage Ideas You’ll Love

Love collecting essential oils? Get those wonderful bottles of scent organized in no time with these DIY essential oil storage ideas!

It’s important to keep the essential oils away from dirt. Also, since these bottles are small, they often topple in typical container, these DIY essential oil storage ideas will allow you to store the in an upright position.

1. Plastic Container Essential Oil Storage

DIY Essential Oil Storage Ideas 1

Enhance the storage functionality of ordinary plastic containers with foam inserts that keep your oils upright and partitioned for safe storage. Here’s the DIY.

2. Wooden Box Essential Oil Storage

DIY Essential Oil Storage Ideas 2

Convert an ordinary wooden box into a customized storage solution for essential oils with a garden knee pad and an apple corer. The rest of the instructions are in this DIY.

3. Drawer Essential Oil Storage

DIY Essential Oil Storage Ideas 3

Having adjustable dividers for your essential oil storage box gives you multiple options to store your droppers, sample bottles, and bottle tops. Get them done with this DIY.

4. Wall Shelves Essential Oil Storage

DIY Essential Oil Storage Ideas 4

With acrylic wall-mounted racks, you can dedicate any nook of your home to essential oil storage. And the clear plastic of these racks blends well with the walls while allowing the oils to shine. Get the details in this DIY.

5. DIY Essential Oil Storage Tray With Cardboard

DIY Essential Oil Storage Ideas 5

Give new purpose to an old plastic case using cardboard dividers and voila! You’re less than $1 dollar organizer is ready. Here’s more on it.

6. Store Essential Oils

Store Essential Oils

For an effortless storage solution that’s easy to maintain in busy days as well, try snagging a case with elastic bands to hold individual bottles in place. This DIY will give you the details.

7. Cardboard Box Essential Oil Storage

Cardboard Box Essential Oil Storage

For a super cheap, sunlight-free storage, give this cardboard organizer a shot. The dividers are easy to create, though not as sturdy as the wooden ones. Check the DIY on WikiHow.

8. Essential Oils Storage Cabinet

Essential Oils Storage Cabinet

Keep your precious oils from pesky little fingers with this wall-mounted storage solution. It’s easy to build using paint and plywood.

9. Cupboards Essential Oil Storage

This beginner-friendly guide to storing essential oils is everything you need to make the most out of their aromatic goodness.

10. DIY Wood Slice Essential Oil Storage

DIY Wood Slice Essential Oil Storage

Grab your drill set and a birch log piece and you can have this cute and chic essential oil display in under five minutes. Look into this DIY for details.

11. Essential Oil Storage Box

Essential Oil Storage Box

If you happen to have a wooden box handy, take a cue from this photo-tutorial and consider making dividers to convert it into a compartmentalized organizer for quick access.

12. DIY Hidden Essential Oil Storage

DIY Hidden Essential Oil Storage

This lovely essential oil organizer features hidden storage, thanks to the charcoal board cover secured with a magnetic latch. This is a nice trick to keep them away from naughty kids. Get the DIY here.

13. Wooden Basket Essential Oil Storage

Wooden Basket Essential Oil Storage

Have a basket to spare? Spruce it up with white paint in stripes and fit in a knee pad inside to keep your bottles secure and sectioned. This is a cute handy solution with lots of beachy vibes. Here’s the DIY.

14. Dollar Tree DIY Essential Oils Storage

This less than $5 dollar DIY project gets your essential oils organized in under five minutes. All you need is an empty drawer and a few acrylic plastic containers.

15. $5 Custom Essential Oils Storage Box

If you have a wee bit of woodworking skills to boast of, consider fashioning wooden dividers to transform an ordinary box into a unique storage solution for your essential oils. Get details in this DIY.

16. Hanging Shelve Essential Oils Storage

If you’re not the one to build something from scratch, consider customizing a pre-ordered hanging shelf to go with your walls. You can even get some tips to organize your essential oils in this tutorial.

17. Cheap Essential Oil Storage Box DIY

This DIYer ditched cardboard for manilla folder cutouts to create flexible dividers in order to simplify the storage of differently-sized bottles. Get more details here.

18. Rustic Wood Piece Essential Oil Storage

Perfect for a dressing table display, this DIY involves converting a tealight stand into an essential oil organizer by attaching wooden legs below for support and a quick sanding for a smoother finish.

19. DIY Rustic Wooden Display Storage Shelf for Essential Oils

Get shabby chic charm on the walls with this cute organizer made from dark stained wood. Details are here.

20. Easy DIY Essential Oil Storage

For a more custom-made solution, try this socket-organizer-inspired DIY that allows you to store different sizes of bottles in a secure arrangement with no fear of spills.

21. Essential Oil Storage DIY

This inexpensive, no-fail DIY is a perfect solution to keep your essential oil roller bottles safe. You can replace the slots with thicker cardboard for a more sturdier framework but that’s optional.

22. Spoon Rack Essential Oils Storage

Spoon Rack Essential Oils Storage

Upcycled with paint and pretty wallpaper, this DIYer gave new life to a thrift store spoon rack, turning it into a compact little organizer for her essential oils.

23. Essential Oil Storage Box in Four Easy Steps

Essential Oil Storage Box in Four Easy Steps

Add an artsy touch to an old jewelry box with vinyl decals and fit a clay tray inside for the essential oil bottles. For more details, head over to this DIY.

24. Wall Storage – DIY Essential Oil Storage Ideas

Screw in a bunch of hexagonal shadow boxes in any pattern you like and attach thin panels of scrap wood across the center to create shelf-like storage. Here’s the full DIY.

25. DIY Essential Oil Roller Bottle Storage Block

The best possible facelift for scrap wood comes in this DIY storage block, where paint and a personalized quote are finishing touches to create a unique look.

26. House Pattern Essential Oils Storage Box

Easy to replicate and build from scratch, this elaborate essential organizer is a nice addition to a winter wellness station featuring organic body care products for your family’s needs. Make it with these instructions.

27. Essential Oil Storage From an Upcycled Spice Rack

A spice rack is really a great solution to de-clutter your essential oil stockpile. It has open shelving for easy access and the right dimensions to fit in narrow wall spaces. What more do you want? Here’s the DIY.


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