27 Weird But Working Beauty Hacks That Work Wonders

Here are some bizarre and weird but working beauty hacks that you can try at home to resolve your beauty-related woes without spending too much money!

Weird But Working Beauty Hacks1

Beauty trends these days have been overwhelming with a variety of tips and tricks available on the internet. While some appear to be basic tricks for trying out, there is a whole range of others that feel weird but have been considered quite helpful by many beauticians. People usually prefer these DIY tricks over expensive beauty treatments or the various chemical products available on the market. Whatever beauty problem you might be facing, one of the other home DIY tricks is available. Though it is always important to know that what works for one person might not work with others, we have a list of weird beauty tricks that you might want to try and check for yourself if it works for you. 

Weird But Working Beauty Hacks

Makeup Hacks

1. Lipstick as A Color Corrector

Color correctors are usually available in different shades to hide blemishes, acne, pigmentation, dark circles, etc. You should apply a color corrector before a concealer and this will create a natural contour. Instead of buying color correctors separately, a quick and easy hack is to use a tint of red lipstick before applying concealer.

2. Eyeshadows as Lipsticks

Eyeshadows as Lipsticks

If you do not have lipstick in the shade you like or want to try something unique, try using your whole palette of eye shadows as lipstick. Take a brush, wet it a little, and use it to apply the eye shadow on your lips. You can apply a layer of clear lip balm before applying the eyeshadow.  

3. Eyebrow Shaper

To take care of your unruly eyebrow hair, use a colorless lip balm or vaseline to shape your eyebrows. Use a spool for this purpose and shape the eyebrow hair as you like.

4. Long-Lasting Perfume

To make the perfume last longer, rub a little Vaseline over the points you spray the perfume. This will help the scent last longer and not wear off quickly. 

5. Longer Lashes Using Talcum Powder

Longer eyelashes can make your makeup look much better. A hack for making your lashes look longer is applying a little talcum powder using a small brush and then applying mascara over the lashes.

6. Remove Makeup Stains with Shaving Cream

Weird But Working Beauty Hacks2

If you regularly use makeup, then makeup stains can be quite an issue, especially with darker tints of makeup. Take a little shaving cream and massage it over the stains to fix them. Rinse it with water afterward.

7. Olive Oil to Remove Makeup

To get rid of the stubborn makeup products, take a dab of olive oil and sweep the makeup off in just one stroke. Make sure to wash the oil off to avoid any breakouts.

Skincare Hacks

1. Potatoes for Dark Armpits

Dark armpits can be unappealing, and hence it is worth trying this hack. Potatoes act as natural bleach and anti-irritant to lighten the dark armpits. It has an enzyme called catecholase which can help get rid of irritated skin. You can even use it to get rid of stubborn skin tan.

2. Deodorant for Chafed Thighs

Deodorant for Chafed Thighs

This hack can be pretty helpful if you suffer from thigh chafing or rashes near your thighs due to friction. Use a mild roll-on deodorant on the thighs to prevent chafing. 

3. Skin Refresher

Stress or working long hours in front of screens can take a toll on the skin. To refresh it and give it a bounce, you can try a natural DIY mist with aloe vera gel and purified water. Mix equal parts of aloe vera gel with purified water in a spray bottle and use it on your face whenever you feel tired or if your skin feels dull.

4. Fix Calloused Feet Using Vinegar and Baking Soda

To soften the calloused feet, you can try soaking your feet in a mixture of 2 cups of warm water, a cup of vinegar, and half a cup of baking soda. This helps in rehydrating the feet, making them smoother and softer. Dry with a towel, and moisturize after soaking the feet for about 20 minutes. 

5. Treat Smelly Feet Using Dry Shampoo

Treat Smelly Feet Using Dry Shampoo

A quick hack to treat smelly feet is by spraying a little dry shampoo on the feet before wearing the shoes. It is even helpful for treating foul odor from the socks too. 

6. Get Rid of Dark Circles Using Coffee

Trying to fix the stubborn dark circles? Try this effective hack to get rid of them. Mix coffee grounds and coconut oil and gently apply to the skin under your eyes. Leave it for about 15 minutes and wash with cold water afterward. Doing this three to four times a week can help eliminate dark circles.

7. Teabag for Dry Lips

If you have chapped lips, you can try this hack to help moisturize them. The antioxidants in green tea bags can be pretty helpful in fixing dry lips. Just dip it in warm water and keep it over the lips for about 5 minutes. 

8. Toothpaste for Dry Lips

Another quick hack to get softer lips is applying a thin layer of toothpaste over the lips. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes, and then wash it with cold water gently. 

9. Aspirin for Pimples

Weird But Working Beauty Hacks3

Many people have claimed the effectiveness of using aspirin over pimples as it fastens the healing process of it. Make a paste of aspirin and distilled water and apply it over the pimple. Leave it for 2-3 minutes and gently wash with water. This can help lighten the pimple and let it settle and cure quickly.

Haircare Hacks

1. Perfume to Tackle Hair Odor

One of the easy and quick ways to tackle hair odor when you are in a hurry is to spray a little perfume over the hairbrush and use it to brush your hair a few times. Make sure you use a little spray only as otherwise, you might damage your hair with the chemicals in the perfume.

2. Prevent Frizzy Hair using a Cotton T-Shirt

Use a cotton t-shirt to tie your wet hair and let it dry as the cotton fabric will speed up the drying process. Apart from being a quick-drying technique, it helps prevent frizzy hair and makes the hair smooth and silky. 

3. Keep Baby Hair in Place

Weird But Working Beauty Hacks4

To keep the flyaways and baby hair in place, use a little hair spray and a toothbrush to set them in. A toothbrush helps blend them in without feeling too pesky or stiff. 

4. Dryer Sheet for Fixing Flyaways

Another quick hack to keep the flyaways in place is to rub a dryer sheet over the hair. This will help avoid the hair going all over without the extensive use of hair spray.

5. Eyeshadow to Hide Greying Roots

To quickly hide greying roots, take a makeup brush and use a little eye shadow in the same shade as your hair to brush over the roots. Blend it nicely over the roots so that it hides all the greying roots. 

6. Fix Greasy Hair with Sea Salt

Fix Greasy Hair With Sea Salt

If your hair gets greasy quite quickly, giving it a flat, oily look, then you should try this hack. Mix 3-4 teaspoons of sea salt in 300 ml of shampoo and use it for cleaning. This will help keep your roots clean for much longer and delay the washing of hair.

7. Quick Curls

A quick way to get wavy hair is to braid them first and then use a flat iron to heat them up. Now, gently open the braid to get perfect beach waves. 

Other Hacks

1. Teabags to Remove Shoe Odor

If you face issues with shoe odor because of feet sweating, then placing a regular tea bag inside the shoe overnight can keep the odor at bay. 

2. Teeth Whitening using Strawberry

Weird But Working Beauty Hacks6

The acidic nature of strawberries can help in whitening the teeth. A quick way is to grate the strawberries, add them to one teaspoon of baking soda, and use them as toothpaste. Do it twice a month for naturally white teeth.

3. Whiten Nails using Toothpaste

Yellow tones of nails can make them look dull, dirty and not bring out the natural shade of the nail paints. Apply a thin layer of whitening toothpaste over the nails and wash them off using cold water. This will help diminish the yellow tones. 

4. Banana Peel for Teeth Whitening

Using the yellow side of the banana peel rub it on your teeth daily for about a week to whiten the teeth. Make sure you do not use an overripe banana peel and use the light yellow ones. 

We hope you learned something from these weird but working beauty hacks. These hacks will not only save your money but give effective results from within the body!


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