27 Paper Mache Ornaments | Ornament With Papier Mache

Making Paper Mache Ornaments has been a fun and easy craft for everyone, no matter the age and skill set! Try these ideas with your family this festive season.

1. DIY Christmas Balls

Starting from the basics, DIY these golden paper mache balls to get your home Christmas-ready with elegance and beauty! It reuses tissue wrapping instead of paper to get the ornaments ready.

2. DIY Paper Mache Ornaments

These pretty pastel paper mache Christmas ornaments will give you the neutral decor that you are looking for this Christmas. Watch the video for full instructions.

3. Paper Mache Ornaments

Instead of spending money on tacky store-bought ornaments, you can make them on a budget in the comfort of your home. The video has all the instructions in detail.

4. Paper Mache Christmas Ornaments

Paper Mache Ornaments1

Involve your kids in recreating these ornaments and while doing it, educate them about the Holidays a little more. We found the tutorial here.

5. Ball Christmas Ornament

Paper Mache Ornaments2

Wrap papier-mache around a balloon to recreate the easiest Christmas ornaments of all time. You can paint it as you like to let it stand out.

6. Paper Mache Ornaments

Paper Mache Ornaments3

Animal faces on the Christmas ornaments? Sounds like something that the kids would highly appreciate and absolutely love creating. Take inspiration from here.

7. DIY Christmas Ornament Ball

Paper Mache Ornaments4

Cute and elegant, these paper mache ornaments are a great way to decorate the home in a soft and warm tone. Find the tutorial here.

8. Paper Mache Ornaments

Paper Mache Ornaments5

Make ornaments of whatever shape or size you want and surprise your guests with your skills and creativity. Take inspiration from these ornaments.

9. Paper Mache Star

Instead of using a balloon as the mold, you can create a cardboard sphere to DIY a round ornament for your tree. Watch the details in the video.

10. Ornaments Out Of Paper

Ornaments out of Paper

You can always customize the look and appeal of your homemade ornaments with extra embellishments. Here is one such idea.

11. Summer Fun Ornaments

Summer Fun Ornaments

Kids will love creating this easy-to-make ornament. Besides, this will ignite the Christmas spirit in the kids. Have a look at the idea here.

12. DIY Planet Ornaments

DIY Planet Ornaments

Make a small planet ornament and who knows, you can even create the entire solar system ornaments and give knowledge to the kids.

13. Paper Mache Bowl

Paper mache bowl which emits lights can be a show-stopper on your Christmas evening! You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to make, just follow the video.

14. Caricature Ornaments

Imitate a family member or a favorite TV character, this caricature ornament can be an exciting addition to your Christmas decor. Watch the video for full details.

15. Paper Mache Ornaments

Coat your paper mache ornament with metallic luster wax to give a matte finish to the ornaments. Draw different patterns or keep it simple, it’s up to you.

16. DIY Christmas Ornaments

Experiment with the shapes and sizes while creating a Christmas ornament to personalize it as per your overall decor theme. Similar ideas are in the video.

17. Ornaments with Paper Mache

Beautiful birds on the tree or on a decorative wreath will compliment the decor on another level. You can choose to turn your favorite bird into a paper mache with the video above.

18. Custom Christmas Ornament

Turn the chords of your favorite song into an ornament and gift it to a loved one or showcase it on your tree! Watch the video for further details.

19. Pretty Ornament

These Santa and Merry Christmas ornaments are easy to make and the details on it will further enhance the DIY even more.

20. Little Santa Ornaments

These little Santas are a product of egg carton recycling that allows you to be environment-friendly while creating your decor.

21. Bells for Christmas

Use any container as a mold to recreate a ton of these DIY paper mache bells and then decorate them with paint as you like.

Cookie molds can help you a great deal if you wish to stand out in your ornaments collection this Holiday season.

23. Adorable Whale Ornaments

Choose different objects and move out of the traditional Ball ornament thinking to do something different this year. Choose a theme that you most want to celebrate this year.

24. Sketch to Ornament

Transform your kids’ favorite sketch into a paper mache ornament with this easy DIY idea. Take inspiration on how to mold the paper mache and get started.

25. Hummingbird Ornament

Use paper mache clay to replicate a hummingbird into an ornament and hang it on your Christmas tree or on the door.

26. Papier-mache Toy

It’s surprising how easily you can turn a simple balloon into something as good as this Christmas ornament. The tutorial video has all the details.

27. Paper Mache Bells

Christmas bells can be quite expensive to buy from the store, therefore, if you have some cans lying around, you can create them on a budget.


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