27 Chocolate Decoration Ideas for Cakes

Indulge in sweet creativity: unleash your imagination with these 27 Irresistible chocolate decoration ideas for cakes!

1. Chocolate Decoration Ideas for Cakes

This tutorial offers a range of shapes that you can pipe out from melted chocolate for putting as a decoration over your homemade cake.

2. Rockin’ Chocolate Bow

How about making a chocolate bow and decorating your cake as a sweet present for your loved ones? Well, check out this recipe to see the steps.

3. Right Way to Temper Chocolate

For any chocolate decoration to hold shape, right tempering is the basic requirement. Learn how to temper your chocolate in the right way at this site.

4. 4 Easy Chocolate Decoration Ideas for Cakes

Here are 4 easy ways to decorate a cake in a tasty as well as easy manner! Find the tutorials at wikihow.

5. Oreo Cake from Cupcakes

Melt your chocolate and decorate crushed oreos around the base to replicate this idea. You can even add more flavor with M&Ms and KitKat!

6. Decorating Cakes with Chocolate

Little chocolate swirls, hearts, and love slangs will look catchy not only on cakes but cupcakes and pastry slices too. Get a detailed how to here.

7. Minted Chocolate Torte

We can’t get over at how delicious this cake looks without any extravagant decorating style. Check out the details with the cake recipe at Taste of Home.

8. Tummy Chocolate Cake

Who doesn’t love the different hues of chocolate? Yum! If you’re thinking of flavoring your cake with a coffee and chocolate taste, this decoration couldn’t be any better!

9. Chocolate Shards

Instead of using one pattern decoration for the cake, you can use this tutorial to bombard your cake with beauty and texture, all at once!

10. Confetti Birthday Cake

This cake decoration is perfect for those of you who believe in last minute magic or those who simply forgot about the toppings. Sprinkle some confetti and you’re good to go!

11. Chocolate Curls

Stand chocolate curls on top of your cake to give some height as well as some visual appeal! This video shows the technique of making chocolate curls at home with ease.

12. Malted Chocolate Stout Layer Cake

Decorate your cake with a basic frosting and chopped maltedmilk balls, which not only looks good but will give a crunch to the taste buds too. Check it out here.

13. Icing Rose Decoration

Roses on top of a cake is a perfect dessert idea for a celebration party and if you want to give it more weight, you can add cut fruit slices too. Details are here.

14. Unicorn Cake

Unicorns astonish kids and adults alike! A cute dessert for your child’s birthday party or for a baby shower or gender reveal gathering, check out the details here. Switch the flavors for chocolate and it will all be so yummy.

15. Chocolate Decoration Ideas for Cake

be it chocolate drips, confetti, berries on top or simple just as is; the cakes look tasty and happening. Take your cake decoration inspirations from here.

16. Chocolate Peppermint Ice Cream Roll

Although this tutorial guides you to making a ice cream rol, you can play around with the recipe and experiment a bit to make a cake with similar traits.

17. Glossy Chocolate Ganache

A chocolate ganache is probably one of the sleekest and always in style for a cake decoration. It’s a simple and quick recipe as well, check out the recipes.

18. Spooky Bat Cake

If you want to design an easy Halloween cake, this is the perfect choice. Swap the color co-ordination or keep it as is, it will look good either way.

19. Halloween Witch Cake Recipe

This is another cake decoration idea with chocolate witch hats all over the cake to suit the spooky vibes around the holidays. Here’s the Halloween Witch Cake Recipe.

20. Chocolate Decoration Ideas

Try out these smart ways of decorating chocolate cakes, ice creams, cupcakes, and much more with this 5-minutes craft video.

21. Decadent Fudge Cake

Make this moist chocolate fudge cake in minutes with four types of chocolate under just two hours. Have a look at this recipe.

22. Chocolate Decoration Ideas

Would you like to impress your guests with some out of the box chocolate dessert ideas? Follow these decorative dessert recipes to leave your guests awestruck!

23. Marvelous Marble Cake

Bring out the best of both worlds with the essence of chocolate and pound cake to make a delicious marble cake.

24. Sunflower Cake

Resemble seeds with chocolate chips and petals with yellow peeps while making this sunflower cake for your next house party.

25. Chocolate Shapes with Cookie Cutter

Who had imagined what you could do with melted chocolate and some cookie cutters, ingenious! Check out the tutorial to know the exact steps.

26. Chocolate Cake Wrap

If you don’t want your cake to be so extravagant, you can keep it simple by just wrapping a chocolate wrap around the cake.

27. Chocolate Garnishes Decoration

Finishing up with these chocolate garnishes will elevate your cakes look and appeal. Check out the video to learn the how to for each shape.


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