26 Thanksgiving Toilet Paper Roll Crafts | Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Here are 27 Thanksgiving Toilet Paper Roll Crafts that you can follow along with your kids to recycle the toilet paper rolls while instigating a fun parent-kid activity evening!

1. Toilet Roll Pilgrim

This tutorial has a detailed step-by-step procedure for making a cute pilgrim couple using just toilet paper roll and black and white craft paper. It has some cute little details and would look amazing as decorations during Thanksgiving.

2. Paper Roll Turkey

This tutorial shows an easy way for making turkey crafts. It uses a toilet paper roll to stick the wings and the body of the turkey made with colorful craft paper. You can also add googly eyes instead of just making eyes for the turkey craft.

3. Colourful Turkey Craft

A simple way of making turkey using toilet paper roll, this video shows how you can attach colorful paper as wings on the roll and make a turkey craft. It is easy to follow and does not require any extra materials. You can make the wings with any kind of waste paper instead of special craft ones. Just add a few layers so that it stays upright.

4. Grateful Turkeys

Thanksgiving Toilet Paper Roll Crafts1

These easy-to-make turkeys, with special messages on what everyone is thankful for, are great as an activity with family or for kids, teaching them the value of what they have. Use the roll as the base and attach different colors of wings on it with what you are grateful for this year.

5. Thankful Turkeys

Thankful Turkeys

Another way for engaging the kids, and making them part of the Thanksgiving tradition, is through these thankful turkeys. Make the wings in shades of the fall season for decorations and use them as table settings.

6. Fall Turkey Craft

Fall Turkey Craft

Use the toilet paper rolls for making the head of the turkey. Attach some leaf-shaped paper as wings of the turkey. Color them in the shades of fall and you have a nice themed Thanksgiving art.

7. Pilgrim Hat

Thanksgiving Toilet Paper Roll Crafts2

You can make tall pilgrim hats easily using a toilet paper roll. Use the leftovers and cover them in black craft paper or paint and paste a base and top on it. You can use it for decorations or wear those little hats during Thanksgiving.

8. Thanksgiving Napkin Rings

An interesting way of making use of toilet paper rolls is to make small napkin rings out of them. Cut them into small pieces and then decorate them in Thanksgiving theme colors and characters for the dinner. Click here.

9. Paper Roll Scarecrow

Paper Roll Scarecrow

You can make a scarecrow using a toilet paper roll. You can experiment with the look by making hair out of some old paper bags or even try making different hats for the scarecrow.

10. Thanksgiving Art

Thanksgiving Toilet Paper Roll Crafts3

This tutorial shows a few ideas for using toilet paper rolls for making pilgrims and other characters for decorations or activities for kids. Take inspiration from this to make a few at home and place them around the house this Thanksgiving.

11. Coffee Filter Turkey

Coffee Filter Turkey

Coffee filters are useful in crafts as they blend different colors well and give a unique look. Use a toilet paper roll to make a base for the turkey and make a slit across it to hold the colored coffee filters in place as wings. This way you can change the filters every day or a few days with different combinations of colors.

12. Paint Chip Turkey

Paint Chip Turkey

Make a colorful-looking turkey craft by making the feathers of a turkey using paint chip cards and sticking them on a toilet paper roll. Add some googly eyes on the roll and paint it in different colors for a bright turkey.

13. Pumpkin Craft Using Toilet Paper Roll

Thanksgiving Toilet Paper Roll Crafts4

Toilet paper rolls can be used in numerous ways for different craft activities, and this tutorial shows a way to make a cute pumpkin craft using just toilet paper rolls, some orange paper strips, and glue. Connect the ends of the paper strips on the two ends of the roll forming a pumpkin shape outside.

14. Handprint Turkey

This tutorial shows a unique way of bringing the whole family together when making turkey crafts. Use toilet paper rolls for making the face and the different sizes of handprints of each member of the family to make the wings.

15. Toilet Roll Turkey Craft

Toilet Roll Turkey Craft

Whether you use it as centerpiece decorations, or just as a fun engaging activity during Thanksgiving, this tutorial shows a unique and eccentric way of making turkey craft using toilet paper rolls. Explore your creativity when you try different ways of making these turkeys.

16. Gratitude Turkeys

Thanksgiving Toilet Paper Roll Crafts5

A fun yet learning activity for kids and even for adults, you can take inspiration from this idea for making gratitude turkeys. Everyone can make one using an old toilet paper roll, and some craft paper, and let friends and family know what they feel glad about.

17. Pilgrim Craft

Pilgrim Craft

To teach your kids about Thanksgiving or just for decoration purposes, you can make these craft pilgrims and use them for the stories. It is a great way to keep the kids interested. Follow the tutorial for a step-by-step methodology for creating one.

18. Leaf Stamps

Leaf Stamps

Make these little leaf stamps in red-orange and yellow shades for making fall tree craft. These can make nice and clean edges and is a perfect activity for little kids. You can color the insides later or just let it stay as is.

19. Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder

Thanksgiving Toilet Paper Roll Crafts6

Thanksgiving usually calls for autumn-themed crafts and just sometime away before the birds vanish. Try making the most of this time, by making a DIY bird feeder at home using the old toilet paper rolls.

20. Fall Tree Art

 Fall Tree Art

One of the uses of toilet paper rolls is to create stamps. For example, squeeze the empty roles to make a leaf-like shape and use it for stamping as leaves in an art project. For a thanksgiving theme, use different colors of fall for making the stamps.

21. Apple Tree Crafts

Apple Tree Crafts

Use the toilet paper rolls to make trees of different kinds. Use fruit loops to stick over the leaves. This is a great way for using the old tubes, for a project, or even just for fun and decorations during Thanksgiving.

22. Toilet Paper Tube Halloween Characters

Thanksgiving Toilet Paper Roll Crafts7

Explore your creativity by making different Halloween characters over the toilet roll tubes. Use them for decorations, plays, or just having fun while playing. You can make all kinds of characters and paint them in different shades. Read the tutorial for inspiration on characters.

23. Pumpkin Stamp

Pumpkin Stamp

This tutorial shows a unique way of making pumpkin stamps using toilet paper rolls. Just bend the roll a little from the top and you have a pumpkin-shaped stamp.

24. Scarecrow Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Scarecrow Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Kids love to engage in little craft activities and these kinds of small activities can help in their physical development too. Try to save the toilet paper rolls to make these little scarecrows with your kids. Let them be creative as they decorate it with glitter and use different colors for making it.

25. Turkey Disguise Activities

Thanksgiving Toilet Paper Roll Crafts8

If you are looking for keeping your kids entertained, while teaching them patterns and small math problems, then this tutorial is for you. It has pre-designed templates, or you can make one on your own. Let the kids engage in fun games such as arranging leaves, matching the number of leaves, or disguising the turkey to prevent it from being found. Use leftover toilet paper rolls for this activity.

26. Toilet Roll Turkey

As a fun activity for kids, you can try using the leftover toilet rolls as a base for making a craft turkey. They can make it in different colors and these can then be used for decorations in the house. Make eyes, beaks, and other features for a more complete look.

We hope these thanksgiving toilet paper roll crafts motivated you to organize a fun evening with your kids and bring laughter and creativity to your door! If you happen to innovate a new idea related to thanksgiving toilet paper roll crafts, share it with us in the comments section.


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