26 Pen Drawing Ideas | Drawing Ideas With Pen

Pen Drawing Ideas and Inspirations: Unleash Your Creative Ink-ling! Explore the diverse tips and techniques of pen drawing with these ideas.

1. Sharp Eagle Drawing

Grab the most basic pen and get on with this easy-to-follow blue pen drawing idea. It’s not only easy to replicate but can be a fun activity with your kids.

2. Tips To Master Pen Drawing

Pen Drawing Ideas1

Before you master any form of art, the basics are as important as your skills. Here are 9 tips and techniques from an artist that can improve your confidence.

3. Furious Rhino

A furious yet so calm rhinoceros with all the slightest details! This is one of the amazing art pieces that we came across while curating this list.

4. Realistic Pen Drawing

Our eyes couldn’t believe that this was a real drawing lest a pen drawing. This is an amazing pen drawing idea that looks hyper-realistic by all means!

5. Innocent Beauty

The way this art piece reflects the innocence of a child is mesmerizing. You can replicate this drawing as a practice to hone your skills.

6. Mysteries of the Unknown

In the vast expanse of space and the depths of water, the unknown beckons with mysteries waiting to be unveiled. If you have an obsession with the unknown, you can try this drawing.

7. Wolves And Dragons

In the depths of the forest, lurks the creatures like werewolves and dragons. Creatures like these might be mythic, but this drawing is certainly real!

8. Dots of Art

Dots that look like sand floating away. This technique is nothing but exceptional due to the sheer amount of dedication and concentration.

9. A Raccoon Portrait

We wonder how much time this art piece would have taken to complete with all the details and perfection. Couldn’t help but notice the hyper-realistic eyes!

10. hoo-h’HOO-hoo-hoo Art

Be it an owl or any other bird/animal, pen drawing ideas are endless. If you’re already a master of the heart, you can create realistic drawings just by replicating portraits.

11. Katty Cat

Pen or ink drawing requires lots of focus and practice before the drawing turns out to be realistic. Practice to upgrade your skills!

12. Destroyer of the Ship!

A sea monster destroying a ship is another creative idea to make a drawing about! You can experiment with ideas like such and put your thoughts on paper.

13. Fishes in a Bulb

Creative ideas like these pop into your mind on a serene evening with a book and tea in your hand. If you too have any such idea, it’s not too late to draw it on paper.

14. Hermes!


If you’re a fan of the brands and their success stories; you can express your craze by replicating their shopping bags in a drawing!

15. Hyper-Realistic Dog Portrait

With meticulous strokes of a pen, a hyper-realistic dog emerges from the canvas, capturing every detail of canine grace and personality.

16. Ballpoint Pen Drawings

Pen Drawing Ideas5

Grab a ballpoint pen and represent your creativity on a canvas in all the shades just as you would with any other art form.

17. Skill Development

Skill Development
Image Credit

Develop your painting skills with pens by referring and adhering to these 10 tips and tricks shared by an artist.

18. A United Family

As the pen glides across the paper, a heartwarming scene materializes, depicting a united family sharing laughter and joy while gathered around the glowing television screen.

19. Crying Innocense

A little girl’s tears are expressed in hauntingly beautiful lines and shadows just by using a pen! This might be basic in comparison with others, but is as beautiful as any other pen drawing ideas so far.

20. Straight Form the FairyTales

Just by the looks of it, you get a sense of calm and comfort. Wonder how great it would be to put it on paper while listening to your favorite songs.

21. Quick Art

For those boring days when you wish to use your art as a getaway, this is the perfect quick drawing idea.

22. Alex Danvers and Maggie Sawyer

Take inspiration from this Alex Danvers and Maggie Sawyer sketch and create a sketch of your favorite reel or real-life character! PS: It would be a great present for your partner!

23. Lexa And Clarke

In this captivating sketch, the bond between Lexa and Clarke is vividly portrayed, their connection radiating from the page in a testament to their enduring friendship.

24. Drawing Techniques

Drawing Techniques

There are different techniques and aspects of pen drawing that can help you achieve the desired texture or look. Here’s a quick guide.

25. Guide to Master Pen Drawing

Guide to Master Pen Drawing

What secrets do the various techniques of pen drawing hold? Here’s another detailed guide that you can refer to if you want to fill life and depth into their creations.

26. Dinosaur with Balloons

Pen Drawing Ideas8

Why did the dinosaur bring a bunch of balloons to the party? Because he wanted to make the T-Rex feel a little less inflated!


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