26 How To Make A Headband Holder DIY

If you are a fan of hair accessories, then chances are you love and own a lot of headbands! Organize them with these how to make a headband holder DIYs to reduce the clutter!

1. Headband Organizer

Get creative and make excellent headband holders and organizers with your cereal containers. You can also use pasta containers or any other cylindrical containers for this DIY.

2. DIY Headband Holder

How To Make A Headband Holder1

Another DIY that helps you keep all the hair accessories under direct vision and organized. Learn how to create this beautiful headband holder here.

3. Hairband Organizer

This video tutorial will help you make a customized headband organizer. The tutorial has every detail in it, beginning from the material required to the look of the finished product.

4. DIY Headband Holder

An ideal gifting option, headband holders can be perfect for people who like to stay organized. Get your notepads ready and get a detailed list of required material for the DIY here.

5. Hairband Holder

How To Make A Headband Holder3

Looking for a DIY that can help you organize your/your daughter’s big collection of hair bands and accessories? Well, we have just the thing for you. Know how to make this genius headband holder here.

6. Repurposed Headband Holder

Repurposed Organizer

Recycled, made with repurposed materials and absolutely stunning, know how to make this elegant table organizer here. Besides being functional, it can easily add an opulent charm to your dressing table.

7. Hairband Holder

Floral hair band organizer

Learn how to make this headband holder here with a floral touch at the top. This addition to your dressing table will undoubtedly add functional value to your room decor along with its beauty.

8. Polka Dot Headband Holder

How To Make A Headband Holder4

In contrast to the earlier DIY’s, this article helps you create a headband holder that is simpler in design and makes a mark with its polka dot print. Along with the choice of print, get your guide of materials and steps to make this organizer here.

9. Pretty Hairband Holder

Beautiful Organizer

Craft a pretty headband holder at home with an empty oatmeal container and candle stands you no longer use. Get your directions and know-how of the process here.

10. DIY Holder

Watch this step-by-step video tutorial for creating a strong and sturdy headband holder at home. This tutorial is helpful especially for people who love craft activities and have a huge collection of hair accessories.

11. Adorable Headband Holder

How To Make A Headband Holder5

Indulge in this oatmeal canister makeover project and get a simple yet beautiful headband holder for your room. Know how to make this inexpensive holder here.

12. Fabric Hairband Holder

Fabric Hair bow Organizer

Go for a natural look for your headband holder and start collecting the materials for this DIY today. After you have all the required supplies, make this pretty jute base headband holder for all your hair accessories.

13. Basic Headband Organizer

Basic Organizer

Similar to the repurposed oatmeal canister organizer, this DIY uses a cylindrical tube to make a horizontal headband holder. Know how to make this organizer here.

14. Ultimate Holder

With a little help of tools, you can also create a headband holder inside your closet door. This DIY is helpful especially for people who don’t like things on top of their dressers or don’t have dresser space available.

15. Toilet Roll Headband Organizer

Know how to create a headband organizer with toilet rolls in the video above. In this case, the video takes you through a tutorial that brings together various rolls for an amazing organizer.

16. PVC Pipe Hairband Holder

Coming to a design that is made of another non-traditional base, the video takes you through a tutorial that uses a PVC pipe to make a headband holder. Not only does this provide a broader base for the headbands, but it is also stronger than others.

17. Horseshoes Bow Holder

If you are immensely fond of bows, this horseshoe bow holder is the perfect accessory organizer for you. Know how to make this vintage look bow holder in the video.

18. DIY Branch Holder

DIY Branch Holder

An ideal headband holder if you have a compact space, especially in cases where a dressing table is not a part of the room decor. This modern yet functional design helps keep your headbands in one place in style.

19. No-sew Holder

How To Make A Headband Holder6

A creative take on the wall-mounted headband holder, this no-sew design is the perfect addition for your kid’s room. It keeps your kid’s hair accessories organized and adds a pretty touch to the room decor.

21. DIY Canvas Bow Holder

DIY Canvas Bow Holder

Know how to make this, no-fuss canvas board organizer here. The organizer is simple yet functional. Furthermore, it can be a fun activity to create this with your kids.

22. DIY Hair tie Stand

Hair Tie Organizer

Know how to add more organizational structure to your collection of accessories with this headband holder tutorial. Besides being long-lasting with a wooden structure, the headband holder is also designed to organize and display all your accessories.

23. Headband Stand

Headband Stand

At the same time as being functional, this headband holder can be an excellent addition to your room decor. You can easily pick the base fabric, as per your preferences and add this inexpensive storage box to your dresser. Learn how to make this headband stand here.

24. DIY Headband Stand

How To Make A Headband Holder7

Read this detailed DIY to create a headband holder with kitchen paper roll. Despite contrary belief, the holders made from kitchen paper rolls are sturdy and long-lasting.

25. DIY Headband Organizer

How To Make A Headband Holder8

Learn how to make this wall mounted headband holder with hooks here. This is a great idea for people with a large collection of hair bows and headbands.

Get hooked to amazing ideas like these with us and share your experience of making any of these headband holders in the comments section.


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