26 DIY Plate Rack Ideas | DIY Plate Organizers for Kitchen

These DIY Plate rack ideas will effectively solve the issue of plates lying around on kitchen cabinets and would even lower the chances of them breaking!

1. Simple Wooden Plate Rack

DIY Plate Rack Ideas1

Make some extra space to store plates, cutting boards, recipe books, etc., or make it more accessible using this DIY plate rack. Made with wood, this textured wooden rack naturally fits in the kitchen, without taking much attention and beautifully accentuates the natural light. Follow the tutorial for a detailed process to make one, and hang it in your kitchen.

2. Rustic Plate Rack

This plate rack blends well with a country house interior décor in an economical fashion. This mounted wall rack is made with narrow shelves to avoid taking a lot of space and can be used in the dining area as well. This tutorial shows detailed plans for making it and has a rustic touch using wood stain fixed with wax.

3. Modern Plate Storage Idea

A useful accessory for the dining area, this subtle wall plate rack, is a great addition that acts as a statement piece for an empty wall as well. Paint it in the colors of your furniture, display beautiful plate sets for enhancing the rack and have a coherent beautifully set dining area. Instead of using rods to create a barrier, it just has slightly risen edges to hold the plates in place.

4. Multi Purpose Plate Organizer

This tutorial shows how you can make a simple wooden plate rack, along with another section in the bottom for holding cups, towels, etc. helping in keeping the kitchen neat and clean. This rack can be used to place other stuff and you can even make the cup holder stands even smaller to hold spatulas.

5. Cabinet Plate Organizer

DIY Plate Rack Ideas2

A better way to store the plates that are easily accessible, follow this quick DIY to create a plate rack inside the kitchen cabinet. An elegant solution for storing the plates, this makes it easier to see what plates you have and can be easily picked up instead of reaching out to the top of the stack when placed vertically.

6. Plates In A Handy Wall Mounted Rack

 Plates In A Handy Wall Mounted Rack

Working as both a decoration piece for the dining wall and an efficient solution for storing plates, this DIY shows how you can make a large size plate rack for showcasing your gorgeous cookware. Add plates, egg holders, trays, serving dishes, etc, to make it easier to access them when required while creating an aesthetically pleasing wall decoration.

7. English Countryside Décor

English Countryside Décor

English cottage home décor is a classy yet casual way of decorating the house with antique and contemporary designs filled with stripes and tasteful furniture choices. If you want to incorporate English decor in your kitchen, then follow the DIY to make a perfect countryside-themed plate rack.

8. Quick DIY Plate Organizer

DIY Plate Rack Ideas3

An economical and quick DIY project, this tutorial shows how you can make a simple plate rack for holding the plates and cups in the kitchen. A stylish storage solution, this plate rack is a fun way to add some uniqueness to your kitchen.

9. Fixed Plate Rack

Fixed Plate Rack

This tutorial has a different way of making a plate rack by first fixing shelves into the wall and attaching a frame around it to hold the plates. This makes it a unique solution as one can later remove the frame and use the shelves as it is for different purposes. Follow the tutorial for a detailed process.

10. Wall Mounted Storage Space

Wall Mounted Storage Space

If you do not want to restrict the storage rack to plates, then follow this idea that has a refined way to create a wall rack with shelves at the top. Besides, it has a plate rack in the bottom and some dowels below for holding the cups. It is useful for storing all kinds of cookware including bowls, which makes it a multipurpose storage wall rack.

11. Movable Plate Rack

DIY Plate Rack Ideas4

Instead of making a wall-mounted plate rack, try this movable plate rack which you can place in a cabinet, use on the dining table, or when cleaning dishes. You can use this plate rack in multiple ways and is perfect if you do not want to have something permanently fixed in the house.

12. Full Length Plate Organizer

Full Length Plate Organizer

If you have a large collection of plates, or a big family, then you can take inspiration from this project wherein you can create a wall rack through the length of it. Even though this wall rack is large in size, it does not overpower the look of the room and is a great storage solution.

13. DIY Rustic Plate Rack

 DIY Rustic Plate Rack

Transform the wall of the kitchen with this elegant, classy, and antique DIY plate rack that can store plates, pans, and all kinds of cookware. The distressed look gives it a nice vintage and cozy look. You can even learn different ways in which you can decorate the rack. Have a look at the idea here.

14. Floor to Ceiling Plate Organizer

DIY Plate Rack Ideas5

Show off your collection using this floor-to-ceiling plate rack. It makes the kitchen look more open, new, and bright by letting the natural light flow. Follow the tutorial for multiple ways to DIY such a plate rack.

15. Kitchen Top Plate Rack

Kitchen Top Plate Rack

Follow this idea to learn the steps to make a rustic wooden plate rack for the kitchen top. The wood adds positivity and comfort in the kitchen and is a good storage solution for the plates. It is made with a few wooden blocks and a set of dowels.

16. Single Frame Plate Storage Space

Single Frame Plate Storage Space

This single-frame plate rack is useful for people who don’t want to consume much of their wall space. This DIY is helpful to fill up the unused wall spaces that you might have between other divisions of the kitchen. Understand the tutorial via this site.

17. Economical Plate Rack

DIY Plate Rack Ideas6

DIY this economical plate rack as a quick and easy solution for storing plates. Instead of having separate sections, this shows how you can have a wooden block with small dowels to hold the plates in place. It is important to keep it higher so that you do not accidentally drop the plates.

18. Chicken Feeder Plate Rack

Chicken Feeder Plate Rack

A chicken feeder turned into a plate rack could be a unique antique addition to your kitchen. Repurpose the underlying chicken feed into a purposeful rack to store your plates and emit a countryside touch.

19. Industrial Pipe Plate Organizer

Industrial Pipe Plate Organizer

You can easily convert a wooden shelf into an organizing rack for the plates by using the industrial pipes as the holder. This bold design creates an aesthetically warm and distraction-free environment. Such designs are conducive with the old antique textures and are easy to make too.

20. Modern DIY Plate Rack

DIY Plate Rack Ideas7

This quick and modern DIY plate organizer is easy to make and is a smart way to use the kitchen space. You don’t require expert carpentry skills to complete this DIY idea and it can be made for just 40$.

21. Ledge Shelf for Plates

Ledge Shelf for Plates

If you are looking for a simple way to decorate the plates and add an aesthetic look to your wall, then this tutorial is for you. Make a beautiful ledge shelf out of wood, and hang it high over the dining table wall.

22. Built in Plate Rack

Built in Plate Rack

Fix up a lean plate rack on the wall to decorate and store the plates. Use a nice wallpaper for the back of the rack to add in a more pleasing look to it. Follow the tutorial for a detailed process.

23. Restored Old Racks

DIY Plate Rack Ideas8

Transform the vibe of your modern kitchen to an antique one by following this plate organizer idea from this site. This tutorial shows how you can restore an old rack, but it can be used as an inspiration for upgrading a new rack too.

24. Wooden Plate Rack

 Wooden Plate Rack

Build a wooden rack for holding the plates and blend it with the other modern kitchen houseware. Wooden furniture is a beautiful combination that helps in creating a warmer and inviting vibe to the room. Follow this tutorial for the guide.

25. Full Length Plate Rack

Full Length Plate Rack

This full-length plate rack will giveaway a classy addition to the kitchen. Otherwise, you can use it to store books or other items of your interest anywhere around the home.

26. Distressed Bracket Shelf

DIY Plate Rack Ideas9

Make a nice shelf for holding the plates and mugs with a bracket structure. Add little hooks in the bottom to hold mugs, pans, spatulas, etc, making it a more efficient storage solution. Click here.

We hope you have made your decision to try one of these DIY Plate Rack Ideas. Let us know how it works for you and what all problems you’re able to solve!


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