26 Craft Room Yarn Storage Ideas You Should Try

Organize your yarn for easy use with these 28 craft room yarn storage ideas. These ideas will help you to store and declutter your yarn mishaps!

1. Use an Expanding Wooden Rack

Get inspired by this clever idea for easily storing and using your yarns! Not only does it keep your yarns in one place, but it also helps you create a colorful accent wall in your home.

2. Shoe Organizer Yarn Hack

Craft Room Yarn Storage Ideas1

There is nothing better than a readily available, inexpensive idea that can help you organize your things! Know how to use a shoe organizer as a yarn rack here. In addition to being accessible, this DIY storage idea can help you store multiple yarns based on colors.

3. Crochet Cart on Wheels

Crochet Cart on Wheels

Organize and categorize your knitting tools and yarns on a crochet cart with the help of this article here. This on-wheels storage idea is perfect for people who like easy access to everything, especially using them in different corners of the home.

4. Yarn Storage: Complete Guide

Craft Room Yarn Storage Ideas2

From categorizing to labeled storing, this organization guide teaches you how to separate and keep your knitting tools and resources organized.

5. Wine Rack Yarn Organizer

Wine Rack Yarn Organizer

Did you know wine racks are excellent for organizing? Not only does this idea help you explore the concept, but it also gives you an insight into how to do it efficiently.

6. Magazine Holder Yarn Organizer

Magazine Holder Yarn Organizer

Magazine holders are deep and spacious. Therefore, they can be an ideal solution to store and organize your yarn collection. Know how to use magazine holders for this quick and easy organization hack.

7. Tiered Basket Storage

Craft Room Yarn Storage Ideas3

Get inspired by this tiered yarn storage idea and create your own basket tiered organization rack! You can add on or reduce the number of baskets in this idea based on your requirement.

8. The Know-how of Yarn Storage

The Know-how of Yarn Storage

It is fantastic that you want to organize your yarns, but the knowledge of the do’s and don’ts of the storage of the yarns is vital. Get your yarn organization bible here.

9. See-through Storage Yarn Basket

This video tutorial teaches you how to use see-through containers and baskets to store your yarn. Moreover, it gives you some insight into a yarn storage and organizing!

10. Yarn Storage Bookshelf

Craft Room Yarn Storage Ideas4

Bookshelves are a great way to organize and display your reading collection. But, did you know, they are also amazing for storing and organizing your yarn collection. Keep or organize your yarns in a bookshelf here.

11. DIY Yarn Storage Shelves

DIY Yarn Storage Shelves

In contrast to the other craft room yarn storage ideas on this list, this DIY teaches you how to bring together a modern display storage wall for your yarn collection.

12. Elaborate Yarn Station

Elaborate Yarn Station

Get inspired to add more of what you love with this elaborate in-house yarn station and organizing wall! Next, create your yarn haven and continue your hobby or work with pride.

13. Yarn Room Makeover and Organization

Craft Room Yarn Storage Ideas5

Learn how to set, organize, and maintain your yarn room through this guide. In addition to the chosen method of storage, the article helps you identify different and budget-friendly methods to organize yarn.

14. Wine Rack Storage

Wine Rack Storage

Another wine organizer idea that uses a different rack design and teaches you how to segregate and keep your yarn balls neatly. Get inspired by this idea and keep your knitting tools and yarn balls in one place.

15. Inexpensive Yarn Wall

Craft Room Yarn Storage Ideas6

Learn how to create a colorful and budget-friendly yarn wall with hooks here. This DIY is simple to do and thus can be incorporated by everyone.

16. Repurposed Crib Yarn Organizer

Repurposed Crib Yarn Organizer

Excellent to use as a prop to display your creations or store your yarn balls and other materials; learn how to convert an old crib into a yarn organizer here.

17. Craft Area Makeover

Craft Area Makeover

In addition to your yarn storage, this DIY shows you how to organize and spruce up your entire craft station or area. So, get inspired and create your craft haven now!

18. Bookcase Yarn Organizer

Craft Room Yarn Storage Ideas7

Another bookcase shelf idea that helps you to sort and organize your yarn balls beautifully. Learn and get inspired to stack up against your yarn balls neatly with this creative idea.

19. Repurposed Locker Organizer

Repurposed Locker Organizer

Another repurposed storage piece idea that helps you organize and sort your crochet accessories and materials. Place your yarns in hues and create this special storage here.

20. Upgraded Yarn Storage Wall

Upgraded Yarn Storage Wall

Create a unique art piece wall to display and organize your wool yarns! Know how to create, manage, and use this organization wall here.

21. DIY PVC Pipes Organizer

Craft Room Yarn Storage Ideas8

Create your yarn organizer with PVC pipes. Not only is this an inexpensive idea to store your yarn balls, but it is incredibly creative and simple to build as well.

22. Wool Roving Organizer

Wool Roving Organizer

Learn how to store or organize your wool rovings with this DIY organizer. Get inspired and add this easy organization tool to your home or workplace today!

23. Denim Storage Bins

Denim Storage Bins

Get step-by-step instructions on how to create these elegant denim organizers for your yarn balls here. In addition to being stylish and elegant, these storage bags are easy to carry from one place to another.

24. Wood Dowel Organizer

Another unique way to store your yarns! Get inspired and create your own yarn organizer today!

25. Yarn Storage Guide

Craft Room Yarn Storage Ideas8

From organization ideas to important do’s and don’ts of craft room yarn storage ideas, everything about yarns is available here.

26. Metal Wire Bin Yarn Racks

Metal Wire Bin Yarn Racks

Take inspiration from these metal wire bins to create your own methodical structure to store yarn. You can also arrange your yarn balls in hues as a theme for each rack.

So, now that you have your list of craft room yarn storage ideas and hacks to store your yarn balls and tools– Get organizing!


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