25 Ways to Use Hydrogen Peroxide | Household Hydrogen Peroxide Uses

1. Cleaning

Hydrogen peroxide is found to be a fantastic cleaning agent and using it for cleaning purposes is a cheap and non-toxic way. A one agent compound to solve your needs.

(A). Walls


The build-up of grease on kitchen walls and the build-up of mildew on bathroom walls can be effortlessly removed with a solution of 50 percent water and 50 percent hydrogen peroxide.

(B). Toilets

toilet cleaner

Apply 3% hydrogen peroxide around the toilet rim and onto your toilet brush, then clean the toilet normally. You can also use it on a sponge to clean the rest of the toilet surface. See more it in detail here!

(C). Floors

floor cleaner

Use 50 percent hot water and 50 percent hydrogen peroxide to bring your floors to a shine and dirt free look, which is free of germs. The stronger proof is best.

(D). Sinks and Basins

sinks and basins

A regular wipe over with hydrogen peroxide without dilution will help in removing stains, oils, and dirt as they cling on to the sides and underneath.

With the above cleaning tips. Hydrogen peroxide comes in a thirty-five percent proof bottle. A stronger formula to combat the all too common micro bugs. This effective removal of these micro bugs is more hygienic, pure, and simple.

2. Baths and showers

Baths and showers1

You can avoid the unnecessary build of grime on bathroom plumbing by daily use of hydrogen peroxide. Keep your shower tray, screen gleaming and your taps shining. Spray and wipe. Use it in its pure form.

You can also use it by applying it with a dry or wet cloth on:

  • Mirrors
  • Blinds
  • Leather and Plastic Furniture
  • Other Furniture such as units

You can use Hydrogen Peroxide anywhere that may have a build up of bacteria and dirt and it’s smear free. It is safe as well as it has no chemical components in it scientific solution! A one for all cleaning product on its own.

3. Food preparation

Food preparation

When handling all types of food, cleanliness is one of the most important factors to consider. FoodsCausing you to have nasty illnesses and stomach bugs. Hydrogen peroxide will remove the harmful bacteria build up, Dissolving and lifting them off the worktop surfaces and around your kitchen appliances much in the same way as cleaning the house. Used regularly, it can give you peace of mind, knowing that you are eating and living bug-free.

4. Food Utensils

Soaking utensils in a solution of hydrogen peroxide, especially ones that have any kind of brush or wiring can remove bacteria as well. Washing up alone or putting them in the dishwasher may not be enough. So for that extra protection, leave them to soak for a good few hours, safeguarding against possible germ threats.

5. Appliances


A small amount in your dishwasher will dissolve the bacteria in the hard to reach places and regular use again will ensure that all appliances such as cookers, refrigerators, microwaves, and mixers are extra clean. It is safe around food products so there are no issues using it.

6. Other Uses

Other uses1

Apart from using hydrogen peroxide for cleaning, you can even use it for treatment against infection on the body Or personal use. Not for major cuts or burns but for grazes and mite bites. The agent removes the dead skin around the infected area, keeping it clean, sanitizes the wound. It gives a slight tingling bubbling effect. It pacifies the wound like an antiseptic and prevents prolonged agony.

Many people are a bit skeptic when it comes to using it for personal use and or hygiene. I would definitely consult a professional like a doctor. Many scientists recommend hydrogen peroxide to work in these quarters and it proves itself to be the right choice. But still, if unsure, research more. Medscape is a good starting point as it can give you a proper diagnosis and safe quantity amounts.

Needless to say; Hydrogen peroxide has a multitude of uses. A multi taskmaster in its field.

  • Teeth whitening – consult your dentist
  • Nail whitening – apply gently
  • Hair bleaching – use lightly
  • Mouthwash – do not swallow
  • Antiseptic – for small abrasions and cuts
  • Detergent – use as per direction

7. Water Purifying

Water Purifying

How do you get your water? Is it from the mains or do you have your own supply? Adding hydrogen peroxide to it will help purify the water by weakening any sewer content. You can read about How to Purify Water with Hydrogen Peroxide here.

The facts about Hydrogen Peroxide:

  • The actual compound or species as it is known is made up of peroxide oxygen, giving it it’s scientific name H2o2. Most widely known in chemical plants as a stabilizer in pesticides and other harsh killing agents. It’s also present in the human body.
  • Many of the products that you use for your everyday cleaning chores will contain a certain amount of hydrogen peroxide as it is a biological cleaning agent that breaks down soluble components.
  • Peroxide is also known as a bleaching agent. That means you can use it to lighten your hair, paper, and other materials.
  • For manufacturing purposes, it’s available in higher volumes and safety procedures are in order.
  • The sale of it for consumer use is less volatile. From three percent up to a maximum of thirty-five percent strength.
  • As hydrogen peroxide is all natural, it’s always a topic of discussions and research. To understand the full capacity of hydrogen peroxide, I would fully recommend visiting H2o2. A website dedicated to the understanding and manufacture of the peroxide species itself.

Where can I buy it

You can find hydrogen peroxide at most retail shops that sell cleaning, health and beauty products. You can get thirty-five percent food grade at pure grade discounts, Amazon, and other large shops. The average price being from ten to around fifty dollars. Compare prices and deals. If you require larger quantities then it is a good idea to look at the chemical plant websites or wholesale ordering. You may get a discount. Yes, it’s more expensive than your normal bottle of cleaning agent, but think of all the uses and benefits.


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