25 Air Dry Clay Ornament Ideas For This Festive Season

Easy and versatile, homemade ornaments can be pretty yet personal! Make notes of the best air dry clay ornament ideas from this article.

1. DIY Stamped Clay Ornaments

Embed festive messages or scripts on your Christmas tree ornaments with the help of this video tutorial. In addition to the instructions, get a glimpse of the requirements and tools needed for this DIY.

2. Personalized Clay Tree Decorations

Create exciting, bedazzled, textured, and painted tree ornaments with air-dry clay with the video tutorial. You can also create customized ornaments with names for your family and loved ones.

3. Different Ornament Designs Tutorial

Air Dry Clay Ornament Ideas1

From basic to decorative, learn how to make five different designs of ornaments with this DIY tutorial. In addition to the instructions, the DIY also helps you with tips and suggestions for the festive craft.

4. Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Not only are homemade ornaments pretty, but they are also a great gifting option. Learn how to make these beautiful Christmas ornaments here.

5. Mould Tray Clay Ornaments

Learn how to make air dry clay tree ornaments with moulds in this video tutorial. You can create any shape if you have the right mould for it!

6. Cookie Cutter Clay Ornaments

Air Dry Clay Ornament Ideas2

Make notes of the cookie-cutter sets required to make these cute homemade clay ornaments. You can leave them bare or color them as per your choice, visit here.

7. Holiday Ornaments DIY

Holiday Ornaments DIY

Take a look at this picture tutorial that helps you create colorful and beautiful holiday ornaments.

8. Embellished Clay Ornaments

Create and adorn these flat holiday ornaments made from air dry clay in this video. From rolling-out on the parchment paper to cutting the perfect patterns, learn every step of the craft with expert guidance.

9. Air Dry Clay Christmas Ornaments

You can always leave your Christmas clay ornaments gray; however, if you want to adorn your tree with glitter, pearls and more, follow this DIY video. In addition to glitter, the video demonstrates different mediums to decorate the ornaments.

10. Clay Ornaments for Christmas and Beyond

Air Dry Clay Ornament Ideas3

A beautiful keepsake, know how to make this baby handprint clay ornament here. In contrast to the other craft ideas, this DIY uses homemade baking soda clay.

11. Air Dry Clay Ornaments and Tags

Air Dry Clay Ornaments and Tags

Learn to make Christmas ornaments and homemade gift tags in this easy yet impressive tutorial. In addition to traditional adorning accessories, the DIY displays the use of lace for the ornaments and tags.

12. Leaves Stamped Clay Ornaments

Leaves Stamped Clay Ornaments

The DIY showcases leaf stamped ornaments. However, you can create any surface print with the same method. Also, know the surface precautions and process of making this flat but pretty ornaments.

13. Unique & Colorful Air Dry Clay Ornaments

Air Dry Clay Ornament Ideas4

Learn two unique recipes to create these vibrant clay ornaments that can be used for the holiday season or as gift tags. In addition to the design process, this DIY idea also helps you with homemade clay recipe.

14. Kids Craft Ornaments

Kids Craft Ornaments

This particular DIY showcases three easy yet beautiful clay ornament ideas that can be made with your kids! Know more about these exciting and easy ornament designs here.

15. Christmas Theme Clay Ornaments

Christmas Theme Clay Ornaments

These flat but unique tree ornaments are an intricate detail for your Christmas tree. Know the entire creative process and material requirements for this festive craft here.

16. Glitter Snowflake Clay Ornaments

Air Dry Clay Ornament Ideas5

Execute this fun glitter snowflake ornaments project with kids in this tutorial. You can also use different shapes for this idea like stars, hearts, and more.

17. Easy Air Dry Clay Decorations

Easy Air Dry Clay Decorations

Add on to your festive cheer with these elegant, make, and store clay ornaments. Furthermore, these pretty and simple decor accessories can be used as gift tags and customized gifts as well.

18. Air Dry Clay Project

Air Dry Clay Project

Invest time in making these cute air dry clay medallions that can be used for various purposes, for example, table decor, festive ornaments, customized accessories for baby cot toy, and more. Get your instructions and guidelines here.

19. Air Dry Clay Fall Decoration

Air Dry Clay Ornament Ideas6

Spruce up your fall decor or table setting with these dry clay tags and ornaments. The fall-themed accessories are easy to make and an elegant way to take your decorations a notch-up! Learn more about this DIY here.

20. Easter Egg Air Dry Clay Decorations

Easter Egg Air Dry Clay Decorations

Another seasonal idea for air dry clay decorations, these cute Easter egg clay ornaments are a simple yet beautiful addition for seasonal trees. Know how to make these egg ornaments here.

21. Hand Print Clay Ornaments

Hand Print Clay Ornaments

Another keepsake craft project, learn how to make these handprint clay ornaments in this tutorial.

22. Air Dry Clay Valentine Ornaments

Air Dry Clay Valentine Ornaments

Unlike the other air dry clay ornament ideas, this DIY project explores the use of combined colored clay for the decorations. Make your Valentine day more special with these unique ornaments.

23. Scented Air Dry Clay Ornaments

Air Dry Clay Ornament Ideas7

Know how to make these scented clay ornaments in this DIY tutorial. Add some festive colors and scents to your festive decor this season!

24. DIY Air Dry Clay Hanging

A decor hanging that can be used during the festive season and beyond, know how to create this beautiful clay feature with air dry clay in this tutorial.

25. Cookie Cutter Frame Ornaments

Finally, lets explore a unique ornament idea that uses both the frame and the cutting of the cookie cutter! Watch this video tutorial and learn to make these clay ornaments.

So, now that you have your list of supplies and ideas, what are you going to create for your home? Festive ornaments or timeless and unique decoration pieces.


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