25 Custom Doll DIY Ideas | Customized Dolls At Home

Surprise your kids with these custom doll DIY ideas that you can create in one evening along with the help of your little ones.

1. Custom RePainted Doll

Give an old doll the Elsa vibe and bring a huge smile to your little girl with minimum effort. Include your daughter in the DIY to make it even more exciting.

2. Fashionable Girl Doll

Girls love to customize their dolls with makeup and hair, give them a chance to bring their inner artist out! Creativity is best brought at an early age.

3. SIMS Doll DIY

Have you ever heard of the famous virtual reality game SIMS? Check out this video that gives directions to create a Made to Move SIMS Doll!

4. Billie Eilish Doll

For the girls that love the rock and thrill of Billie’s songs, this doll would be a worth-it collection. Similarly, you can experiment and give the doll a makeover as per your daughter’s favorite artist.

5. Fabric Custom Doll

If you don’t want to give a makeover to a doll, you can create these fabric dolls from scratch. Not to mention, use some dark fabrics so that you don’t have to wash the doll often.

6. Custom Doll DIY Ideas

You can create any avatar with a doll if you have the right selection and the preparation is right. Well, this video talks about all this in brief, have a look!

7. Budget Customization

Bring on the thrill of Halloween with this easy-to-do doll customization. Simply add some accessories and do the makeup right and you’re all set to go!

8. Andi Mack Custom Doll

Just like life becomes a roller coaster for Andi, make it exciting for your child too! If the television series is your child’s absolute favorite, this idea would be a super hit.

9. Harry Potter Doll

No matter which character your child likes from Harry Potter, you can always experiment while following the tutorial. You can make this a fun evening creative session with kids while watching Harry Potter.

10. Harley Quinn Custom Doll

Make Harley Quinn an exciting topic at home with this doll customization and while you’re at it, maybe teach your kids the importance of being strong and agile.

11. DIY Handmade Doll Witch

DIY Handmade Doll Witch

In case you don’t want to invest in plastic dolls and go through all the customization, you can create these little dolls instead. All you need is some basic supplies and you’re good to go!

12. Miraculous Ladybug Doll

Custom Doll DIY Ideas1

Remember the ladybug from “The Miraculous”. It’s time to bring her home with this creative yet so basic ladybug recreation! Check it out here.

13. DIY Doll Accessories

DIY Doll Accessories

While customizing your doll, why not create some doll accessories too, and make an entire doll house? Just imagine how exciting it would be for your kid and how cheap it would be for you!

14. Doll Makeover Transformation

Bored with the avatar your doll has? Give it a quick makeover in just one evening by referring to this video tutorial.

15. DIY Doll 4 Ways

Custom Doll DIY Ideas2

Go environmentally friendly by opting to make dolls with husk or fabric instead of choosing plastic ones. Or you can recycle the plastic doll you already have and give it a beautiful makeover.

16. Customized Felt Dolls

Customized Felt Dolls

Make a mobile for your baby’s crib with these felt dolls and some other customizations. This is a great idea for new moms or if you wish to give a baby-shower gift to someone.

17. Waldorf Gnomes

Waldorf Gnomes

Engage your child in some imaginative play with these Waldorf Gnomes that is easy to create and requires minimum supplies.

18. Wire Mini Doll

Custom Doll DIY Ideas3

Skip all the hassle of having to recreate a doll with makeup and paint by relying on this wire mini-doll. Have a look at the DIY here.

19. DIY Mermaid Doll

DIY Mermaid Doll

Get a wooden peg and transform it into a mermaid doll with mere 7 or less supplies. Take a wooden peg and cover it with a ballon with thread hairs and some makeup, that’s all!

20. Sock Dolls DIY

Custom Doll DIY Ideas4

For these pretty dolls, you’ll need a pair of ankle length socks and your creative mind. Maybe this is the right time to make use of all those socks lying around in the cabinet.

21. Wooden Peg Doll

Wooden Peg Doll

One more wooden peg doll because why not? It’s cheap, pretty, thrift, and easy to make. Include your kids in the DIY to have a fun evening.

22. Yarn Doll Hair

Custom Doll DIY Ideas5

With yarn, you’ll have plenty of options to play with and create a funky or subtle hairstyle for you fabric doll. Check out the tutorial here.

23. Handmade Dolls At Home

Custom Doll DIY Ideas7

How cute it is when brothers want to treat their little sisters as a princess. There’s no better way than make a handmade surprise! Help the boys follow this tutorial.

24. Fairy Wings Doll

Custom Doll DIY Ideas6

Add feathers to your peg doll and give it the look of your favorite disney character/angel! Check out the DIY tutorial at this site.

We hope you got inspiration from these custom doll DIY ideas and that you would certainly incorporate any of the ideas with your kids soon. Happy Crafting!


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