23 Wooden Spool Ideas | Small Wooden Spool Ideas

You would be surprised with the versatility of a wooden spool. Check out the most creative ways to use wooden spools with these wooden spool ideas!

1. Oversized Spool Wall Clock

Update your lounge with this rustic wall clock project. In addition to lending a vintage touch to your decor, this wooden spool clock will add a statement accent to any wall in your home.

2. Spool Coffee Table

Wooden Spool Ideas1

This wooden spool coffee table is an ideal update for your garden or back porch to give a modern addition to your decor. Furthermore, it helps you enjoy your cup of tea or coffee in style, learn how to make it here.

3. Cable Spool Headboard

Learn another unique way to upcycle a wooden spool with this DIY. In this case, the wooden spool has been modified to create a headboard that’s not only long-lasting but offers a rustic touch to your room.

4. DIY Wire Spool Coffee Table

Coffee Table

Get a step-by-step guide of creating a coffee table with wheels from a wooden spool. This article will help you with the detailed procedure as well as the list of the supplies.

5. DIY Spool Bookcase

This wooden spool bookshelf is simple, functional, cute, and an amazing creation for the bookworms. Get your directions for this compact bookcase here.

6. Salvaged Spool Ottoman

Salvaged Ottoman

This compact piece of an ottoman can be customized with your choice of prints, color, and base material. Know how to make this beautiful furniture piece here.

8. Spool Teeter Totter

A Teeter totter or see-saw is an interesting DIY that can be made with a small wooden spool. A fun project for you and your kids, take inspiration from the video.

9. Spinning Table

A perfect DIY project, especially for book lovers with a tabletop and a spinning feature for easy access to all the books. Watch the video to know more.

10. Wooden Spool Armchair

Wooden Spool Ideas2

Another wooden spool DIY that will change the way you read and keep your books. Besides being a compact bookshelf, it’s also a relaxing armchair; here.

11. Wooden Spool Center Table

Center Table

Get some ceiling tiles, wooden planks, and a wooden spool and read this article to learn how to make a timeless rustic table for your home easily.

12. Wooden Spool Bookcase

A minimalist DIY, the beauty of this wooden spool bookshelf lies in the raw look. Know how to build this bookshelf here.

13. Wooden Spool Upholstered Stool

Wooden Spool Ideas3

Learn how to make an upholstered stool from a cable spool here. The upcycled stool can be easily used in your home, patio, or terrace seating arrangements.

14. Electrical Spool Table

Electrical Spool Table

Learn how to make a cool side table with a cable spool here. You can also use this sturdy table as a stepping stool.

15. Farmhouse Style Table

Farmhouse Style Table

Know how to make a farmhouse look distressed table with a wooden spool top with this DIY. You can bring together a beautiful table, by adding the legs of any old table you like. It is a useful update, especially for tables with a damaged top.

16. BBQ Table

Wooden Spool Ideas4

Get a step-by-step guide to create an in-built barbeque pit table with an industrial wooden spool here. This design is perfect for people with a backyard, terrace, or a garden, especially if they like intimate barbeque parties.

17. Vintage Wooden Spool

Wooden Spool Ideas5

Make vintage look spool accents for your home decor, which can be the cute update for your decor. This update will undoubtedly add on to the look of your side tables and decor corners.

18. Wooden Spool Patio Table

Apart from being an excellent add on to your home decor, this patio table is a timeless addition. Learn how to make this sturdy design in the video above.

19. Epoxy Cable Spool Table

Create a polished look epoxy table with a wooden spool top with the help of the tutorial above. This shiny table would add on to the decor of either your patio or your home, wherever you keep it.

20. DIY Garden Bench

Upcycle an industrial wooden spool to make a country look garden bench that’s comfortable and stylish. This intelligent design has a small sidebar to place your summer drinks, whilst you enjoy the outdoors.

22. Baby Cot

Baby Cot

This repurposed cot for a newborn is an excellent example of creativity. Know how to make this unique rocking cot here. Along with being a functional rocking seat for the mother and the child, this unique design is inexpensive.


Take this inspiration and repurpose a pen or a birdcage with wooden spools. Along with being an inexpensive pen option, this idea helps you create a multi-tier compact design that can be easily placed anywhere.

Try these cheap and creative DIY wooden spool ideas today! If it happens that you’ve some innovative DIY wooden spool ideas, we’d love to hear about them in the comments section.


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