We’re certain that you might already know about many WD 40 uses around your household. But this WD 40 uses list has the ability to make your life even simpler!

WD 40 is the abbreviated word for “water displacement, the 40th formula”. The name also signifies the product was created after 40 attempts. It was initially made to work as a penetrating oil and water-displacing spray but later WD 40 was found to have many household uses. However, no one knows what ingredients are being used in making this spray as the company has kept it a ‘secret’.

It is a known fact that at first WD 40 was only sold to industrial companies but when it’s household uses came into consideration, it was made available to the customers. Nowadays, every 4 out of 5 houses in America has access to this spray solution. You might already be aware of many WD 40 uses but the list is wider than that. Read further through this article to know the surprising WD 40 uses in your daily life.

1. Keep Wasps Away

If you wish to stop wasps from building their nests under the eaves of your house then just mist some WD 40 solution under them.

2. Remove Strong Glue

Are your fingers messed up with some super-strong glue and you have no way to remove it? Spray some WD 40 directly onto the fingers and rub the hand together until the stickiness is gone. You can also use WD 40 to remove glue from other surfaces as well.

3. Clean and Lubricate Guitar Strings

Apply a small amount of this solution on a cloth and wipe the guitar strings with it to prevent corrosion of the strings. By doing this you can clean and lubricate the strings as well.

4. Remove Stuck Prostheses

Prostheses are really hard to remove at times especially without someone to help. The struggle is real and those who wear it know it well. In case of stuck prostheses, you need to spray some WD 40 at the junction where it is attached. Probably the most helping WD 40 life hacks in this list.

5. Degrease Your Hands

You can easily remove grease and grime from your hands by using WD 40. Spray a considerable amount of the solution on your hands and rub them together then wash with soap and water.

6. Decals Removal

Avoid using chisel and razors to remove old stickers off from any surface. Spray the surface with WD 40, wait for 30 seconds and wipe it away.

7. Clean Carpet Stains

Remove carpet stains by spraying WD 40 onto the spot and gently clean it with warm soapy water and sponge after waiting for 1-2 minutes.

8. Leather Furniture

Soften and preserve leather furniture by spraying the solution and cleaning with a soft cloth afterward.

9. Blood and Other Stains

Soften the hard stains by spraying with WD 40, the solution will help lift the stain so that it will come out during the wash. For ladies, this WD 40 hack can be a boon!

10. Remove Crayon and Marker Marks

Simply spray some solution on the wall and wipe it with a rag. It’s just that simple!

11. Golf Clubs

After each use, spray your golf clubs with WD 40 solution in order to protect them.

12. Oil Spots From Driveaway

To get rid of oil spots, just spray it with a small amount of WD 40 and wash it with water.

13. Clean A Tile

The solution can help you get rid of mascara, nail polish, grease, grime, and paint marks from the floor. Spray and then clean up with soapy water, that’s it!

14. Remove Goo

Remove goo from any surface using a little amount of this magical spray.

15. Rust

Spray and rub away rust from hacksaw and blades.

16. Stuck Legos

Are your kids having bad play time due to stuck legos? Nevermind, just spray them with WD 40 and the problem is resolved!

17. Scrub Stains

Rub away scrub stains from stainless steel by using WD 40 on the surface. Let it rest for few minutes and then wash it away.

18. Kill Thistle Plants

Thorny plants like Russian thistle can ruin your yard or garden. To get rid of these plants, spray them with WD 40. The ingredients of WD 40 can kill these plants in a short span of time.

19. Winterproof Boots

Coat your boots with WD 40 to ensure that winter doesn’t harm them. A generous coating of WD 40 on your boots can make them waterproof and also is helpful to remove ugly stains from them.

20. Toilet Bowls

You can easily clean your toilet bowl by spraying WD 40 in the toilet bowl and further cleaning it with a nylon toilet brush.

21. Squirrels Away From Bird Feeders

In order to ensure that squirrels remain away from your bird feeders, just coat the top of the feeder with a good amount of WD 40. The presence of this solution will make squirrels slip off before they start eating.

22. Remove Chewing Gum

Next time you get chewing gum stuck on your shoes, spray some WD 40 and rub the shoes on the floor. The gum will stick off your shoes.

23. Keep Car Locks From Freezing

If you live in an area which is prone to ice storms then you can realize how unfavorable car locks can be. Unfreeze your car locks easily with this WD 40 life hack. Spray a generous amount into your car locks and you are good to go!



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