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Here are some Spongebob Painting Ideas that you or your kids can try to bring out the artist in yourself. Keep scrolling to see all the spongebob painting ideas.

1. Parts of the Set

This video shows a step-by-step tutorial of painting the Spongebob pineapple house using acrylic paints. It is easy to follow and has all the elements characteristic of this house.

2. Happy Spongebob

This beloved character is known for its optimistic approach towards life and this painting shows the lively nature of Spongebob. Try painting this and remind yourself to be positive and spread smiles.

3. Cute characters

This video shows an easy-to-follow tutorial for painting the main characters of the show for beginners. You can supervise your kids while they paint these characters to bring out the artist in them.

4. Spongebob Tutorial

Before you pick up any painting idea from this post, this tutorial can help you in making the perfect Spongebob painting. This simple tutorial is suitable for beginners and will help in making the elements and placement of features right.

5. Spongebob Painting

You can draw Spongebob on a plain background for keeping it simple and yet cute. Otherwise, you can even include specific elements from the cartoon series to personalize the painting.

6. Display Picture

This painting idea is great for hanging on the doors and windows showing a sleepy and frustrated Spongebob looking with anger outside the peephole.

7. Freeze Frame

You can freeze a frame that you particularly enjoyed in the cartoon series through an oil painting. The above painting is one such example.

8. Funny Expressions

Just one of the many goofy expressions typical of the SpongeBob character. If you find it relatable, paint one for yourself or your friends.

9. Spongebob and Patrick Chewing Bubble Gum

Nothing is straightforward for these two friends and this image shows them chewing gum casually with a comical touch. If not this, you can pick out any scene from the cartoon series that you particularly liked and paint it on the canvas.

10. Funny Spongebob

With pants pulled up high and struggling to fit in those, this painting idea is a creative way to show the funny portrayal of Spongebob in the show.

11. Culinary Spongebob

You know how Spongebob likes his burgers and there couldn’t be a better portrayal of this foody character than painting him with a burger in the hand. You can either paint Spongebob while he’s cooking, eating, or holding his special burger!

12. Classic Scenes

If you have always admired the friendship between Spongebob and Patrick Star which has been unbreakable even though there were rough patches, then you should paint something that depicts that. This painting is just one example portraying the ever-lasting bond between them.

13. Angry Spongebob

This painting shows one of the rare scenes but surely a funny depiction of an angry Spongebob. You can customize the painting as per your favorite moments of the show.

14. Spongebob in a Portrait

Take inspiration from this image to create a mini canvas art of Spongebob. The bright colors and the even brighter smile is surely going to add positivity to the house just like its character.

15. Characteristic Expression Painting

Make a square canvas art portraying some typical expressions of the different characters. It is easy to make and does not require precise skills.

16. Background of the Show

Spongebob has a distinctive set such as unique houses which can be painted to show the eccentricities of the characters and what you love the most about them.

17. Characters of the Show

Instead of individual portraits, you can take inspiration from this painting that shows all characters in one frame and very subtly displays their characteristic and relationship.

18. Scene Painting

Oil paints can be used to paint a funny, creative, and colorful scene from the Spongebob show. It creates luminous, hardwearing colors that can help brighten up the room, and they are long-lasting.

19. Fancy Spongebob

Loved a costume Spongebob wore? Paint a minimalistic painting in that costume to remind you of a favorite episode. A basic background in similar shades helps keep the focus on the character.

20. Caricatures

Depict the comical aspect of each character in the portraits by exaggerating their certain characteristics.

21. Poster

This is a great idea if you want to paint Spongebob characters on an object such as redesigning a diary, phone case, mug, box, etc. Blend the characters together and make a poster out of it which fits perfectly on any object you wish to revamp.

22. Loaded Spongebob

Add a fun element to the characters such as making them rich and paint your Spongebob around that feature. You can either use your own ideas and let the creativity flow or pick up something from the show.

23. Mini Portraits

You can make multiple mini portraits depicting the different characters, scenes, or parts of the set such as distinct houses, etc. Align them together on a wall to bring the whole Spongebob cartoon set to your home.

We hope you got inspired by any of these Spongebob painting ideas and that you’ll try some of these paintings for sure! If you happen to come up with something innovative, you can share it with us via the comment section.


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