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DIY Ideas for Medal Display: Showcase Your Accomplishments with Pride and Creativity! Scroll through the article to learn more.

1. DIY Medal Display

Take inspiration from this video to create an easy medal hanger for all your kids’ achievements. This will keep giving them a boost to never stop trying!

2. Achievement Display Shelf

Medal display shelves not only give you space to showcase your medals but will also give you a place to arrange awards as well. Check out the video for details.

3. Medal’s Display

This is an inexpensive idea to incorporate in order to make a display of your medals and awards. Take inspiration and incorporate your own touch to customize it!

4. Wooden Hex Display

This is a modular honeycomb medal display that even you can create if you have the skills and knowledge of hardware.

5. How to Display Medals

If you’re a frequent marathon runner or have a whole collection of medals, hang them on driftwood. As simple as that!

6. Easy DIY Display for Medals

Get your measurements and materials right and get going on this easy-to-do Medal display idea! For more information on the DIY, watch the video.

7. Tennis Racquet Display

Ideas for Medal Display1

Put your old tennis racquet to serve a useful purpose and transform it into a medal display ornament. Simply mount the racquet and add your medals to it.

8. Medal Display

Medal Display

Do you have old crib rails lying around in your home? You could always look for transformation DIY but this one can save you space by organizing your medals!

9. DIY Harry Potter Medal Rack

The Marauders managed the mischief just like you manage the miles! DIY this medal hanger to expose your love for Harry Potter and Running alike.

10. Personalized Medal Holder

Here’s a personalized medal holder that you can customize as per the number of medals you own at your disposal!

11. Medals Hanging Frame

Instead of organizing your medals in a hanger or shelf, try framing the medals along with a picture of the exact moment when you won them!

12. Sport Medal Display

Show off your hard work with this creative DIY sports medal display. The video contains a detailed portrayal of the DIY.

13. Trophy Awards Display

Trophy Awards Display

Let your kids know that you’re proud of their hard work and achievements by displaying their medals via this easy DIY.

14. Awards Display Ideas

Ideas for Medal Display2

Turn your antique herb-drying rack into this amazing awards display rack at basically no cost! It’s a great way to repurpose old things into new DIYs.

15. DIY Medal Display Case

Craft your own medal display to showcase your accomplishments with pride. Check out the video for DIY instructions.

16. Rustic Ironman Medal Display

Rustic Ironman Medal Display

Display your medals in style with this easy-to-make DIY project. It’s rustic to give a vintage appeal and you can customize it the way you like!

17. Marathon Medal Display

Marathon Medal Display

Display your pride for running via this easy marathon medals display idea. The best part about this idea is that you can change it to something you prefer so easily.

18. Hockey Stick Medal Display

Ideas for Medal Display3

It’s such a great idea to use a sports accessory as a medal display’s main character to highlight the achievements explicitly. Try out this Hockey stick medal display idea.

19. Race Medal Display

Showcase your hard-earned race medals with a unique and personal DIY display. Here is an idea to get you started.

20. Pallet Medal Display

Ideas for Medal Display4

No matter what your style or budget, there are ideas for medal display idea that are perfect for you. So get creative and show off your accomplishments with pride!

21. DIY Finishers Medal Display

DIY Finishers Medal Display

Get crafty with your race medals and create a one-of-a-kind display that showcases your accomplishments. Check out the idea here.

22. DIY Race Medal Holder

Ideas for Medal Display6

No matter which DIY race medal display idea you choose, make sure it’s something that you’re proud to display.

23. DIY Medal Hangers

Ideas for Medal Display5

Your medals are a symbol of your hard work and dedication, they deserve to be shown off in a special way. Here’s one idea for you to try.

We hope you liked some of these ideas for medal display enough to try out the DIYs for your medals as well as your kids’ medals.


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