20 DIY Homemade Coffee Gift Ideas | Ideas for Coffee Lovers

Homemade coffee gift ideas are something only a few people will dislike. We’ve collected a variety of ideas for coffee lovers to suit every occasion.

1. DIY Coffee Bean Soap

Ideas for Coffee Lovers1

Melt some soap bars and instantly add broken pieces of coffee beans to it before pouring it into the soap mold. That’s all you need to create a coffee bean soap.

2. Coffee Scented Candles

Coffee Decor Ideas 111

In a designer cup; pour some melted wax and sprinkle coffee grounds on top of the mixture to DIY this candle. More details are available here.

3. DIY Coffee Gift Jar

Ideas for Coffee Lovers3

One of the best blessings of life is to have friends, and this DIY is a great chance to show your gratitude towards them. Find the list of supplies and directions here.

4. DIY Chalkboard Coasters

chalkboard Coffee Decor Ideas

Spray paint a white tile with chalkboard paint and add felt stickers at the base of each coaster to prevent the potential scratches it can cause to your furniture. Get it here.

5. DIY Scented Hot Pad Coaster

Ideas for Coffee Lovers5

Create a coaster that warms up when you put a hot mug of coffee on it and subsequently releases the scent of your favorite essential oil. Visit Practically Functional.

6. Coffee Jellos

Ideas for Coffee Lovers7

Make this coffee jellos with half a cup cold water, two tbsp gelatin plain, two cups of strong coffee, and a can of sweetened milk. Follow up the recipe at With A Blast.

7. DIY Frozen Coffee Mix Display

If your love for coffee is irresistible, then these frozen coffee mix ornaments are your thing for decoration! Find out the directions at Sprinkle Some Fun.

8. DIY Resin Coffee Bean Coaster

Ideas for Coffee Lovers9

In a mold, pour a layer of resin followed up by a layer of coffee beans, resin, and glitter respectively. Learn the steps in detail here.

9. Happy Handle Coffee Cozy

Make this cozy coffee handle with the hand-knit technique discussed in detail on this site. This idea is a pure genius to make carrying coffee cups comfortable and secure!

10. DIY Coffee Sugar Scrub

Ideas for Coffee Lovers11

Pour some sugar and coffee ground into a bowl with a few drops of coconut oil and one tbsp cinnamon and mix well. That’s all; homemade coffee scrub is all set to serve its purpose. Follow the link here.

11. Caramel Latte Marshmallows

Ideas for Coffee Lovers13

Although processing marshmallows can be a tough task for beginners, but once you get used to it, there’s nothing more exciting and tasty! Create these caramel latte marshmallows with the procedure here, a perfect treat for coffee lovers.

12. Polka Dot Coffee Mug Gift

With a little bit of black paint, a white ceramic cup, and a sponge brush; you can easily DIY this coffee mug. The addition of coffee supplies to the mug makes it an excellent gift for Caffeineoholics.

13. The Grinch Coffee Mugs

Ideas for Coffee Lovers15

Inspired by the animated American movie- ‘The Grinch,’ this all green coffee mug is a great idea to kick start your Christmas preparations with either coffee or tea!

14. Crochet Coffee Cozy Pattern

Make a coffee cozy with a crochet hook, yarn, needle, wooden button, and embroidery floss. You can follow up on the crocheting pattern here.

15. DIY I Need Coffee Shirt Using Heat Transfer Vinyl

Ideas for Coffee Lovers17

If there’s coffee always on your mind, give that addiction a boost by DIYing this “I NEED COFFEE” shirt with heat transfer vinyl. Look out here for other supplies and directions.

16. Farmhouse Coffee Lover Calendar Free Printable

Ideas for Coffee Lovers19

Frame up this free printable of the calendar template in brass or golden frame to let it pop up even more.

17. Coffee Nut Brittle

Cook this coffee nut brittle with butter, sugar, coffee, corn syrup, baking soda, nuts, cranberries, salt, and this recipe. It’s not just a great dessert idea but tasty and healthy.

18. Homemade Coffee Syrups

Ideas for Coffee Lovers21

Heat some water and sugar on the stove until the consistency thickens, let it cool and then add in the flavor your desire. Visit A Few Shortcuts.

19. Homemade Coffee Gift Ideas – Coffee Bean Necklace

Glue some jewelry rings onto a coffee bean and paint them with a spray paint that matches your necklace chain; let it dry, and that’s all.

20. DIY Cold Brew In A Mason Jar

Ideas for Coffee Lovers23

Stop spending money on buying cold coffee brew on some expensive outlets; instead, give it a try with a brew coffee maker filter and mason jars. Watch the recipe here.


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