23 DIY Glitter Ornament Ideas | Christmas Ornament Ideas

Add a sparkle to your festivities with these amazing DIY glitter ornament ideas and inspirations! Check out the ideas below to decorate your home.

1. DIY Glitter Baubles

Watch this video tutorial to learn and make amazing glitter ornaments with clear baubles! Besides the material list, the video gives you step-by-step instructions for making this DIY.

2. DIY Glitter Ball Ornament

DIY Glitter Ornament Ideas1

Get the best of both worlds with this pretty DIY bauble that has a different design on both sides. Know how to make this ornament here.

3. DIY Unicorn Ornaments

Have a magical holiday with these unicorn theme ornaments by trying them with this tutorial that teaches you how to at the comfort of your home.

4. Personalized Glitter Ornaments

Know how to add a personalized touch to your holiday tree with this DIY. You can also keep these personalized ornaments in a bowl as a part of your holiday décor!

5. Glitter Wood Ornaments

DIY Glitter Ornament Ideas2

Add a sparkling touch to simple wooden ornaments! Not only would these be an excellent addition to your Christmas tree, but they can also be used for any holiday theme décor. Learn how to make these glittery ornaments here.

6. Glitter Ornaments Tutorial

Learn how to make these beautiful customized glitter ornaments in this video. The video also gives you an insight into the things you should take care of to make flawless ornaments. So, add these to your festive collection today!

7. Easy Glitter Ornaments

Follow this video tutorial to make easy glitter ornaments adorned with festive word phrases. The ornaments coupled with the festive phrases will spice up your festive evening!

8. DIY Cricut Glitter Ornaments

This detailed video brings you tricks and tips to make the perfect glitter ornaments at home. Also, get your inspiration for some amazing festive designs like the Santa cam and Grinch cam for your ornaments in this video.

9. Personalized Word Phrase Ornaments

If you are a fan of crafting during the festive season, you will love making these customized baubles, perfect to adorn your Christmas tree! Moreover, they are unique and can help you spruce up your décor. Learn how to make these ornaments here.

10. DIY Vintage Look Glitter Ornaments

Are you a fan of old school Christmas décor? Be Merry, because this video tutorial will help you make retro theme ornaments with glitter in them!

11. Glue Test for Glitter Ornaments

In contrast to the other craft tutorials on this list, this DIY video helps you recognize which glue to use to make perfect glitter ornaments at home. This can also help you compare the results and ways to use each glue for the craft.

12. Glitter Confetti Ornaments

DIY Glitter Ornament Ideas3

What’s a party without confetti! Learn how to make these beautiful confetti glitter ornaments in this tutorial. You can also change or customize your glitter color theme, according to your decorations.

13. DIY Cupcake Ornament

Add a sweet touch to your festive décor with this DIY video tutorial that helps you make cupcake glitter ornaments. In addition to being festive, these ornaments are unique and extremely cute! Moreover, they are extremely easy to make.

14. Dipped Glitter Ornaments

Add more elegance to your Christmas tree with these color-based dipped ornaments that have the glitter outside the bauble instead of being inside. You can pick your choice of colors and the size of glitter to customize the look of these ornaments. Know how to make them here.

15. Glitter Star Ornaments

Another beautiful addition to your Christmas décor! Learn how to make these pretty and small glitter covered stars for your tree in this DIY.

16. DIY Glitter Stripes Ornaments

DIY Glitter Ornament Ideas4

In contrast to the other tutorials that add glitter to circular bauble ornaments, this DIY teaches you to adorn and highlight other interesting shapes of Christmas ornaments! So, learn how to make these unique striped glitter ornaments and get ready to decorate your tree.

17. Glitter Covered Ornaments

Another DIY that explores the perfect guide to make glitter-filled ornaments for the festive season. In addition to the tutorial, the article gives you a hint of the best glue to use for the craft.

18. Clay Snowflake Ornaments

DIY Glitter Ornament Ideas6

Experiment with clay and glitter to make these pretty snowflake ornaments for your tree and home. Know how to make these glitter-covered ornaments in this DIY.

19. Glitter Ornaments with Scrapbook Craft Material

Add a crafting touch to your glitter ornaments with this easy and simple DIY tutorial. Besides the glitter, these ornaments have been adorned with scrapbook craft material to add an extra seasonal spin to them.

20. Easy to Make Glitter Ornaments

Ornaments with Names

Another easy DIY craft that helps you make glitter ornaments for the holidays easily.

21. Modern & Minimalist Glitter Ornaments

DIY Glitter Ornament Ideas7

In-tune with the minimalistic décor theme and trend, this festive craft idea helps you add a golden touch to your Christmas décor and set-up. You can create similar designs to the DIY, or take inspiration and create your own color theme with the technique.

22. Color Block Glitter Ornaments

Color Block Christmas Ornaments

Make these unique color-blocked ornaments covered in glitter for your festive setup and tree! Have a look here.



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