23 Chalkboard Wall Ideas | Wall Ideas with Chalkboard

Check out these chalkboard wall ideas to decorate your home in an elegant style while also making space for reminders and thoughts!

1. Chalkboard Wall Ideas

 Chalkboard Wall Ideas1

Use a blackboard canvas or paint a wall with chalkboard paint to bring back the nostalgia of being taught at school again! You can decorate the wall with quotes or your favorite biology diagram.

2. White and Black Bathroom

Chalkboard walls contrasting with the white marble floor and porcelain fittings create a beautiful illusion while still being cohesive. The white ceiling and windows make the bathroom look bigger. Also, the stainless steel and brass fixtures would look brilliant in this palette.

3. Chalkboard Doors

Conceal a few cabinets behind chalkboard walls to create extra writing space for reminders, recipes or other errands in the kitchen. This way chalkboard walls do not overshadow the interior of the kitchen.

4. Accent Chalkboard Wall

An accent chalkboard wall in the dining room can be a useful addition, making room for activity. Place a sophisticated, contemporary dining table that fits well in the room without making it messy.

5. Chalkboard Wall in the Kitchen

You can create a classic black and white kitchen with a chalkboard wall. It is suitable for adding a range of texture and decor options, with a minimalistic approach. Mix the hues of black and white throughout the kitchen for a subtle yet defined decoration.

6. Chalkboard Wall Strip

Enhance the boring kitchen wall with a chalkboard wall strip. This is a great idea for a chalkboard wall if you are not ready to commit such a major change without testing it out. It is multifunctional and adds an edge to an otherwise basic wall.

7. Chalkboard Wall Bathroom

A theme bathroom with a chalkboard covering a major portion of all the walls. It’s a simple and ingenious idea of making this space feel more inviting, eye-catching, and exciting. Additionally, it is a great space for writing down all those unique shower ideas, before you forget about them.

8. Chalkboard Wall Office

Convert a small corner of the room into an office space by modifying the walls into chalkboard walls. It can make the room look bigger and the neutral backdrop provides ease in accessorizing the room. You can draw a pattern such as a map for complementing the home office or use it as a space for notes and other brainstorming sessions.

9. Chalkboard Calendar

Chalkboard Calendar
Image by Inhabit Interiors

A chalkboard wall in the form of a calendar layout will help you manage your calendar and appointments in a unique and eccentric way. It is a great addition to kids’ rooms, home offices, and other activity rooms.

10. Modern Bar

A modern bar with a chalkboard wall creates a unique blend of modish and rustic design. It allows decorating with contrasting accessories, such as modern cocktail glasses with a farmhouse ice bucket that all come together through the chalkboard wall in a contemporary kitchen.

11. Café Chalkboard Wall Ideas

A chalkboard feature wall is a special way of creating a café theme dining room in your house or just a unique idea for decorating your café. The vintage furniture goes well with the accent wall and this wall can have a built-in fireplace as a functional enhancement.

12. Kitchen Cabinet Wall

If you are looking for creating an accent wall, but can’t locate a designated wall for that purpose, you can try this multi-functional design. By covering the pantry doors in chalkboard, you can create a pantry that turns into an accent wall.

13. Chalkboard Border

A chalkboard border can help bring delight to an otherwise boring room. Closets especially can be revamped by adding chalkboard wall borders and writing some interesting quotes to get you started for the day.

14. Chalkboard Canvas

 Chalkboard Canvas

A personal scribbling canvas for the kids to prevent them from spoiling the walls is a great way to keep the kids occupied. Kids enjoy drawing and writing on chalkboards and this way you can let their creative ideas flow by covering a whole wall with chalkboard.

16. Rustic Décor

Rustic Décor

A chalkboard wall goes well with a farmhouse rustic decoration. This wall embraces well with nature-inspired textures, simple and earthy wooden furniture and cabinets, creating a warmth in the room.

17. Study wall

 Chalkboard Wall Ideas6

Transform your study room by converting a whole wall into a blank canvas using chalkboard wall. Many people rely on notes for learning and a chalkboard wall is a way in which you can create a giant wall with all the important things to remember. Decorate with minimal furniture and multi-purpose the storage cabinets as tiny staircase to reach the height of the wall.

18. Library Wall

 Library Wall

Why not use the secluded wall of a library and convert it into a writing canvas for noting down some quotes you like, or just reading reminders or to write something of your own and let the creative ideas flow.

19. Scribbling Wall

Scribbling Wall

A concealed wall behind kitchen counters is a great way to have a chalkboard wall without it being the overriding factor in the room décor. It blends well with the stainless steel and gives a cohesive look with a natural flow in the room.

20. Kids Room Décor

 Chalkboard Wall Ideas7

A bedroom wall covered in chalkboard for the children to scribble on is a great mechanism for saving your walls. You can cover some part of the wall through the furniture.

21. Color Blocked Décor

Color Blocked Décor

The chalkboard wall works great with color-blocked furniture or decorative items. The room looks quite modern, elegant but still vibrant and cozy.

22. Craft Room Design

Craft Room Design

A chalkboard wall is a useful addition in a craft room or your working pad. Cover a section of the wall or the entire wall, this wall is a very practical yet stylish approach for designing your working area.

23. Playing Room

 Chalkboard Wall Ideas8

Kids love playing with chalk, making it a perfectly functional wall in the children’s playing room. This way you can restrict them from spoiling the walls with expensive paints.


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