22 Halloween Cubicle Decorations

Don’t be afraid to embrace the dark side this Halloween. Transform your cubicle into a haunted masterpiece with these Halloween Cubicle Decorations!

1. Halloween Cubicle Decorations

Halloween Cubicle Decorations1

If you’re excited to bring some “GHOST” vibes around your office cubicle, this would be the perfect fit! With the choice of the right colors and setup, this idea is really an inspiration.

2. Holidays Cubicle Fun

Holidays Cubicle Fun

Take inspiration from this cubicle decor full of cobwebs, candies, and Halloween props; all assembled in a way that ignites the Holiday season around!

3. SKELETON In My Cubicle!!!!

SKELETON In My Cubicle!!!!

Share your cubicle with a person (BUT DEAD) for a week? Check out this idea for inspiration to decorate your cubicle this Holiday season.

4. Cubicle Decor Contest

Halloween Cubicle Decorations2

Wanna win the office Halloween decor challenge? Check out this inspirational idea from a person who just like you, takes the Halloween Cubicle Decorations contest seriously!

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5. Darker Cubicle Decor

Darker Cubicle Decor

This one is perfect for those who’d love to bring a little shady and darker vibes to their otherwise bright and cheery office. Take inspiration from this idea on Pinterest.

6. Decor With Treats

Decor With Treats

Assemble some treat baskets on your desk for colleagues to munch on while they praise your artistically perfect cubicle decor. Take inspiration from here.

7. Minimalist Cubicle Decor

Halloween Cubicle Decorations3

If you don’t want to go extravagant with your cubicle decor, some cobwebs and crime scene banners should be your choice! Go minimalist with your decor by taking inspiration from here.

8. Pacman Theme Decor

Pacman Theme Decor

Coordinate with your teammates and decorate the whole area in the theme of Pacman by using Cricut. Might we pitch in some creative ideas? Get creative with some cobwebs and dark Pacman on your decoration to make it Halloween-worthy.

9. Castle By The Wall!

Castle By The Wall!

Display a large cardboard castle around your cubicle with black poster board, duct tape, and silver wrapping. Check out the original idea here.

10. Cubicle Makeover

Halloween Cubicle Decorations4

Even though this idea is originally a permanent cubicle makeover, you can take some inspiration and put your creativity in to create something similar for the Holidays.

11. Mario Makeover

Mario Makeover

A little Mario makeover to the office space or your cubicle space can cheer everybody’s gaming nostalgia from their childhood! Check it out here.

12. Island Hut

 Island Hut

Be it an island or a castle; there’s no better way to give a whole new look to your cubicle space at such a grand level. Get onboard with the creativity and take inspiration here.

13. A Decor for your POD!

Halloween Cubicle Decorations5

Decorate your team space extravagantly with a theme of “Monster University” and you all can maybe even dress like monsters. that’d be fun! (WINK! 😉)

14. Batman Theme

 Batman Theme

For all the DC fans out there, this idea is simple yet amazing if you love Batman. Keep it simple like this idea or go crazy with the decor, depends on you!

15. Reach in a Window

Reach in a Window

Cool concept to hide candies behind a window and let people reach in to get their share! The best part is that you can keep it in one corner instead of decorating the whole cubicle. Easy cleanup! 😉

16. Crime Scene

Halloween Cubicle Decorations6

Decorate your office hallway or the way to your cubicle with a deadly crime scene that would surprise everyone! Take inspiration here.

17. Creepy Decoration for Halloween

Creepy Decoration for Halloween

A little yellow and black with a whole lot of Purple might be the most horror and bold color combination! Give a quick Halloween makeover to your cubicle with this inspirational idea.

18. Cubicle Decor for Halloween

Cubicle Decor for Halloween

Stand out from others with Halloween Decor in and around your cubicle to represent your excitement for the festivals! Check it out here.

19. In and Out

Halloween Cubicle Decorations7

The best thing about Halloween is that you get to take over your creativity in the best possible way and represent it to get everyone talking about it!

20. Bathroom in Cubicle

Bathroom in Cubicle

If creativity with humor were a decoration idea, this idea would be the winner for sure! Bring the bathroom in your cubicle to bring some laughter to your office.

21. Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House

Even though gingerbread is more of a Christmas-y decor but who says you have to stick to the traditions anyway! Check this Pinterest idea.

22. Scarecrow in Cubicle

Halloween Cubicle Decorations7

How about you follow this tutorial to make a scarecrow, but not for your garden? Install a scarecrow- little or big in your cubicle space instead.

Pick up a theme and work on the smallest details of your creative idea and come up with your own Halloween cubicle decor idea that all your colleagues would embrace. These 22 Halloween Cubicle Decoration ideas can help you inter-combine different themes and excel in your office competitions over the Holidays.


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