22 DIY Laptop Sleeves Ideas To Protect Your Gadget

Safeguard your laptop from dust, debris, little bumps, and scratches by putting them in a pouch. Make one from these DIY laptop sleeves Ideas.

1. Macbook Air Sleeve

diy laptop sleeves ideas

This macbook air sleeve is perfect if you wish to keep it simple yet classy to carry a laptop while you are out. You can experiment with the color co-ordination as you like. Find the step-by-step directions here.

2. DIY Laptop Sleeves Ideas

diy laptop sleeves ideas2

Cut and sew a felt fabric as per your laptop’s measurement so as to make a pouch and secure it with a fabric string. It’s just that simple to replicate this laptop sleeve idea.

3. DIY Wool Sleeve

Old jacket wool case

Upcycle the back of an old jacket by cutting the wool from it to purpose a laptop sleeve to make carrying your gadget easy. Have a look at this DIY.

4. DIY Laptop Sleeve

vintage towel to laptop case

Look through this inspiration story of this DIYer who thrifted an old towel to create a laptop sleeve out of it. It’s pretty basic to create of yyou possess the basic knowledge about sewing.

5. Sleeve With Chain

diy laptop sleeves ideas3

To secure your laptop sleeve to a next level, you can choose to add a chain to it to safegaurd accidental falling of the gadget. Design Sponge has the tutorial.

6. Geometric Sleeve

geometric gadget case

Add a little ornamentation to your laptop sleeve by adorning it with some fabric geometrical shapes as in this idea.

7. Quilted Sleeve

quilted case

Make a quilted sleeve to provide a padded safety to your laptop from any potential damage while it’s in the sleeve. We found the idea at A Beautiful Mess.

8. Old Sweater Laptop Case

Old Sweater Laptop Sleeve

Repurpose an old woolen sweater of your’s to craft out a laptop case using the basic sewing techniques. Find the instructions at Apartment Therapy.

9. Denim Laptop Bag

Denim Laptop Bag

Instead of investing on buying new fabric for a laptop bag, you can make one from an old jeans that you no longer wear. Learn the step-by-step tutorial at Instructable.

10. Hand Stitched Bag

diy laptop sleeves ideas4

Personalizing a laptop sleeve on your own is far better a option than outsourcing one from market. It not just gives you a option to craft it as your liking but also, fits perfectly well. Visit Design Sponge.

11. DIY Laptop Sleeve Ideas

Painted Laptop Pouch

Paint a plain fabric with a sponge brush and fabric paint to make it more attractive and exciting if you can’t find the cloth you want. Understand it in detail here.

12. DIY Laptop Clutch

diy laptop sleeves ideas5

A laptop sleeve protects your laptop from small bumps and scratches as a laptop skin does, but on a greater level. Here is a sewing tutorial to create a laptop clutch easily.

13. No-sew Laptop Pouch

If sewing is not your cup of tea, this DIY no-sew laptop piuch tutorial has got your back that too with your name initial. Watch the video to understand the method.

14. Laptop Bag

hooded shirt laptop bag

Although not among the DIY laptop sleeves ideas, this DIY bag is yet helpful to carry the gadget easily in a hooded shirt. Visit All Day Chic to understand the tactics.

15. Leather Sleeve

diy laptop sleeves ideas6

For those of you who are simply in love with leather, this pouch is a boon among all the DIY laptop sleeve ideas till now. Besides leather, you’ll need felt sheets, button, adhesive, embroidery floss, and this tutorial.

16. Leather Trimmed Pouch

diy laptop sleeves ideas7

Make this dual colored sleeve with canvas or duck cloth, and one or two leather scraps and a few other supplies. Find the instructions here.

17. Computer Case DIY

Computer Case DIY

In order to replicate a similar sleeve, all you need to do is to customize the measurements to the size of your laptop and follow these basic steps.

18. DIY Laptop Pouch

Cotton Fabric Laptop Pouch

Use cotton fabric as the outing as well as to line the inside for more security to craft a pouch like this. You can experiment with the style of the fabric to let the sleeve match your spirit.

19. Laptop Case

Suitcase Laptop Case

Unlike other DIY laptop sleeves ideas in this list, this case idea repurposes a small-sized suitcase to craft out a case for the gadget. Look how it’s done here.

20. Book Like Sleeve

Book like case for laptop

Appreciate your love for books by way of creating a book-like case to put your laptop in while you travel. Make one for yourself or gift it to a book worm with the help of this Instructable.

21. Classy Laptop Sleeve

Classy Laptop Sleeve

Design this simple and classy laptop sleeve with leather, brass rivets, rivet setter, hammer, and a pair of scissors. Take help from this tutorial by Oh Happy Day.

22. Manly Laptop Pouch

diy laptop sleeves ideas8

This sleeve would especially suit a man because of the choice of print on the fabric, which makes it great to purpose as a gift to a male companion. Visit here.


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