21st Birthday Party Ideas To Make it Unforgettable

If you’re near to celebrating your 21st birthday, check out these 21st birthday party ideas to infuse fun and entertainment to the gathering!

We’ve collected the best 21st birthday party ideas to help you make your or your friend’s birthday unforgettable. All of these ideas are unique ones that you’ve probably never tried before.

1. Axe-throwing Party

If you’re planning to arrange for an axe-throwing party on your 21st birthday, check out these tips before finalizing it. You need to be good at throwing axe so that it doesn’t harm anyone around.

2. Poker Game Night

For a 21st birthday party, hositng a poker game night might be the most exciting pick to indulge everyone in the present moment of fun. Check out the video to know how to host a poker home game.

3. Wine Tasting In 21st Birthday Party Idea

Curate different types of wines to serve them to your blindfolded guests and let them guess the type of wine. You can pump the whole party feeling by decorating your home in a wine-like theme. Visit here to know more about the wine tasting game.

4. 21st Birthday Party Ideas

21st Birthday Party Ideas 1

Check out these fancy dress party ideas for adults and add a creepy touch to your 21st birthday. If not birthday, these ideas are also suitable to throw a Halloween party.

5. Jello Shots

21st Birthday Party Ideas 2

Mix ice cold alcohol, boiling water, jell-O powder and let them sit in the refrigerator for atleast 4-5 hours. Jello shots are a great way to put in the simplest efforts in throwing an interesting party.

6. DIY 21st Birthday Sash

DIY an easy and affordable birthday sash for your 21st birthday party or give it to someone who’s turning 21 soon. Refer to the video above to know the steps.

7. 21st Birthday Banner

21st Birthday Party Ideas 3

A birthday party is never complete without a birthday banner that goes well with the decor theme. Check out the tutorial here.

8. Bonfire Birthday Party

21st Birthday Party Ideas 4

Born fires are always great to enjoy with friends, especially when it’s your birthday and there’s a lot to enjoy! Read this extensive article to throw a never-forgetting bornfire party.

9. Boat 21st Birthday Party Ideas

21st Birthday Party Ideas 5

Do something crazy and unique on your much-awaited 21st birthday by planning a cruise birthday party for your closest friends. Have a look at this article on boat party.

10. How to Plan a Casino Birthday Party

Casino parties when combined with the right set of drinks and foods goes a long way to entertaining people. You can bet fake bills or fake currency instead of real money if you wish to keep it at budget. Check it out here.

11. Perfect Indoor Skydiving Birthday Party

If budget is not your concern but you are inclined towards fun and creating memories, you can plan for a skydiving birthday party. We found the idea here.


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