21 Halloween Music Therapy Ideas for Kids

These Halloween music therapy ideas are ideal to keep your toddlers entertained and enthusiastic for the festive spirit and also make them learn new skills.

Halloween Music Therapy Ideas for Kids1

Songs and tunes are a fun way to keep toddlers and younger kids engaged on a festive evening. Moreover, you can use songs and tunes to make them learn about diverse things without getting bored. Below are some of the most melodious and engaging Halloween music therapy ideas to soothe your kids on a scary eve like Halloween’s.

Halloween Music Therapy Ideas for Kids

1. Mulan Reflection 

An absolute essential to match a fun costume, this catchy tune from Mulan is perfect to enjoy on Halloween. A classic touch for your Halloween, enjoy, enact and sing with Mulan this spooky season. Present a fun sing-along performance in front of your friends and family!

2. Halloween Scary Songs

Choose any of these four scary songs and work on the motor skill of your child one at a time. This is a fun way to keep your kids learning without getting them bored

3. Inside a House That is Haunted

A scary and eerie sound of the haunted house to provide a spooky yet fun Halloween experience with your family and loved ones. Listen to these tunes and experience the feel of a haunted house inside your homes.

4. Halloween Rhythm Combo for Teens & Tweens

These Halloween melodies will provide teens and tweens with the experience of learning and enhancing their communication skills. Moreover, these rhythms are in RAP form; making it even more fun for kids.

5. Big Pumpkin

A great story that talks about the experience of a bat going into the world to find its way. This story in a melody form is sure to excite and entertain your little ones while inducing the Halloween spirit in them.

6. Nightsong

This makes for an experience to be shared with your family and friends as it teaches you about the experiences and real-life stories of characters that you can relate to. Enjoy it by enacting it and creating a performance full song with your favorites.

7. Halloween Children Songs

Enjoy these spooky tunes with your kids on the Hallows’ Eve. Not only does this set the mood right for the holiday, but it is also a catchy tune that can be taken beyond the holiday! So, are you ready for some melodiously scary time?

8. Zombie Finger Family Song

We have all heard of the finger family songs and this song represents the same family in a fun, spooky and twisty theme of Halloween. Sing along and meet Elphie the Elephant, Tim the monkey, Luke the lion and Moomoo the Bull!

9. Autumn Songs for Kids

This scare Crow song comes with great graphics and animations for dancing along with your family during the season of autumn. This song collection provides great music for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarten kids as well.

10. Autumn Leaves are Falling Down

You think you will be able to avoid the autumn leaves from falling down? Think again. This song comes with classic tunes and makes for a great sing-along during your favorite Halloween party.

11. Matilda the Gorilla

Nice, classic melodious, and fun tunes to sing along with during any festival or occasion. Sit with your family on a cozy autumn night and enjoy the aura of love and laughter with this song.

12. Five Little Pumpkins

Pumpkins go perfectly with the Halloween theme and make for the ideal songs to teach your toddlers and little ones about the concept of Halloween. It introduces numbers to the kids and is a fun, easy-song to learn and dance to.

13. The Bear Went Over the Mountain

A repetitive song about a little bear that goes over the mountain to experience what he might see from the top. This melody might not be great for older kids, but it will keep the little ones engaged. You can add a few more lines of your own to make the song even more fun and long.

14. Itsy Bitsy Spider

One of the most classic rhymes that we have been hearing since our childhood and passing it on to our generations ahead. Demonstrate the song with actions to make it fun and enjoyable by your kids.

15. The Eensy Weensy Spider

A super simple way to celebrate sesame street nursery rhymes that are classic and fun to sing along with. Spiders represent Halloween and such rhymes make for collective and simple singing with your family.

16. Itsy Bitsy Spider by Pancake Manor

The classic itsy bitsy spider rhyme but this time with the sesame characters to make it even more enthusiastic. The song itself will give your kids the spirit of never giving up on anything!

17. Pete the Cat

A groovy and fun cat who always keeps his cool, this one is a great song to experience with your kids. It talks about how the cat is calm and patient in all situations, which will be a great lesson for your kids.

18. Let it Go from Frozen

A crowd favorite amongst all the little girls and little ladies in the world. A song to sing along with a nice blue dress and great dance performances to enjoy Halloween eve.

19. Can You Feel the Love Tonight

Passing on from generations, the songs of this movie represent an era and an adventure like no other. Enjoyed by families for decades, this one makes for a great fun evening with kids.

20. Leaf Little Leaf

A song that represents the autumn season described through a suave, melodious tune that one can sing along with their kids for a soothing experience. End your Halloween night by singing this song to your kids at their bedtime.

21. Why do Leaves Change Color

Introduce your kids to the concept of autumn and why do leaves change color in the fall season. Teach your kid about the different seasons with this endearing tune.

We hope you loved these Halloween music therapy ideas. You can alter the tunes for the songs to add a personalized touch to your fun evening with kids!


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