21 Corner Kitchen Sink Ideas | Corner Kitchen Sink Inspiration

Check-out these impressive corner kitchen sink ideas for your next remodeling project! Take notes and get inspired to build any of these kitchen sinks.

Before moving on to the corner kitchen sink ideas and inspirations, it’s important to look at the pros and cons of a corner sink. This will help you to better understand your requirements and amend or remodel your kitchen sink accordingly.

The Pros and Cons of a Corner Sink

Corner sinks are a beautiful feature in your kitchen and can help you spruce up your kitchen layout effortlessly. But, are they functional or makes the basic function of cleaning utensils a challenge? Let’s learn more about the ‘PROS’ and ‘CONS’ of installing a corner sink in your kitchen.


  • The first advantage of a corner sink is that it helps utilize the corner space of a kitchen, which is often left unused or underutilized.
  • Corner sinks also help you get access to more extended work stations or counters in the kitchen.
  • Besides adding on to the look of your kitchen, corner sinks can help you get the best views outside the windows. That is if your window has been planned to grace the corner.


  • In case your windows are not in the corner of the kitchen, the most significant disadvantage of a corner sink can be the lack of natural light or the views.
  • The placement can sometimes pose a challenge when two people are working together in the kitchen. However, if you are a one-person army in the kitchen, it is a bliss for you.
  • Also, as cleaning corners are more challenging, you should be ready to pay more attention to the cleanliness of the space beneath your sink.

Corner Kitchen Sink Ideas

1. Purple + White Combination

Corner Kitchen Sink Ideas1

Take inspiration from this vibrant idea and create a modern yet functional kitchen space for yourself. You can also choose and change the colors of your kitchen corner and sink as per your preferences. However, we’d suggest you to color coordinate everything beforehand so that once you install the sink, it goes well with your kitchen theme.

2. Stainless Corner Sink

Stainless Corner Sink

Stainless steel sinks are durable and readily available in the market for your corner sink remodeling plans. In addition to being spacious, this design has an attached drying rack inside, making it more efficient and functional. If space is an issue, you can opt out from adding the drying rack and probably buy a smaller sink.

3. Natural Lighting Sink

Corner Kitchen Sink Ideas2

Your sink might shine with natural light if you put it near a window. This comes handy when you have small kids and a garden facing kitchen window so that you can keep an eye on them while doing the dishes. Optionally, you can bring more life to your kitchen sink by adding an indoor plant that would appreciate indirect sunlight.

4. Corner Sink

Corner Sink

Remodel your kitchen with this elegant sink installed near the window and embellished with indoor plants. Make sure that you choose a sink that matches the vibe of your whole kitchen, so it doesn’t look oddly placed.

5. Contemporary Kitchen Sink

Contemporary Kitchen Sink

This hexagonal sink has a drying rack attached to its side, which makes it even more preferable. If the measurements match your cutting board, you might as well cut, clean, dry vegetables and fruits at one place!

6. Space Saving Sink

Corner Kitchen Sink Ideas3

This space-saving option provides you with separate spaces for washing and drying the utensils. One can also keep the gloves, dishwashing soap and scrubber in the center space that divides the sinks.

7. Sink for Small Kitchen

Sink for Small Kitchen

An ideal corner sink inspiration, especially for small kitchens, this deep sink design is functional and easy to use. The plan also has storage space below the sink to store washed and dried utensils.

8. Corner Sink Island

Corner Sink Island

This extended sink island idea serves as a breakfast bar as well as a serving platform. A brilliant idea for family or friend gathering, this corner sink enables you to set up your nibbles in every corner of the house, including the kitchen.

9. Small Kitchen Sink

Small Kitchen Sink

This spacious corner sink is a boon for small kitchens. Not only do these sinks utilize the corner of the kitchen space, but it also helps you provide a better counter space in an already small kitchen.

10. Near-Window Kitchen Sink

Corner Kitchen Sink Ideas4

Another near-window kitchen sink inspiration for daydreamers and people who are fond of natural light. If you are spending some time in the kitchen, make sure you have a beautiful view of the outdoors instead of the wall.

11. Modular Kitchen Sink

Modular Kitchen Sink

Modular kitchens and racks help you reach every corner of your space easily along with other modern updates. Therefore, adding a modular sink and storage in the corner of your kitchen can help you build a modern, spacious, and functional kitchen space.

12. Sink below Cutlery Wardrobe

Corner Kitchen Sink Ideas5

An exciting kitchen sink placement, this corner sink helps you wash, dry, and store all your utensils, all in one place. It can separate your used utensils from your fresh food preparations during parties.

13. Pretty Kitchen Sink

Pretty Kitchen Sink

Take inspiration from this pretty set-up of a corner kitchen sink and create your personal space in the kitchen with stunning curtains, flowers, etc. You can place your choice of accessories to personalize the space as per your preference.

14. Space Saving Sink

Space Saving Sink

This counter and corner sink design is a single unit, you can choose to go in for granite slabs too. However, the metal base helps in the efficient cleaning of both the counters and the sink after use, without leaving any stains behind.

15. Corner Under-mount Sinks

Corner Under-mount Sinks

Another dual corner sink design that splits the washing and drying space, this undermount sink design is an add on for your kitchen due to its depth and functionality.

17. Modern Kitchen

Corner Kitchen Sink Ideas6

A unique shape sink design, this corner sink adds a modern touch to the look of your kitchen. In addition to its sleek looks, the deep sink is also innovative and functional, you can couple it up with a drying rank.

18. Top-mount Corner Sink

Topmount Corner Sink

The top-mount corner sink design is a durable and practical option for your home. The stainless steel body makes it a timeless addition for your kitchen, as the surface is stain resistant and does not rust or corrode due to water or other kitchen ingredients.

19. Elegant Sink

Elegant Sink

This simple yet elegant sink is a smart idea to use up space in a small kitchen while maintaining its functionality. You might play around with the design or the color coordination based on your kitchen size and theme.

20. Sink with Base Cabinet

Corner Kitchen Sink Ideas7

This kitchen sink comes with a storage panel beneath it to store utensils or other useful accessories. Since it is coupled with a drying sink, you can do all the washing chore practically in one place!

21. Unique Cut Sink

Unique Cut Sink

An exciting addition for your kitchen, this sink space can assist you when you are chopping fruits and vegetables, washing and draining them, segregating them, and washing and drying utensils. In other words, this unique corner sink is an all-in-one design for all your washing and cleaning needs.

Make notes of these corner kitchen sink ideas and the pros & cons of corner sinks to make a practical decision for your kitchen space as per your preference!


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