21 Closet Without Doors Inspirations

Traditional doors can be boring and pale for some people and that’w where these closet without doors inspirations can come in handy!

1. Hang a Curtain

Closet Without Doors Inspirations1

Just in case you were figuring out a way to cover your closet without a door, you can always rely on the old-school curtain style. Hanging a curtain will be under your budget and easy as well.

2. Curtain Separation

Curtain Separation

Transform an ordinary closet into a dreamy-looking heaven by just hanging curtains that match the decor of the room. We got the inspiration from here.

3. Metal and Rope

Metal and Rope Closet Cover

Fabricate a metal door and lace it with rope to recreate this one-of-a-kind idea. This replaces the traditional door and gives an exciting appeal to your closet space.

4. Macrame Curtain

Macrame Curtain

For that boho and chic look, you can always rely on macrame craft to make a custom curtain for your closet entrance. You can choose any design that you like!

5. Closet Without Doors

Closet Without Doors

Before you hop on with the closet without doors trend, there are many things that you must consider. Check out all these tips and suggestions here.

6. French Screen

French Screen Closet Cover

One of the simplest ways to cover your closet entrance is to simply put a French screen there! If you would consider DIYing a French screen, here’s an inspiration.

7. Closet Without Doors

Here are some versatile ideas that can get you through the process of removing doors from your closet. From pocket doors to beads, this video has 10 ideas.

8. Sheer Rattan Closet Door

Make these sheer rattan closet doors under $50 with your tools and woodwork skills. The video contains all the details for you!

9. Roman Shades

Roman shades are not only for the windows but you can customize them for your closet as well. Choose the fabric of your choice and get going.

10. Hide with Tapestry

Recreate this tapestry as per the measurements of your closet entrance and you have a closet alternative that is creative and attractive.

11. Bead Curtain

If basic curtains don’t suit your taste, you can try to DIY this bead curtain as a closet cover. Check out the video for further details.

12. Artificial Vines

Give that dreamy look to your closet with this artificial curtain that you can amp up with fairy lights and a sheer curtain. Check out the video for inspiration.

13. Corhcet Curtain

Follow this or any other crochet curtain tutorial to easily cover the closet without having to go through the trouble of installing a door.

14. Room Divider

Install a simple room divider to cover your closet with your choice of wallpaper to suit the decor. Watch the video for inspiration.

15. Macrame Curtain

Closet Without Doors Inspirations3

A macrame curtain in front of a sheer curtain will give you the rich and modern look to your closet. Check out the idea here.

16. Confetti Curtain DIY

Don’t just hang blank curtains to cover your closet, instead beautify it with some confetti or other shapes paintings. Check out the video to DIY a confetti curtain with fabric paint.

17. Closet Without Doors

Closet Without Doors Inspirations4

Transform the appeal of your closet entirely with this inspirational idea from this site. If you also hate your closet doors, its time to give it a makeover.

18. Secret Bookcase Door

Secret Bookcase Door

Hide your closet behind a spacious bookcase that will not only give you extra space but cover the closet as well. Check out the idea here.

19. Secret Hidden Room

Move your closet into a completely hidden room out of everyone’s sight with this easy inspirational video. The choice and area of installation will depend on the layout of your house.

20. Bamboo Bead Curtains

Closet Without Doors Inspirations5

String bamboo beads and wooden beads alternatively to recreate a beads curtain for your closet. Opt for color co-ordinated beads to DIY a cute beaded curtain.

21. Vertical Cellular Shades

Install vertical cellular shades in place of a door for your closet with this descriptive video. Shades will give a better look than traditional closet doors.


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