21 Butterfly Cookies DIY | Recipes for Butterfly Cookies

Butterfly Cookies DIY Recipes for the sweet tooths amongst you who always crave a little “something” after the dinner is done!

1. Butterfly Cookies DIY

Butterfly Cookies DIY1

Instead of baking some boring sugar cookies, try these vibrant cookies that will amp up the mood on the table and taste wonderful! Check out the recipe here.

2. Easy Pretty Cookies

Once you bake the butterfly-shaped cookies, decorate them vibrantly with colorful icing. You can make a couple of these cookies without putting much effort.

3. Wet Royal Icing Cookies

The choice of icing is on you, whether you wish the cookie to look like your favorite butterfly or a simple one. Take inspiration from this video.

4. Butterfly and Mushroom Cookies

Pair up mushrooms with butterflies to replicate these pretty-looking cookies. You can even choose other shapes that go well with butterflies.

5. Decorate Cookies

The kind of details and pattern on the butterfly cookie will totally depend on your choice, but make sure you practice before actually attempting to decorate. Watch the video for cookie decoration inspiration.

Instead of just icing, you can even decorate your butterflies in a combination of candies, sprinkles, and icing. Check out the video to get inspired!

Surprise the sweet tooth and garden fan of your house with these butterfly and different garden-inspired cookie shapes. Take inspiration from the video.

8. Decorate Cookies

Just the right proportion and color combination of icing and you’ll not be far away from achieving a similar butterfly cookie. Watch the video for further details.

9. How-To Butterfly Cookies

If you’re an advanced baker and have all the baking/icing tools, this would be a piece of cake for you. Watch the video and get started!

10. Pink and Black Icing

Imitate the mesmerizing details of a butterfly’s beauty with icing on a sugar cookie. Choose the color combination and start your little baking project.

11. Colorful Butterfly

Let your kids describe how they want their butterfly cookies and put their imagination on the cookie. Follow a similar idea in the video.

12. Butterfly Sugar Cookies

Butterfly Cookies DIY2

Even if you don’t have a butterfly cookie cutter, you could still make a butterfly cookie with a heart-shaped cookie cutter. Here’s the idea.

13. Sugar Cookies

Sugar Cookies

These marble effects on sugar cookies will look absolutely elegant and complement a fancy dinner setting. Check out the idea here.

14. Candy Cookies

Candy Cookies

If you have an abundance of candy from Halloween, you can always use them on your festive cookies. Check out a similar idea here.

15. French Butterfly Cookies

Butterfly Cookies DIY3

Make a flaky and caramelized French cookie with just puff pastry and sugar. Replicate this two-ingredient recipe from Martha Stewart.

16. Almond Butterfly Cookies

Butterfly Cookies DIY4

Bake these cookies for your child’s birthday or a get-together party as they’re easy to make and too tasty! Find the recipe details here.

Cookie Pops

Combine different sprinklers to make your cookies stand out from each other and amp up the taste as well. Check out the details here.

18. Easy Decorated Shortbread

Easy Decorated Shortbread

Use different colored sanding sugar to give your Christmas Butterfly cookie an ombre appeal or a color-blocked theme. Check out the recipe here.

19. Marbled Butterfly Cookies

Butterfly Cookies DIY5

Here’s how you can give a marbled theme to your freshly baked crispy cookies at home! Use different colors to avoid making each cookie identical.

Butterfly Cookies DIY6

Use a little frosting and a lot of jelly belly beans to decorate your homemade butterfly cookie. Check out all the details here.

21. Palmier Cookies

Palmier Cookies

Puff pastry and granulated white sugar are all that you need to give this tasty cookie treat a try. Here are the recipe details for the Palmier cookies.


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