20 DIY Wall Hanging Ideas To Spruce up your Boring Walls

Transform your boring walls with these gorgeous DIY wall hanging ideas! Most of these ideas are easy to do once you get the hang of it and require easily available supplies.

1. Pom Pom Wall Hanging

DIY Wall Hanging 1

Make this stylish and impactful pom pom wall hanging using lots of yarn and a few hangers. The details on the project are here.

2. DIY Plaited Wall Hanging

DIY Wall Hanging 2

Place a dowel across the width of the strings and glue them while rolling gradually. For added texture, you can plait or knot the strings in any design. Follow here.

3. DIY Moon Phase Wall Mobile

DIY Wall Hanging 3

Showcase the phases of the moon on your wall with this easy DIY using air dry clay, string, square dowel, and glue. The instructions are available here.

4. Dip Dyed Wall Hanging Kit

DIY Wall Hanging 4

Here are two ways in which you can create simple yet elegant wall art using strings and dowel rods. Straight fringe, tassels, or knots; it looks great anyway!

5. DIY Super Easy Tassel Wall Hanging

DIY Wall Hanging 5

This tassel wall hanging adds a unique appeal to any boring and dull wall without putting many efforts. Follow the tutorial steps here.

6. DIY Gold Dipped Yarn Hanging

DIY Wall Hanging 6

Loop yarn strings onto an embroidery hoop and pull it tight to secure it in place. Once you finish looping every strand, trim the bottom to the required length. Here’s the tutorial.

7. Air-Dry Clay Wall Hanging

DIY Wall Hanging 7

Make four semi-circles out of air dry clay and make a hole at each end of the semi-circles and let it dry. Once it dries, string a yarn tassel to the clay figures with a strand of yarn.

8. Large Tapestry Wall Hanging

DIY Wall Hanging 8

Add a decorative accent to your front wall by making this multicolor tapestry wall hanging. A Beautiful Mess has the directions.

9. DIY No Weave Wall Hanging

DIY Wall Hanging 9

Transform a basic table runner into this impressive wall hanging without any weaving, just a bit of glue and some sewing is needed. Find it at The Lovely Drawer.

10. DIY Woven Wall Hanging

DIY Wall Hanging 10

This is an easy hack to use a rug as a wall hanging by attaching it to a dowel rod with thread or string. We found the idea here.

11. 5-Minute Wall Hanging

DIY Wall Hanging 11

You can complete this wall hanging hack within five minutes by using a woven rug, stitch witchery, yarn, dowel rod, brass piece, and iron. The explanation is right here.

12. DIY Modern Tassel Wall Hanging

DIY Wall Hanging 12

DIY this simple and modern tassel wall hanging with tassels made out of yarn and wooden beads. The directions are available at Homey Oh My.

13. DIY Wall Weaving

DIY Wall Hanging 13

This DIY wall weaving might be a bit tricky to make but it worth the efforts. All you need is macrame hoop, yarn, and a few other supplies for this project. Here’s the step by step tutorial.

14. DIY Modern Dreamcatcher

DIY Wall Hanging 14

You’ll need macrame ring, white yarn, wooden beads, scissors, and a toothpick to imitate this dreamcatcher hanging. This site has a step by step for the project.

15. Colorful DIY Fabric Wall Hanging

DIY Wall Hanging 15

How about creating an asymmetrical wall hanging with different shades of fabric and a dowel rod? It makes an artistic piece to display on your wall, visit here.

16. Ribbon Wall Hanging

DIY Wall Hanging 16

Tie various ribbons and lace pieces to an old branch to replicate this interesting wall hanging idea. For further details, click here.

17. DIY Embroidery Hoop Yarn Wall Hanging

DIY Wall Hanging 17

Combine two embroidery hoop of different sizes, a dowel rod, and two yarns in making this DIY. For the steps in detail, have a look here.

18. Copper Pipe Wall Hanging DIY

DIY Wall Hanging 18

This yarn hanging made with thick string and copper pipes is an excellent way to add elegance and rustic look to your wall. Visit A Beautiful Mess.

19. DIY Flower Wall Hanging

DIY Wall Hanging 19

Hang artificial flowers from an old branch using transparent thread and some sort of a holder. Have a look at the directions here.

20. DIY Modern Yarn Hanging

DIY Wall Hanging 20

A wall yarn hanging is a great way to showcase your DIY skills of making artwork at home. Know more here.


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