20 Coffee Mug Ideas You’ll Love | DIY Coffee Mugs

Why stick with plain boring mugs when you can easily customize them to suit your personality. Get inspired by these coffee mug ideas to DIY them in no time.

1. DIY Dishwasher-Safe Sharpie Mugs

diy coffee mug ideas 1

This clever DIY shows you how to create cool monogrammed mugs with waterproof lettering and Sharpie-drawn confetti dots all around.

2. DIY Two-Toned Mugs

doy two toned coffee mug ideas

Give a colorful twist to plain white mugs, while personalizing them to make great gifts when packaged together with a selection of teas and homemade candies. Get the tutorial here.

3. DIY Sharpie Bridal Gift

sharpie coffee mug ideas

Think about it. A cute mug with a cheery handwritten quote is all the new bride needs to brace up for the new changes in her life. Consider making this easy engagement gift with this DIY.

4. DIY Dad’s Coffee Mug

dads coffee mug ideas

Adding a personal sentiment to a storebought mug is the easiest way to create a touching Father’s Day gift, one that he’s likely to cherish for years. Follow the instructions here.

5. Coffee Mug Ideas – Quoted Sharpie Mugs

quoted sharpie coffee mug ideas

Convert plain old mugs into inspiring pieces of art that also act as cute reminders of happier days ahead. Follow this DIY by Popsugar.

6. DIY Copped Toned Mugs for Moscow Mule

DIY Copped Toned Mugs for Moscow Mule

A modern idea in our list of coffee mug ideas. These copper coffee mugs with rainbow tassels are sure to class up your weekend drinking games while serving as excellent tabletop decor. Get complete instructions at Lovely Indeed.

7. DIY Labeled Coffee Mugs

DIY Labeled Coffee Mugs

With little investment, no-preplanning, and zero skills, this coffee mug DIY makes a great gift for those who like to Instagram their morning cup of joe. Get the tutorial here.

8. DIY Glitter Dust Mugs

DIY Glitter Dust Mugs

This easy hack by Creative Green Living shows you how to make dishwasher-safe sparkly mugs that will add a wee bit of glittery cheer to dull Monday mornings.

9. DIY Gold-Dipped Mugs

DIY Gold-Dipped Mugs

When deciding what to make for a finicky friend, these gold-dipped coffee mugs are the ultimate pick. They’re always on style, easy to make and look way costlier than they actually are. Get the details here.

10. DIY Marbled Mugs

DIY Marbled Mugs

The enigmatic mosaic patterns of these marbled mugs make them as perfect as mantelpiece decor, leaving guests raving about your creativity. Watch this video to make them yourself.

11. DIY Polka Dotted Mug

DIY Polka Dotted Mug

If you’re looking for a timeless coffee mug decoration that won’t take much effort to make, consider this easy DIY involving two readily available supplies-Sharpie markers and any mug of your choice.

12. Coffee Mug Ideas – Speckled Mug

DIY Speckled Mug

If terracotta mugs are out of your budget, create a classier looking version yourself by painting the bottom of a plain white mug with clay-colored, dishwasher safe paint. This DIY has the details.

13. Silhouette Cameo Coffee Mug

DIY Silhouette Cameo Coffee Mug

A little help of Silhouette Studio and vinyl are all you need to create this lovely pug mug that particularly makes perfect gifts for people who live for their pooch. Get the instructions here.

14. Personalized Father’s Day Mug

DIY Personalized Father's Day Mug

With few supplies already lying around your home, this DIY shows you how to create enamel mug gifts that make great keepsakes for Father’s Day.

15. DIY Sharpie Quoted Mug

DIY Sharpie Quoted Mug

Sharpie-colored mugs are probably the easiest way to customize your drab coffee mugs into thought-provoking pieces that can even act as subtle reminders of your motto. Make your own with this DIY here.

16. His-and-Her DIY Coffee Mugs

His-and-Her Coffee Mug

Duo coffee mugs are not only great as anniversary presents but also go a long way to renew the lost cheer in your marriage, giving you something to talk about other than boring, work-related stuff. Get the details here.

17. DIY Cute Scribbled Mug

DIY Cute Scribbled Mug

A far cry from the time-consuming Father’s day gift ideas, this one requires little effort and gives superb end-results while letting you have unlimited fun in the process. Follow the DIY here.

18. DIY Clay Bear Coffee Mug

A fuzzy bear figurine or any caricature of choice is a nice element to add character to dull coffee mugs. Get the details in this video.

19. DIY Paw-Printed Mug

DIY Paw-Printed Mug

This paw-printed mug is a nice personalized gift for your dog-lover friend; or, if you’re not quite in the giving spirit yet, consider keeping it for yourself as storage for colorful pens.

20. DIY Valentine Special Mug

Decorating your mug with Valentine Day-themed clay figurines is an easy way to create attractive gifts that are to impress your partner. Watch this video for complete instructions.


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