20 DIY Blanket Ladder Ideas | Blanket Ladder DIY

Learn from these 20 DIY blanket ladder ideas to arrange an aesthetic and economic place to hold your blankets and towels.

1. Charcoal blanket ladder

You can elevate any room with this farmhouse blanket ladder. It blends seamlessly with the other furniture and this one piece can change your basic room to a trendy one.

2. Pottery Barn knockoff Blanket Ladder

If you love pottery barn, you should look at this tutorial on how you can get the similar blanket ladder in just under 10 dollars. This is an economical way of getting the retail look in your DIY project.

3. Decorative Blanket Ladder

This DIY blanket ladder with thin wooden blocks is a decorative ladder to place the fancy towels, throws, or light blankets.

4. Holiday Style Blanket Ladder

Holiday Style Blanket Ladder

Follow this tutorial for a guide to make a blanket ladder and how you can decorate it for festivities. This is a narrow ladder that does not take much space but can be decorated with fairy lights to brighten up the room or with beautifully knitted throws.

5. Wooden Blanket Ladder

DIY Blanket Ladder Ideas1

This step-by-step tutorial shows how you can make a basic wooden blanket ladder to add character to your house. It has some great tips like adding rubber footing to avoid your ladder sliding and fall among others.

6. Cozy Blanket Ladder

Cozy Blanket Ladder

You can learn to make a DIY blanket ladder by yourself to cozy up the house during winters through this tutorial. It’s a basic ladder that can be used both for decorations and for arranging blankets.

7. Distressed Wooden Blanket

For a complete country house look, you can go for this distressed wooden blanket ladder. It perfectly aligns with the rustic and crude appearance of the house.

8. Economical Blanket Ladder

DIY Blanket Ladder Ideas2

This tutorial shows how you can build a blanket ladder and add felt tips to the edges to avoid any scraping of the wall.

9. Miniature Blanket Ladder

Build yourself a mini blanket ladder that can be used for decorations, towels, small blankets, and be placed anywhere. These do not overbear the whole wall and look like a great accessory for the room.

10. Sturdy Blanket Ladder

Sturdy Blanket Ladder

If you are going for a strong, bulky ladder that blends well with the other rugged furniture of the house, you can take inspiration from this idea. The size of the steps is such that it looks robust.

11. Rustic Blanket Ladder

DIY Blanket Ladder Ideas3

Easy, inexpensive, and quick DIY to build a rustic blanket ladder. It complements well with the rugged farmhouse look and adds extra storage.

12. Farmhouse Blanket Ladder

DIY Blanket Ladder Ideas4

This farmhouse ladder will not take too much of your floor space and will be able to hold many blankets at once. Know the instructions here.

13. Repurposed Blanket Ladder

Repurposed Blanket Ladder

You can repurpose an existing ladder with different color stains to accentuate the particular room where you are using it for décor. This way you can have a unique look for each room and can move around if you want to remodel. Follow here.

14. DIY Blanket Ladder

DIY Blanket Ladder Ideas5

Build a blanket ladder for yourself even if you do not have a ton of experience. This tutorial shows a detailed process of building one in different sizes without many tools. This looks great by the fireplace and will have the blankets ready for a cozy night-in

15. Farmhouse Blanket Ladder

Follow this tutorial to make a rustic farmhouse blanket ladder for your home. It is a great accent piece that mixes well with the farmhouse décor of the house.

16. Small Wooden Ladder

Small Wooden Ladder

Any nook of the house can be highlighted with this compact wooden blanket ladder. Its easy to make and can be placed in boring corners.

17. Hanging Ladder

Hanging Ladder

Make use of that extra wall by creating this DIY hanging blanket ladder. It makes for the good storage of blankets and throws in small apartments without taking much space.

18. Angled Ladder

DIY Blanket Ladder Ideas6

Go for an unconventional style by making this tall angled blanket ladder to throw in blankets and towels of all sizes. It adds height and texture to the wall and looks beautiful with just simple blankets hungover.

19. Vintage Blanket Ladder

Vintage Blanket Ladder

This DIY blanket ladder is a perfect vintage addition to an otherwise modern household. You can keep it in the corner of the room and create an antique ambiance without overbearing the modern look.

20. Modern Ladder

DIY Blanket Ladder Ideas7

This modern blanket ladder is a fine intricate addition to your household and is a little detail that can uplift the contemporary look of the house. It makes use of wooden dowels painted in white which complements the usual white palette of modern houses.

We hope you got an idea for DIYing a blanket ladder for your home among these 20 DIY blanket ladder ideas. Share your experiences with us!


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