20 Bluey Cake Ideas | DIY Birthday Bluey Cakes

In search of the perfect birthday cake for your kid’s special day? These Bluey Cake Ideas will not fail to amaze your kids!

1. Bluey Cake DIY

With a video, it would be tons easier to follow and DIY a bluey cake for your upcoming house party. Be it a birthday or any other occasion, kids are going to love this.

2. Bluey Birthday Cake

This might look too perfect to replicate for beginners, but you can definitely do it with patience and the right instructions.

3. Redo Bluey Cake

Cut and adjust a cake to give it the appearance of Bluey characters and add the icing with different shades to make the cake a perfect replica!

4. Bluey Celebration Cake

Planning for a huge get-together with friends and family? This multi-story cake just might be the show-stopper for all your party needs. The detailed recipe is available at Bluey.tv.

5. Birthday Bluey Dessert

Bluey Cake Ideas2

Lay down different pieces of cake and simply add the frosting with other decorations to give your cake a satisfying look and taste! Find the tutorial here.

6. Easy Bluey Themed Cake Decoration

Decorate a birthday cake at the convenience of your familiar kitchen tabletop and surprise everyone with your cake decoration skills. Watch the video to know the details.

7. Bluey Cake (Standing- up)

We all have seen the round cakes with frosting on them, it’s quite a common cake appearance. If you wish to stand out, you can try this standing cake.

8. Simplest Bluey Cake

If you wish to keep it simple without many figurines, you can easily replicate this cake with minimal from your pantry. You can check the details here.

9. DIY Birthday Bluey Cake

How fun would it be to create your kid’s favorite cartoon character on a cake with your little one’s help? This would be a fun activity to do on your kid’s birthday to skyrocket their excitement.

10. Tall Bluey Cake

This might seem a little too much for the beginners and we agree but with little changes here and there, you can easily create your own version.

11. Simple Cake DIY

via: Merrynamy

This cake doesn’t seem to be a lot of work by the looks of it and if you have prior experience, it would be a piece of cake.

12. A Busy Cake

Take inspiration from this cake and something similar for your kid’s birthday party this year. It might look sophisticated but it’s worth it.

13. Bluey and Her Friends

You can keep this a two-level or add one more layer if you have a larger group to share this with and one level if otherwise.

14. Vanilla Butter Cake

We wouldn’t be wrong if we said that this cake is merely a game of frosting and the right color pallet. But while maintaining the cake decorations, don’t compromise on the taste.

15. Bluey on Top

via: Tessa

A simple yet game-changing cake, which is not only appealing but we’re sure that it would be tasty as well. Pick the right flavors and get going!

16. Birthday Cakes

Too bad this cake has to be cut – such would be the thoughts of your guests when you serve them this beautiful cake at your next house gathering.

17. Fun In The Kitchen Cake

You don’t need an occasion to bake with your kids. Plan a fun Sunday evening with your kids in the kitchen where you can bake together and teach some kitchen essentials to them.

18. Bluey Birthday Cake Ideas

Watch this compilation of 10 Bluey Cake ideas and select what you like best. Keep in mind your needs and supplies in mind while selecting a cake design.

19. Beach Bluey Cake

Bluey Cake Ideas5

Bring the beach vibes at home with this cake that looks tough but is super easy to make and takes less time! Have a look at the steps here.

20. Real Mums Try Bluey Cake

Here are some cakes that mums like you made especially for their kids. Take all the inspiration you need and get baking!


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