20+ Amazing Storage Ideas For Playroom

Do you have a hard time keeping up with where you last put your child’s favorite toy? Here are some amazing storage ideas for the playroom to eliminate the messy chaos and bring order to your household.

Amazing Storage Ideas For Playroom

1. Industrial Playroom

Amazing Storage Ideas For Playroom1

This playroom promotes a rustic decor that helps bring in the natural environment and promotes creativity. It makes use of different storage boxes for different kinds of toys. Further, bookshelves can create more storage spaces for the books and other laying activities such as board games. Place a chalkboard, a table, a play mat, and some sketchbooks for the kids to paint and draw. Strategically make this nook near the backyard entrance to create a cohesive indoor and outdoor playing environment for the kids.

2. Dress-Up Area

Dress-Up Area

If you have a lot of costumes and your child loves to play dress-up, then this hack is perfect for you. Instead of mixing these costumes with the regular clothes and making a mess every time they try to find them, create a specific dress-up closet using a bookcase. Moreover, you can divide it into sections, one for holding the dresses and the other for accessories.

3. Garage Toy Storage

Garage Toy Storage

If your children are involved in various outdoor activities, storing the different costumes, uniforms, accessories, equipment, etc., can be tricky. This tutorial shows an idea wherein you can build wall cabinets in the garage and place storage boxes for each activity. Make an area specific for the balls, one box for swimming, one for baseball, one for artwork, etc., depending on your children’s favorite activity.

4. Toddler Playroom Storage

Amazing Storage Ideas For Playroom2

Toddlers love to move around while they play and leave their toys all around the house. This rolling cart is a great way to pick up the toys around the house and store them as you move. In addition, you can keep different toys in different cart sections for easy access.

5. Industrial Shelf

Industrial Shelf

An industrial shelf with pipes and a wooden slab makes a great storage space with the rough rustic room décor. It has an organic and natural touch. Further, it provides lots of areas to keep things with minimal use of space compared to cabinets. Use it through the length of the wall for extra storage space.

6. Peg Board For Compact Spaces

Peg Board For Compact Spaces

Make the best use of your little spare space for a unique craft wall for the kids’ playing area. Use this peg wall to hang storage boxes and place their art and craft supplies, lighter toys, and other files on the boxes hanging on this peg wall. If you do not have a lot of space, this vertical storage solution is an excellent way of storing these supplies with easy access.

7. Lego Cabinet

Amazing Storage Ideas For Playroom3

Redesign a single-section cabinet to a concealed and multi-box storage cabinet. Use your woodworking skills to create pegs to hold various little boxes for different Legos. Although you can use this clever DIY storage solution to separate the Legos or just for any other items, try not putting too much weight on it.

8. Different Storage Cabinets

Different Storage Cabinets

To avoid mixing up and losing things in the puddle, use different storage cabinets around the room for particular kinds of items. Use a bookcase, a dresser, and a mini desk for a neat look. This blog shows how you can use a mini desk for all their stuffed toys, a bookcase for educational activities, and a dresser for other toys. In addition to all the storage perks, this helps the kids learn to organize and manage things early.

9. Multipurpose Book Case

Multipurpose Book Case

This unique sequential bookcase is an excellent way to store things according to a particular theme in the playroom and best use the wall height. This blog shows how you can create a reading area to inculcate the habit of reading from an early age or use it for other specific activities. Create a section for reading, a different one for board games, another for toys, and maybe one for soft animals, each with its particular look.

10. Bookcases

Amazing Storage Ideas For Playroom4

Here’s another way of using bookcases as you can try making a book wall for the books and other projects. In addition, keep some weaved baskets around the room to store things as and when needed.

11. Tiered Rack With Hanging Baskets

Tiered Rack With Hanging Baskets

A simple way of using the space for storing the numerous toys your child has, this tiered rack helps organize three storage baskets together using minimal space to leave room for the toys. This guide has ideas on how you can make a playroom for the kids with other storage ideas, such as bookcases and dressers around the room.

12. DIY Book Bin

DIY Book Bin

This tutorial shows how you can DIY a horizontal bookcase that works as a bin for keeping all the books or toys, and other stuff. This kind of storage is handy as it is easier for the kids to reach and grab what they need for playing.

13. Lego Storage Vases

Amazing Storage Ideas For Playroom5

If your kids love Legos, then you are probably looking for a storage solution for them. The best and most efficient way to store Legos is using long plastic vases. The plastic makes it safe for children to reach for, and you can also separate them color-wise. Moreover, the bright colors of Legos work like accents and make the room appear more vibrant and lively.

14. Compact Wall Storage

Compact Wall Storage

A separate playroom might not always be a luxury if you live in big cities with compact houses. Use the wall beneath the TV for cabinet space and storage boxes to keep the toys and other supplies in one place. This way, you can enjoy watching TV while your child plays nearby, where you can keep an eye on them.

15. Playroom Organizing Steps

Playroom Organizing Steps

Clean up the playroom with a step-wise guide for storage solutions. This tutorial shows how to use multiple tiny bins to store toys and other art and craft supplies. Follow the steps to remove everything unnecessary and have a more organized and clean playroom.

16. Use Storage Baskets

Amazing Storage Ideas For Playroom6

The first rule for keeping the playroom organized is using baskets whenever possible to avoid things getting messy. Furthermore, it helps in concealing toys and other items. Wicker baskets are useful for this purpose because of their lightweight. Since they blend in very well with the other furniture in the room, wicker baskets seem natural and well placed even when not kept in an orderly manner.

17. Wire Baskets

Wire Baskets

Use racks to hang wire baskets to create a vertical storage space for the room. Further, you can attach them to cabinets or separate sections in a large cabinet and display the collections of toys or literary books using these wire baskets to make things easier to find.

18. Storage Unit

Storage Unit

Like bookcases, different storage units are available that can help keep the playroom organized. These are divided into multiple cubic areas, which provide more opportunities to keep various things and separate them for better organization.

19. Use Bins With Tops

Amazing Storage Ideas For Playroom7

If you do not want things to fall off or want proper concealed storage for the playroom, use bins with tops. This helps cover up the mess and is an excellent storage idea if you keep these bins in areas other than a specific playroom.

20. Use Coat Hooks

Use Coat Hooks

Coat hooks can turn the walls into storage spaces. Hang little baskets on these coat hooks and store the items there. This is an economical way of making vertical storage. However, please ensure that you use the sturdy ones that can hold the basket’s weight and the toys.

21. Behind The Door Organizers

Use the space behind the door to create extra storage space. Hang cloth racks, woven basket racks, or even coat hooks with storage boxes to turn them into a multipurpose door. The best part is that the storage items are hidden behind as you enter the room.

22. Storage Benches

Amazing Storage Ideas For Playroom8

A multipurpose bench that helps create storage space and a seating area can help keep the playrooms more organized. If you do not have storage benches, try using the area beneath them using attractive baskets such as the wicker baskets for making use of the space without spoiling the aesthetic look.

23. Floating Shelves

Floating Shelves

Keep the floor open by using floating shelves on the wall instead of covering the majority with bookcases and cabinets. Even if everything is well placed, too many cupboards make the room look congested and cluttered. Therefore, place them strategically and high enough to avoid your children banging their heads accidentally on these shelves.


Having a child around turns the house upside down, and nothing can be found where it used to be. To rectify and avoid the mess, using storage ideas for the kid’s playroom is the best course of action to stifle the chaos and restore relative order.

You can choose from the list of amazing storage ideas for the playroom according to your preference, likes, and availability. We hope the ideas we have compiled work for you. Share your thoughts and experience in the comments below! Thank you for reading.


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