19 Thrift and Easy Ideas for a DIY Vanity Under $50

Here are 19 ideas for a DIY vanity under $50, which you can make without altering your budget. Pamper yourself with these thrifty and easy to build vanity ideas!

Having your own makeup vanity is simple and convenient. Buying a new one can be pretty expensive but making your own DIY vanity is pure genius! Let’s take a look at some DIY ideas that can help you build your own vanity under $50.

1. DIY Ikea Vanity

Create your own dream vanity for less than $50 with this adjustable set that includes a table, a wall mirror and a stool under $5. Have a look at this IKEA Vanity here.

2. Simple DIY Vanity Tutorial

This vanity is a perfect fit for people with small space apartments, all you need is a spare wall to feature this vanity. Watch the video to know the supplies and the steps.

3. DIY Vanity Table Set-up

DIY Vanity Under $501

If you have the time and bandwidth to assemble, then go for this DIY vanity. This table set up is affordable and includes all that a vanity should have! Click here.

4. Chic Minimalist DIY Vanity

If you are into minimalism and short on space too, this make up vanity is the perfect answer to all your problems. Check out the video to know the step-by-step details.

5. DIY Vanity Wall with Ottoman

Stain a wood shelf and attach it to the wall under a mirror, it’s all that you need to do for this idea. As a seating arrangement, you can use a ottoman or a ghost chair to add a little decor touch to your vanity.

6. DIY Vanity Mirror

Line up a mirror with bulbs and hang it on a spare wall in your bathroom or bedroom to feature this chic vanity. Add a floating table under the mirror to store your makeup and other essentials.

7. DIY Vanity Bulb Mirror

Make an expensive looking vanity mirror for under $20 and couple it up with a storage shelf and chair for a budget vanity. Get the mirror tutorial in the video above.

8. DIY Vanity Table Tutorial

DIY Vanity Under $502

Instead of purchasing expensive vanities, DIYing this table will help you save on budget while being able to create a dream Vanity. Check out the step-by-step instructions here.

9. Cardboard Vanity Dresser

Make use of those cardboard box piles in your home to create this sturdy and functional vanity dresser. Or you can DIY this idea for your little princess as well. Watch the video.

10. DIY Plastic Vanity Organizer

Easy to use and long lasting, watch this video to know how to use plastic storage drawers to create a thrift vanity. Paint and spruce up the containers for a better looking vanity.

11. Vanity Mirror with Lights

If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your already existing vanity, attaching lights around the mirror is your way to fancy it up. Otherwise, build a vanity with this mirror, a shelf, and a seating chair!

12. Apartment Size Vanity on Budget

All you need is a small table, an oval mirror, and a chair to create an explicit and cheap vanity. Follow this DIY and make a beautiful and functional vanity at home.

13. Budget Friendly DIY Vanity

Looking to create a makeup vanity that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket? Watch the video to learn this cheap Walmart/dollar tree DIY vanity that you can create for under $30.

14. DIY Vanity in Budget

Design this vanity in your favorite color and dimensions as per the space that you have available. Watch the video to learn more about this budget idea.

15. Upcycled Vintage Desk Project

Repurpose an old vintage table into a makeshift DIY vanity table and couple it up with a fancy mirror. Learn the instructions in the video above.

16. DIY Floating Vanity

Create a floating vanity table for as low as $15 and pair it with a mirror and chair for this Vanity! Watch this video tutorial to learn this DIY process.

17. Updated Bathroom Vanity

Reuse and transform your old cabinets with a minimalistic color to add an elegant touch and design to your bathroom vanity. In addition to the final output, take a look at the details of this DIY here.

18. Refurbished Vanity

DIY Vanity Under $503

Refurbish and repurpose some of your favorite items that you no longer use and make the best make up vanity ever! Know how to make this vanity here.

Get inspired by these DIY Vanity Under $50 and create a cheap yet elegant vanity today! If you’d like to share your project or any other innovative idea with us, hit the comments below!


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