19 Creative and Simple DIY Picnic Ideas You Shouldn’t Miss

Looking for some cool DIY picnic party ideas? From tasty meals to decoration and invitation, here’s a roundup of 20 best picnic party ideas!

1. Mason Jar Meals

Store your food conveniently in mason jars to make room for other things in your picnic bag. Here are some recipes that you can try!

2. Mini Cute Picnic Baskets

Transform a boring spot into a fantastic and pretty picnic area using some tips mentioned here. You’ll need floral paper plates, floral paper cups, food flags, dessert spoons, mini baskets, floral lanterns, wooden utensils, and jute twine.

3. Pack A Picnic Basket Like A Pro

Learn a clean and simple way to pack your picnic basket so that everything remains intact without spilling. Click here.

4. Picnic In A Jar

Pack your food in a mason jar and plastic container to avoid carrying unnecessary containers. Visit The Gunny Sack.

5. DIY Picnic Ideas 

Here are some ideas that you can try to make your hot summer picnic a little soothing with the goodness of watermelon!

6. All In One Picnic Blanket Tote

Create an all-in-one picnic blanket tote, which you can make using a vinyl table cloth, a shower curtain, and a blanket top. Craft Buds has the tutorial.

7. DIY Leather Blanket Carrier

With this leather carrier, it will be much easier to carry your blanket during a picnic. Follow the DIY tutorial here.

8. DIY Picnic Necklaces For Kids

This candy necklace idea is a fun way to easy dispense snacks for your kids while on a picnic. Also, it’s a great activity to undergo on a party or a play evening. You just insert the candy loops into a food safe twine.

9. Picnic Day For Mom

Line a wooden berry basket with a floral picnic cloth and fill it up with some tasty stuff to imitate the picnic decor. You can use paper cups and bags to store your food in the basket.

10. Let’s Picnic Invitations

Invite your friends or family to your picnic party in the lovely weather with an invitation tag like above. Find help from this site.

11. Picnic Summer Cheeseboard

Recreate this delicious cheeseboard with the supplies here to take your summer picnic experience to a new level.

12. DIY Picnic Wooden Basket

When it comes to going on a picnic, baskets are probably the second thing after food which comes to your mind. This DIY guides you in making a picnic basket.

13. DIY Bowl Covers

Covering your dishes makes it easier to carry food and moreover, it keeps away the insects that can otherwise destroy your food. Check out the tutorial here.

14. Sunset-Dyed Basket Liner + Pouch

Line up your picnic basket with a dyed liner, which you can create using a fabric and your sewing skills. Visit Design Sponge for the steps.

15. DIY Mason Jar Straw Lids

Drill a hole into the lid of a mason jar and slip a rubber grommet through the hole, that’s all. We found the idea here.

16. DIY Picnic Baskets

Cut out a basket layout from a butcher paper and form the basket by following the DIY here. These are a cheap and clever way to avoid spending money on wooden picnic baskets.

17. Pineapple Palm Tree For Serving

When it comes to picnics, the serving game becomes exceptionally unique and strong. Try making a pineapple palm tree serving tray with this tutorial by eHow.

18. DIY Picnic Boxed Lunch

Box up a homemade lunch to avoid eating fast food from outdoor food joints. Look at the ideas here.

19. Reusable Drink Carrier

Make carrying drinks to picnic spots a lot easier by creating this reusable drink carrier in a few simple steps. Have a look here.



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