19 Cricut Wall Decor Ideas

Decorating or adding a personal touch to your space makes it more special to us. It feels a little more like home and enhances your mental peace. Read till the end to discover amazing ways you can personalize your space with these Cricut wall decor ideas.

Cricut Wall Decor Ideas

1. Custom Wall Art

This tutorial shows how you can decorate your room with personal touches that resonate with you in simple and easy ways. Further, you can use these inspirations to decorate every room and space of your house to make it reflect your personality. This will enhance the overall ambiance of the house, make it look beautiful and extravagant, and impress everyone who visits!

2. DIY High-End Home Decor Ideas With Cricut

Are you looking for DIY home decor ideas that suit your luxurious tastes? You can try making this exquisite pillow and wall frame with Cricut without much effort. Moreover, besides the basic supplies you need, they don’t cost much, and the whole project is not excessively time-consuming as well.

3. Large DIY Wall Art

Follow the tutorial for an amazing, unique, fun, and exciting DIY large wall art idea that looks so elegant and extravagant that one can never guess they are homemade. You can use your creativity and imagination, mix in a little effort and time to save a fortune to DIY pretty wall arts.

4. DIY Key Holder

Cricut Wall Decor Ideas1

Do you want to do something fun and productive? Here’s the perfect tutorial for you. DIY key holder idea, whether it’s a key leash, lanyard, or simply a regular ole key ring, is a fantastic way to hold your keys. In addition, you can even use it to hang the dog leash. Simply hang it on the front door using command strips from Home Depot. Moreover, the best part is that this key store is a fantastic way to keep track of your key rings and other little items.

5. DIY Clock With Cricut Vinyl

DIY Clock With Cricut Vinyl

If you haven’t been able to find a clock you like, make one using Cricut Vinyl. This tutorial shows how to complete the steps to make your own clock that you can boast about! This DIY clock is simple to create even if you aren’t particularly crafty, so don’t be put off by the prospect of making your own clock. Further, designing this clock is a piece of cake if you have the correct equipment and a few supplies.

6. Cricut Paper Flower Shadow Box

Cricut Paper Flower Shadow Box

Paper flower shadow boxes make a lovely present for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or just to express gratitude to someone special. Learning how to make the Cricut paper flower or roses is the first step in making these gorgeous rolling flower shadow boxes. Further, these paper flower shadow boxes are a simple way to decorate a place or give a unique present. Moreover, to make the experience even better, you can add a quote to the top!

7. Cricut Glass Etching On Bathroom Tiles

Cricut Wall Decor Ideas2

Follow this tutorial to learn an extraordinary and unique way to use Cricut to etch glass and make gifts unforgettable. Who knew that you could do Cricut glass etching? Well, you can follow the tutorial to discover how! The DIY Cricut glass etching method looks, if not better, just as good as any laser etched glass product.

8. DIY Wall Decor

DIY Wall Decor

Add this beautiful piece to your gallery wall that will remind you of positive and happy thoughts! You can follow this tutorial to make this DIY wall decor using Cricut for yourself or as a gift for your family. This project is an excellent way to spend some free time, and since it goes with decor style, it is the perfect addition to your gallery wall. Happy Crafting!

9. DIY Wall Art With Cricut Vinyl

 DIY Wall Art With Cricut Vinyl

Are you looking for an effortless wall decoration idea? We have the perfect one for you! This DIY wall decor is beautiful, affordable, with no messy paints involved, and most importantly, you can turn your favorite picture into the most amazing DIY wall art ever!

10. Spring Mini Cricut Maker Quilt

Cricut Wall Decor Ideas3

When the spring is around the corner and your yard and trees are still brown, you can opt to make some colorful blossoms to pass the time till the actual ones bloom. Additionally, the maker machine with a handy small rotary blade allows you to cut quilting cotton without the need for any bonding. Instead of printing pattern pieces or measuring (and double-checking), give Cricut quilting a try!

11. Paper Butterfly Canvas Wall Art

Paper Butterfly Canvas Wall Art

Follow this step-by-step tutorial to learn to create an easy paper butterfly heart canvas or wall art, including four butterfly patterns for you to use. Although you can follow specific ways to arrange the butterflies from the tutorial, you can choose to place them randomly but beautifully the way you like. This is a lovely and fun project to make in your spare time.

12. DIY Paper Feather Wall Hanging

Do you love feathers and paper crafts? If yes, then follow this tutorial to make a beautiful nature-inspired DIY wall hanging! It is fun to make, requires minimal supplies, and takes no extra time. Further, it is interesting and adds a personal touch to your indoor space!

13. DIY Canvas Wall Hanging

DIY Canvas Wall Hanging

The simplest things in life can bring us the greatest joy. Therefore, you should invest time in making a lovely DIY canvas wall hanging to remind yourself to appreciate the simple things in life. This tutorial is easy to follow, minimalistic, and takes no time to make. Further, you can use bright colors that make you think of beautiful and happy things!

14. Wood Wall Art with Cricut Iron-On

Cricut Wall Decor Ideas4

You can make customized wood wall art out of scrap wood, plaid paint, and Cricut iron-on using this tutorial in only a few minutes. The wood wall art takes around 20 minutes to finish (not including drying time) and is a fantastic way to fill in the awkward gaps in your college walls.

15. DIY Cork Board Travel Map

DIY Cork Board Travel Map

Follow this tutorial to make your own DIY Cork Board Travel Map to keep track of your travels and plan your next trip! This is an excellent and simple present idea for any travel enthusiast you have in your life! It might seem sophisticated but if you stick to the directions, finishing this project is a piece of cake!

16. DIY Large Wooden Sign Using Cricut Explore Air

DIY Large Wooden Sign Using Cricut Explore Air

Decorate your home with these beautiful wooden signs made with Cricut Explore Air and impress your kids and guests with your creativity. Although this project is longer than most, it is quite worth it. With a little bit of effort and time, you can make this huge wood sign and make your house feel a little more like home!

17. Easy DIY Wallpaper With Vinyl Decals

Cricut Wall Decor Ideas5

Are you looking for inspiration to DIY an easy wallpaper that will accentuate your wall with little time and effort? Follow the tutorial to make this cute and crafty DIY wallpaper. Moreover, it takes less than two hours and no more than $20 to make these DIY wall decals using a Cricut and some vinyl!

18. DIY Wooden Artwork

DIY Wooden Artwork

Use your Cricut maker to make this fantastic DIY wooden art that is perfect for a new home or if you are decorating your space. Although this project seems like it might take a lot of time, you can follow the tips from the tutorial to cut wood and save some precious hours. Further, this project is super fun, amazing, and worth the time and effort. So dive right in and use your creativity to impress all your visitors!

19. DIY Gather Sign For Fall

Cricut Wall Decor Ideas6

Fall is the time when all of the family gather for a cozy dinner or big celebration. A get-together means making the house look presentable, which can be challenging when you run out of ideas, especially if it’s your first time hosting or you’ve been hosting year after year. Follow this tutorial for the perfect DIY gather sign for fall! It is elegant, beautiful, unique, and cost-friendly.

We hope you liked these Cricut wall decor ideas and you’d surely try to DIY some of these and bring a personalized touch to your home! Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


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