19 Elegant Black Dining Room Decorating Ideas

Take inspiration from these 19 black dining room decorating ideas and create a unique eating space in your home!

1. Dark Dining Decor with Hint of Golden

Black Dining Room Decorating Ideas1

Hanging a golden chandelier from the ceiling or using it in the wine cabinet adds glamour in the room but with a touch of modesty. The black furniture reflects the golden light creating a sense of tranquillity in the room. You can also enhance the decor in the room with beautiful minimalist golden accessories.

2. Minimal Dark Dining Decor

Minimal Dark Dining Decor

Use black furniture matching with the dark walls of your dining room and add some minimalist furniture accessories like earthen crockery like in the above picture. These bare minimum decoration pieces add substantial impact to the room appearance in the all-black backdrop.

3. Monochromatic Dining Decor

Monochromatic Dining Decor

Add a pop of color by using monochromatic décor pieces in the dining room. These make the room brighter and also gives the appearance of a larger room, making it great for small dining spaces.

4. Classy Black Dining Room

Black Dining Room Decorating Ideas2

Add sophistication to your black dining room using this example. The use of glass cabinets and a glass table makes it look very stylish and elegant while displaying a superior look.

5. Black Dining Room Decorating Ideas

Black Dining Room Decorating Idea

This is a perfect example of a themed dining room. You can use two shades and decorate the room in a perfect balance. Using a dark-colored shade like green or navy keeps the primary look of the dark dining room.

6. Perfectly Contrasted Dark Dining Room

Perfectly Contrasted Dark Dining Room

A white countertop, white contrasting dining chairs, and black and white art add a nice accent and provides a stark contrast in the room.

7. Dark Dining Room Decor

Black Dining Room Decorating Ideas3

In the above setting, two of the dining chairs are replaced with wooden chairs, which brings an outdoorsy feeling. Add a lot of indoor plants and give a rustic country feel to your black dining room.

8. Stylish Dining Room Decor Idea

Stylish Dining Room Decor Idea

The high rise dining table with stylish metallic chairs makes it look very sharp. Add some indoor plants with dark-colored pots and some low hanging ceiling lights to add more accent to the room.

9. Elegant Dining Room Decor

Elegant Dining Room Decor

These curvy chairs and the extravagant spiky chandelier are sure to attract some eyeballs. Style your dining room with some extra-ordinary furniture and all eyes would be on your dining table. Using just black chairs and adding accents of black to other furniture will bring out the elegance of the room.

10. Modern Room Decor

Black Dining Room Decorating Ideas4

A small dining table in the middle of the kitchen with lighter shade chairs gives a modern touch to your whole kitchen. Accessorize with minimum decoration like a simple vase.

11. Contrasting Room Decor

Contrasting Room Decor

What catches the eye in the above setting is the hanging white and black pendant lights. It is a very minimalist approach to achieve a contrasting room décor where this one single accessory accentuates the whole theme.

12. Dark Classy Decor for Dining Room

Dark Classy Decor for Dining Room

Try using different hues of black in your dining room to get a classy look. Add different shades of black through rugs, paintings and hanging lights.

13. Dining Room Decor with a Huge Painting

Black Dining Room Decorating Ideas5

A simple yet effective way to enhance the aesthetic of the room is to add a large painting on the black dining room wall. Pull out the colors from the painting for your dining chairs to add just the right amount of drama to your bold and luxurious dining room.

14. Black and White Decor for Dining Room

Black and White Decor for Eating Room

You cannot go wrong with a black and white dining room. It’s the classical and traditional approach for a dark themed decor while giving a timeless look to the room.

15. Dark Dining Room Decor with Patterns

Dark Dining Room Decor with Patterns

If you have a dark dining room with an all-black kitchen and dining table, try adding bright patterns to the adjacent room. Patterns look trendy and innovative because they make a statement while breaking traditional ways of decoration.

16. Dining Room Decor with Unique Ornaments

Black Dining Room Decorating Ideas6

A unique chandelier, a different dining table, and other quirky ornaments in the room are great elements for having a creative dining room. It will take the limelight away from the dark walls, and will highlight the eccentricity of the whole space.

17. Round Table Dining Room Decor

Round Table Dark Room Decor

Keep it simple with a round dining table with suede chairs and a wooden table to create a sumptuous look. The floor lights make the decoration effortless without taking away the luxury of the whole space.

18. Black Dining Room Decoration

Dark Room Decoration

This formal dining room uses a combination of wood and black for the table as well as for the shelves. The decorative wood and black colored shelves create a perfect match with the table.

19. Shades of Black Decor

Black Dining Room Decorating Ideas7

Create a whole rustic look by using different shades of black and white in the room. The grey feature wall and white ceiling highlights, with antique vases and grey wall decor, adds a lot of character to the room.

Adding black to the dining room is not very common and is usually ignored because of a perception that it takes out the energy of the room. But using the right decor in a black dining room can give a very sophisticated and elegant look to your house and also stand out among common dining rooms.

Few tips and tricks that come in handy for decorating a dark dining room:

  • Create a feature wall with either a bookshelf, colorful wallpaper, or a painting.
  • Add little details to the room like a small shelf or moldings in the wall
  • Create a balance of things. Do not go overboard with patterns, colors, or accessories.
  • Use stylish furniture and move away from the basic ones.
  • Start with just dark floors or dark shade rug.

With these black dining room decorating ideas and tips, you’ll be able to ace your dark themed decor!


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