18 Small Space Home Office Ideas You’ll Drool Over

Get inspired and be more productive at home with these exciting small space home office ideas that you’ll drool over!

1. Make Use of Vertical Space

Small Space Home Office Ideas You'll Drool Over1

Take inspiration from this compact work-station design, perfect for people who want a home office in their bedroom. Not only does this home office give you the liberty of being away from the noisy rooms of your home, but it is ideal for people with less space. If you have a partition between wardrobes or walls, it’s the best space to create a home office. Make yourself a wooden drawer-desk and mount it in between the area to DIY a compact home space.

2. Make a Bohemian Home Office

Make a Bohemian Home Office

This bright and spacious home office could be a work haven for creative people. In addition to the open space and natural light, this inspirational home office design is ideal for people who like minimalism. Find a relaxing corner in your home and create your bohemian work station and relax zone for the perfect office space.

3. Make Office in Closet

Small Space Home Office Ideas You'll Drool Over2

Make notes of the elements required to make the perfect home office here. This closet size home office idea displays a functional, compact, and yet personal workplace at home. So, if you have an empty closet, you know what you should store in it next!

4. Use Small Furniture to Save Space

Use Small Furniture to Save Space

Fresh, modern, and structured, this home office displays a sunny workspace that can help you be more productive without any distractions. So, make notes on saving space with small and minimalist furniture, but adding unique touches to your home office personal.

5. Make a Colorful Office in Bedroom

Small Space Home Office Ideas You'll Drool Over3

Learn how to make your home office pop with this inspirational design space. Colorful, vibrant, and full of character, this home office will help you be more motivated to work. It will also help you cheer up on Mondays and get things done!

6. Make a Secret Home Office

Make a Secret Home Office

Structured to hide behind a facade entirely, this home office design is perfect for people who have work stations in the living room. Not only does it help cover up the office and your work when someone visits, but it also helps in keeping important documents away from the kids.

7. Use Wallpaper

Small Space Home Office Ideas You'll Drool Over3

If you are struggling with space to spruce up your home office, take inspiration from this idea where a wallpaper adds more color and character to the space. Not only does the decluttered space help you concentrate better, but it also adds a minimalist modern touch to the area.

8. Use Transforming Desks

Use Transforming Desks

If your work demands long hours and undivided attention, this transforming desk home office idea is best for you. In addition to giving you standing or jogging breaks, this smart design helps you wrap up work till you are dragged away from your desk by the family.

9. Install a shelf in Corner of the Room

Small Space Home Office Ideas You'll Drool Over4

Create your own special corner that is cozy, comfortable, have natural light, and can help you work without any distractions. You can also customize your corner home office to add more colors and personal touches for motivation.

10. Use Ghost Chair to Save Visible Space

Use Ghost Chair to Save Visible Space

Trick the visitors by visibly saving space at your work desk with ghost chairs and elements. At the same time, treat your senses and be inspired to work hard, sitting in a creative and vibrant space. The lack of excess space on the desk helps avoid clutter. Furthermore, it makes cleaning around, and under your work station much easy. Take inspiration from this home office design.

11. Sit or Stand Workplace

Small Space Home Office Ideas You'll Drool Over5

Use a high work station for alternating between sitting down and standing up while working. This home office idea is ideal for people who are tall or cannot sit for long hours.

12. Make a Office Under the Stairs

Make a Office Under the Stairs

Make good use of the space under the stairs to create a functional yet compact home office. In addition to the creative use of space, this idea helps you explore unique storage and furniture options for your home office.

13. Add Some Artwork

Small Space Home Office Ideas You'll Drool Over6

Not only does adding artwork impart a personal touch to your workspace, but it also adds a persona to the office. You can also create a theme with the photographs, for instance, adding personal pictures, work-based images, or motivational quotes, whatever inspires and motivates you to work better. Take inspiration here.

14. Make Office in Laundry Room

Make Office in Laundry Room

Another intelligent use of unconventional space, this idea invites you to explore the laundry room as your home office. If you do not wash your clothes during the day, this could be your quiet haven for working without any interruptions. Also, if your job allows you to complete home chores during the day and work at night, this could again be a quiet corner to work.

15. Install A Fold Down Desk

Small Space Home Office Ideas You'll Drool Over8

Find this compact mounted desk at Amazon for $89 to install a home office on an empty wall or space. In addition to being simple and functional, this home office doesn’t act as a permanent feature. You can fold up the desk when not in use. Of all the small space home office ideas, this idea has the most limited labor efforts.

16. Use That Awkward Corner for Home Office

Use That Awkward Corner for Home Office

Another good use of unconventional spaces or awkward corners in your home is to mount some boards on the wall as per your needs. Like in the image above, a small corner is used as office space while keeping it minimal with limited wooden boards. Cut wooden boards in sizes you want and fix them on the wall to replicate this idea.

17. Make Hidden Working Area in Bedroom with Curtain

Make Hidden Working Area in Bedroom with Curtain

Keep your home office in your bedroom, yet separate from your private space with curtains. Make use of an isolated corner of your bedroom and convert it into a home office with a desk and a chair. Then, separate it from the main room by parting it with curtains. Simple yet effective way to make use of extra space around your home.

18. Chalkboard Wall for a Creative Small Home Office

Chalkboard Wall for a Creative Small Home Office

A creative way to use your wall when you have less space for your office. In addition to making notes, this chalkboard wall can help you create a unique and artistic home office. You can replicate the home office above or customize it as per your needs. A desk, a chair, and some wooden planks are all you might need to create a similar office space.

Working at home can be distracting sometimes. Therefore, create a proper space for working at home with these small space home office ideas. Also, avoid working in your bed as it can make you lazy.


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