How To Make a Gift Card Bouquet | DIY Gift Card Bouquet

Instead of giving a boring gift card on its own, assemble a gift card bouquet to win the recipient’s heart and make a statement as well!

1. One For The Teachers

Surprise your teacher with a heart-warming gift card bouquet that will let them know about your gratitude evidently! Take inspiration from here.

2. Birthday Bouquet

Some birthdays are more exciting than others like when you reach the age of freedom and adulthood! Give this birthday bouquet as a token of your blessings on someone special’s birthday!

3. Simple Gift Card Bouquet

This idea is a clever bouquet out of gift cards DIY as it only requires minimal effort and supplies but is a potential gifting solution! Check out the idea for inspiration here.

4. Restaurant Gift Card

A gift that every foodie would like to receive! DIY this restaurant gift card bouquet to leave the food-lover recipient in awe and exhilaration!

5. Christmas Gift Card

Short on ideas for a Christmas gift? Well, gift cards have always got your back. Collect and assemble gift cards in a similar way and celebrate Christmas with friends and family!

6. Huge Gift

If you are a group contributing to one huge gift for a teacher or anyone, this idea might suit your pockets. Check out the idea here.

7. Simple DIY Bouquet

This idea is so simple that you can include your kids in getting this ready for their favorite teachers! You can find the tutorial here.

8. Gift Card Bouquet for Teachers

Express immense gratitude towards your teachers with this gift card bouquet idea. This could be a school project as well where children can assemble this during the appreciation week.

9. Creative Way to Give Gift Cards

Ditch just giving a pale and boring gift card as a present. Try ideas like such to make your gifts look cool and fun!

10. A Bouquet for Everyone

Be it for a teacher, mother, father, or friend, this effortful gift card will surely make your love known explicitly. Follow the tutorial here.

11. Cricut Mother’s Day Bouquet

If you have a Cricut machine, this idea will definitely suit your convenience. You can swap the flowers with other figures as well to suit the occasion!

12. Appreciation Week Bouquet

In a pot, place a styrofoam ball and arrange your fake flowers in it. Later, add different felt figures with plant stakes to assemble this bouquet. Check out the idea here.

13. Birthday Bouquet

Wondering how to give a gift card in an interesting way? A gift card bouquet is the answer to add a creative touch to your gift card. Have a look here.

14. Creative Gift Card Bag

Stack up your gift cards with the help of stakes and a styrofoam base inside a fancy paper bag to recreate this idea. Find the tutorial here.

15. Creative Bouquet

The thing with handmade presents is that they can never be replaced by something as simple as a gift card. Elevate your gift card with a creative idea to present it.

16. Mother’s Day Bouquet

As a parent, you can encourage your kids to take part in DIYing this for their mother on upcoming Mother’s Day! Find the DIY tutorial here.

17. Christmas Bouquet with Gift Card

Whether you have one gift card or a bunch of them, if you arrange them like this, the recipient is sure to get flattered!

18. Teacher’s Gift Card Bouquet

This idea is easy and even your kids can give you a hand with creating this for their teacher! Check out the idea for inspiration here.


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