18 Halloween Lighting Decorations for Living Room

Decorate the insides of your house with these Halloween lighting decorations for living room ideas that are sure to impress anybody!

1. Floating Candles

These floating candles are an ideal addition to your Halloween décor, especially if you are a Harry Potter fan. In addition to adding a beautiful finishing touch to your interiors, these settings help you bring the starry sky inside your home. So, follow this video tutorial to learn the magic and tricks of adding floating candles to your home.

2. Candles Lighting

Halloween Lighting Decoration for Living Room1

Candles are and always will be an important part of Halloween lighting. Try placing candles of different shapes and sizes around your house to add a hauntingly beautiful look to your décor. You can also create small clusters of candles around a decorative patch and some inside your pumpkins for an excellent finishing touch.

3. Halloween Party Décor

Halloween Party Décor

Add an eerie yet elegant touch to your home interiors with this monochromatic theme this Halloween. Complement the decoration and accents with black-lit candles or spider string lights. This simple and efficient lighting idea will make your décor the ‘talk of the town.’

4. String Lights

Halloween Lighting Decoration for Living Room2

Orange string lights will look amazing around your carved pumpkins with a candlelit inside them. You can also add red strings around a spooky setting and add an edge to your Halloween décor. So, take inspiration and decorate your home with light strings instead of putting much effort.

5. Spooky Forest Living Room

Spooky Forest Living Room

Make notes and replicate this LIT space for your Halloween lighting decoration for the living room with this idea here. Besides adding amazing design elements that complement the fall season and the spooky holiday, the idea helps you implement lighted words to add to your décor too.

6. Haunted Living Room Inspiration

Haunted Living Room Inspiration

This DIY Halloween lighting teaches you the smart use of lights to create a spooky and genius set-up in your living room. Take advantage of your lighting fixtures in your room and get doing this amazing idea!

7. Living Room Dramatic Scene Inspiration

Halloween Lighting Decoration for Living Room3

Follow this amazing inspirational décor idea to create a dramatic scene or set up in your living room this fall season. In addition to the accents and décor details, the wall-facing lights and intelligent placement of the lamps make this Halloween decoration hauntingly real and even more scarier.

8. Bloody Candles for Decoration

Bloody Candles for Decoration

A simple trick that will add a spooky touch to your lighting detail– create these blood dripping candles here. Besides being smart, this DIY can make any place look scarier without taking much of your time and efforts.

9. Pumpkin-Spider Lantern

Halloween Lighting Decoration for Living Room4

Attach faux spider legs to a mini pumpkin and your pumpkin-spider is all ready to scare people! Place tealights in them and scatter them around your living room to take your decor to the next level. However, make sure that you don’t place them under any flammable things to avoid any fire hazard.

10. Mason Jar Luminaries

Mason Jar Luminaries

Wrap different colored strings around a mason jar and light them up with tea lights to recreate this Halloween lighting decoration for living room. You can make as many of them as you like and yet light up your living room under budget!

11. Lamps Decor

Lamps decor

Halloween is the perfect time to go old-school and use old lamps to light up your decorations, especially your mantle pieces and pumpkin patches. In addition to lending an old school charm, these are the perfect props for lights if you are going for a vintage horror theme.

12. Pumpkin Lanterns for Living Room

Halloween Lighting Decoration for Living Room5

You can never go wrong with pumpkins on Halloween. Redo this porch lanterns and feature them in your living room to make for a minimal yet amazing living room decor.

13. Halloween Lantern for Living Room

Halloween Lantern for Living Room

Another lighting idea that will add a spooky detail to your living room décor– learn multiple uses and DIY designs for paper lanterns here. Hang them from your living room ceiling and it will light the surrounding effectively.

14. Hanging Spider Light and Candles

Hanging Spider Light and Candles

Decorate your light string with faux spiders to give them an instant spooky touch. Strategically place carved pumpkins and lighted candles to add a warm and elegant Halloween lighting decor.

15. Broom Chandelier

Halloween Lighting Decoration for Living Room6

Take inspiration from this image to create a unique Halloween theme broom chandelier for your dining space or party area. Hang a broom from the ceiling and them tie mason jar luminaries from it to redo the idea. This idea will add a terrific look to your dining setting for your guests.

16. Candle Lighting

Candle Lighting

Get your inspiration to set-up an elegant fall or Halloween setup at home with this subtle yet beautiful décor idea. Mix simple Halloween elements with fall colors to upstage your home and living room interiors this Halloween.

17. Stranger Things Inspired

Halloween Lighting Decoration for Living Room7

If you wish to go a little wild with your décor ideas, pick up this ‘Stranger Things’ inspired light and alphabet wall for your Halloween décor. Not only would it create a small fan base at your party, but it can also serve as the perfect backdrop for Halloween images.

18. Bats, Webs, and Candles!

Bats, Webs, and Candles!

You can use these elements and scatter them around your house, however, bringing them in a corner will create a much spooky set-up for photographs and will add a more realistic touch to your décor. Decorate a corner of your living room in similar fashion with candles, spider webs, spiders, and any other innovative setting.

Halloween String Lights to Choose from for Halloween Lighting Decorations for Living Room

1. Skeleton Lighting

This colorful skeleton string light will be a fun addition to your near-the-fireplace decor. Line your fireplace with these strings and candles to set the Halloween theme.

2. String Lights

Wrap these orange string lights around carved pumpkins and it will instantly emit a fall theme like nothing else. You can place these pumpkins around your living room to go for a minimal and practical decor.

3. Halloween Pumpkins

Decorate your living room or porch door with these Halloween pumpkins string light to light your surrounding at budget.

4. Halloween String Lights

A couple of these Halloween string lights can aptly decorate and lighten your living room without requiring much efforts from you.

5. Hanging Waterproof Lights

These lights can add a frightening touch to any room in your house, lest the living room! Use these lights with a black monochromatic setting to emit an eerie feel.

6. Ghost String Lights

These cute string lights can be your way to decorate your house in the Halloween theme without giving your kids a nightmarish scare.

7. Spider String Lights

Even if you despise spiders, these spider string lights should be a must in your Halloween theme decor list. These lights will go well with one of the multi-colored decor theme in this list.

8. Witch’s Hats Lights

Hang these glowing witch hats from your living room ceiling and you are good to go to host a wonderful Halloween party!

We hope that you liked these Halloween lighting decorations for living room and that you will try one of these this year! If you do end up trying one of these decor ideas, share your decor with us in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you.


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