18 Leather DIY Crafts | DIY Leather Craft Ideas

These leather DIY crafts are fun to create and practical at the same time. All of them can be created on a budget using basic supplies!

1. Leather Flannel Snap Scarf

Leather DIY Crafts 1

Attach leather straps to the ends of the scarf and install snaps to it as you like.  Further instructions in detail are available at Delia Creates.

2. Leather Laptop Case DIY

Leather Craft DIY 2

Make use of leather scrap, brass rivet, rivet setter, hammer, and scissors to create this protective case for your laptop. Take help from this step-by-step guide.

3. Leather DIY Crafts

Leather Craft DIY 3

Cover up your notebook in soft leather with an added touch of gold leaf impression on it. Have a look at the tutorial at Lovely Indeed.

4. Geometric Leather Mouse Pad

Leather DIY Crafts 4

Wrap a leather scrap onto the mouse pad using a strong adhesive and cut it to a desirable shape, that’s all! Look closely at the directions here.

5. DIY No Sew Leather Jewelry Pouch

Leather DIY Crafts 5

Store your small pieces of jewelry and accessories in a leather pouch, which you can create with leather, ribbon, bead, bowl, and a hole punch. Have a look at Something Turquoise.

6. Leather DIY Crafts Tissue Pouch

Leather DIY Crafts 6

Overlap the ends of a leather piece on each other and sew the raw ends as shown in this tutorial. This is a great idea to make space for some extra tissues in your bag!

7. Leather Straps For Tote Bags

Leather DIY Crafts 7

Make this striped color tote bag out of grommets, hole punch, rivets, jump ring, fabric, and sewing essentials. Refer to this tutorial by Pretty Prudent.

8. Leather Sunglasses Case DIY

Leather Craft DIY 8

Trace this pattern onto your leather piece and sew a 10-inch leather scrap to the back of the case. This case is not just stylish but a great way to protect your sunglasses from accidental scratches and damage.

9. Leather DIY Crafts Hair Bows

Leather Craft DIY 9

Add an extra ascent to your kid’s hairstyle by clipping this faux leather bowtie in her hair. Visit Cute Girl Hairstyles to know the DIY details.

10. No Sew Leather Key Fob

Leather Craft DIY 10

Make carrying keys easy and straightforward with this no-sew leather key fob DIY. You’ll need a strip of leather, scissors, a hammer, leather rivet kit, a hole punch, and a key ring.

11. DIY Leather Tassel Keychain

Leather Craft DIY 11

Waterfall tassels are into trend these days since they can beautify anything or any space. Attach these tassel keychains to keys, clutches, or give them as a gift to your loved ones!

12. DIY Beaded Leather Bracelet

Leather Craft DIY 12

Beads and leather, when combined make a tremendous handmade bracelet that’s admired by everyone. Follow DIY Joy to know more about the project.

13. Leather DIY Crafts Heart Coin Purse

Leather DIY Crafts 13

Stick two leather hearts together and punch a hole through the hearts to screw the button stud. Try making the leather heart coin purse here.

14. DIY Leather Jewelry Dish

Leather DIY Crafts 14

This leather jewelry dish is made by cutting a triangle out of leather scrap, punching two holes at each corner and folding it along the crease with studs! Here’s the idea.

15. DIY Leather Conversation Hearts

Leather DIY Crafts 15

Impress your significant other on their special day with these conversation hearts, which will speak on your part! Get help from here.

16. DIY Ombre Leather Coasters

Leather DIY Crafts 16

Cut a hexagon on leather or faux leather piece and spray paint it with metallic spray paint, that’s all. Learn to create this leather coaster here.

17. DIY Scalloped Leather Clutch

Leather DIY Crafts 17

Print a desirable shape and follow these steps of punching holes into the leather cloth to create this leather clutch. This clutch is capable of adding extra elegance to your dress up.

18. Leather Cord Roll

Leather DIY Crafts 18

Stylishly organize your cords with this intelligent leather cord rollers, which is not only easy to make but a great idea to declutter your things. Have a look at Brit.co.


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