18 Credit Card Hacks To Upcycle Expired Credit Cards

Did your credit cards expire recently? There are many ways you can use an old credit card into any of these credit card hacks!

Note: Be careful while upcycling expired credit cards as it still has your account number on it. Either scrap it off or paint it thoroughly to hide it.

1. Ice Scraper

Scrap off the ice from your car shields without having to use any tool but an expired credit card. You may watch the tutorial to learn from the visual representation.

2. Credit Card Plant Markers

Card Plant Markers

Recycle expired credit cards by painting them with chalkboard paint to recreate this thrifty plant marker in no time. Visit here to know the steps in detail.

3. Credit Card Jewelry

Credit Card Hacks1

Ever thought of wearing your credit cards as a jewelry piece? Well, you can quickly transform your credit cards to make these pretty chevron earrings. They can be even presented to someone as a token of love. Follow this site for the complete guide.

4. Card Stencil

Card Stencil

Carve out your expired credit cards and make perfect pocket-sized stencils out of them. They are not only customizable but also convenient to use. So try on this hack and personalize stencils with the design and pattern you like!

5. Phone Stand

Cut your expired credit cards make a phone holder out of it. You need some tools, credit card, some amount of patience, and your holder is ready to hold your phone firmly. Watch the tutorial to clear your queries.

6. Mosaic Frame

Credit Card Hacks2

Adorn the walls of your house or the tabletops by showing your creativity with your credit cards. Break your credit cards into small imperfect pieces and glue them to a wooden frame randomly, that’s all! Have a look at this DIY.

7. Earphones Holder

Earphones Holder

Solve your problem of earphone tangling by making an earphone holder out of a credit card, a drill, and a utility knife. Visit this link to know the procedure.

8. Name Necklace

Name Necklace

Cut out your name from the credit card and attach it to jump rings and a necklace chain! It’s just that simple to personalize a necklace with your name.

9. Card Wreath

Credit cards are far more useful than just drawing your money out. Once they expire, you need not throw them and rather upcycle them into beautiful wreaths. You can get the inspiration here.

10. Flower Box

Embellish the corners of your home by decorating them with flower boxes made out of credit cards. Click here.

11. Scrape Painting

Scrape Painting

Create artistic paintings using credit cards which even your children will enjoy making. Save your hands from the messy task of mixing colors and let your credit card do it. For instance, have a look here.

12. Shoehorn

Credit Card Hacks3

Save yourself from having to buy a rather expensive shoehorn by merely using a credit card to slip into your shoes comfortably. We found the idea here.

13. Guitar Pick

Guitar Pick

Lost your guitar picks? No worries, use your expired credit cards and make guitar picks without spending a penny. The tutorial is available at The Instructables.

14. Furniture Stabilizer

Put credit card below an item of unstable furniture to stop it from moving unnecessarily. The simplest way to stabilize an article of furniture until the time you get it renovated.

15. Educational Toy Credit Card Hacks

Credit Card Hacks4


Give your expired credit cards to your kids and teach them about it through various information. You can also invent financial plays to give them a broad idea.

16. Credit Card Keychain

Card Keychain

Although these keychains are made using gift cards; you can try the concept with credit cards as well. Cut off your name or a design from your credit card and embed it with jump rings and keychain to turn it into a useful item.

17. Credit Card Bracelet

Bracelet From Card

Make quirky bracelets out of your credit cards and wear them or gift them. They are a unique way to upcycle your expired cards. Click here to get a complete idea of the making.

18. Dirt Scrapper

Scrap off dirt and oily residues from cooking pans or any other surface by recycling old credit cards. One of the most comfortable and most practical credit card hacks from this list.


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