17 Unusual Uses for Coca-Cola | Cola Life Hacks!

Coca-cola is world’s most famous soda drink, apart from being famous as a drink, it has a multitude of uses. Be it cleaning, hair rinsing or using it in the garden, it works surprisingly amazing in all the fields. Just a can of coca-cola can help you in cooking, gardening and hair smoothening. All these uses of coke listed down works for sure and you will love them if you want cleaning to be easier and food to be more delicious.

1. Toilet Cleaner

Coca-cola’s mild acidity makes it the perfect toilet cleaner. Just pour some coca-cola into your toilet bowl and the areas where there are grime and stains and leave it for 30 minutes. After that just flush and you’ll get a cleaned fresh toilet. Note that coca-cola can only help you in cleaning your toilet bowl but it doesn’t disinfect the bowl, to disinfect the toilet use your commercial cleaner.

2. Baked on grease cleaning

Coca-cola helps in removing the baked on grease from pots and pans. For cleaning a saucepan or baking pan, heat up coke in a container and then just pour it into the pan. Use a scrubber to scrub the grease off the pan. For a saucepan there’s another alternative, instead of heating the coke, pour it into the pan and heat up the pan for about 30 to 50 minutes and just scrub the grease off.

3. Hair Wash

Yes, you heard it right. You can actually use coca-cola for washing your hair. Washing hair with coca-cola has numerous benefits but most of all it increases the shine of your hair and also helps in increasing the volume. Just wash your hair normally using coke and water, remember not to use any kind of shampoo or other cleaning products after you wash your hair with coke. Now dry up your hair using a hairdryer and you will notice the change in your hair texture and volume.

4. Composting

This coca-cola hack works surprisingly very well on your compost pile. All you need to do is, pour coke over the pile and leave it. Coca-cola has the perfect amount of sweetness which can attract micro-organisms that can help your composting process to turn out very well.

5. Killing slugs

If you have also noticed way too many slugs in your garden, you can use coca-cola to get rid of them. Pour coca-cola in 3-4 containers and put them near the areas where you see the slugs mostly and leave overnight. The slugs will be attracted to the coke and the acidic nature of coca-cola will eventually kill them.

6.Grease Stains removal

The presence of phosphoric acid in coca-cola makes it capable of busting the grease from clothes. To remove stains, pour a can ok coca-cola along with your detergent in the laundry and start the wash cycle. For tougher stains, pour Coke directly on the stain and leave for 30 minutes and then wash as usual.

7. Nutrition to Indoor Plants

Coke can provide nutrition to your homie plants, it can increase the lifespan of the plants. Pour coke into the indoor plant pots and leave. Coke will provide the right amount of nutrition that your plants need to live a healthy life.

8. Remove Chewing Gum from Hair

We all face the idiotic prank which involves sticking gum to the hair, for some it’s just a prank but removing gum from hair is quite a lot difficult. Well, Coca-cola makes the task a lot easier. Pour coke onto the affected area and leave it for 2 minutes, then remove the gum.

9. Tiles Cleaning

Remove the hard stains off from the tiles of your floor. You can also use Coke to remove oil spots from the floor or any surface. Simply pour some coca cola on the spot or the area you wish to clean and let it sit for a few minutes. Then wipe the Coke away or clean it using water.

10. Rust Removal

The coating of rust on iron fades away the quality of the material, cleaning rust is considered the hardest task. Coke makes the task easy, the acid present in coke helps to remove rust coating off from the nuts, bolts or chrome. Put the nuts or bolts in a bowl and pour Coke to the full capacity and leave overnight. In the morning, use a wire brush to clean any stubborn rust off from the bolts and rinse with warm water.

11. Cleaning Car Engines

Yes, you read it right, you can clean the smoke and oil residues off from your car engine. Simply pour a can of Coke over the engine and leave for a few minutes then use a brush to scrub the corrosion away. I will advise using brushes that are specifically designed for cleaning car engines, but if you are in a rush you can use the normal brush.

12. Clean eyeglasses

Suppose your eyeglasses cleanser solution is finished and you have no time to visit the supermarket, well, using coke is an alternative. Simply pour Coke on your glasses and rinse clean with water and let it dry well.

13. Cleaning Tarnished Coins

Have your coins and jewelry lost their original shine? Use Coke to get their shine back, pour some Coca-cola in a bowl and put the coins or jewelry in the bowl and leave overnight. In the morning, rinse them with warm water and pat them dry.

14. Cleaning Car’s Windshield

Car’s windshield is all frosty in winter? This has been a very common issue for many years and surprisingly sprinkling some coke on your windshield can make the ice melt in a few seconds. If you happen to be driving a lot in the summer, bugs stuck on windshield must be a common problem you might be facing. You can use coke to get off the droves of bugs from your car’s windshield in the hot summer.

15. Cooking Meats with Cola

Whatever meat you are cooking, cola can increase the aroma as well as the taste of your dish. Soak the meat in cola and leave for an hour or two and then cook on low heat and slowly. While cooking as well, moisten the meat with spraying or brushing the cola on the meat.

16. Tea with Cola

During hot summer, this drink will soothe your mood and day. Combine Coca-cola, basil leaves, pepper, and ginger in a pot and boil it for approximately 10 minutes.

17. Cola Cake

A cola cake would be a perfect snack for the evening. to make this cola cake you’ll need:

  • 1/3 cup butter
  • 1/2 cup cola
  • 1/3 cup cocoa
  • 1 box powdered sugar


Prepare a hot cake without any frosting, later combine all the uplisted ingredients and spread them over the hot cake as cake frosting.


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